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Set for Life

Acquire 20,000,000 Zeni throughout the course of playing.

Set for Life0
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    This method will get you ~300,000 zeni per hour. Loading times and how quick you clear the battles will affect this, though not by a huge amount. I played this game on an X1X, which I believe has quicker loading times, so if you're on a normal X1 you may earn slightly less.

    This method DOES take a bit of setting up before you can start farming, but set up is one time only. Once that's done, it's extremely easy.

    - Clear the Story's Hard Mode (unfortunately)
    - Collect three Victory Zeni Up Level 6 skills (you'll naturally earn these clearing Hard Mode)
    - A few characters at least over level 70

    Load up Chapter 8, Map 14.

    External image

    Clear every battle on the map with the exception of the circled spaces. Save after every match as you're clearing the map, because if Kid Buu spawns, you absolutely do not want him to take over any of the spaces you'll be using to farm zeni. The amount of money you get per fight is based on how many enemies you beat, which is why you don't want Buu capturing any of the farming spots. The boss space is immune to Kid Buu, so don't worry about that. You won't be clearing it, anyway.

    Once the map is clear besides the two spaces you'll be farming, save again. You'll want to be in the spot I am in this screenshot:

    External image

    Choose one high level character and leave the other two slots empty. Load up the first battle, and proceed to beat up the opponents. DO NOT DEFEAT THEM. Get their health as close to zero as possible, but don't KO them. When one enemy is close to death, Dragon Rush them out of there and snap in the next opponent to start working on lowering their health. Repeat for the third opponent when the second is on low health.

    Be careful, even if a low health opponent is snapped out. If they're called in as an assist and get hit by a strong enough attack, they'll be taken out and you'll have to reload your save and try again. Only use auto-combos, Super Dash and Dragon Rush to weaken them to reduce the chance of accidentally knocking anyone out. Super Dash and Dragon Rush cannot KO an opponent, which makes them very useful in getting HP down to as low as possible. Once you have all three of the characters down to low enough HP where a single hit will knock them out, allow yourself to lose the match. You'll be kicked back to the map and lose one turn (you should have plenty of turns left, so don't worry.) Save the game. Pick another character to replace your knocked out one.

    [Edit]: A tip from Count023:
    To make it easier on the set up, run max regeneration health buffs and run out the clock for a loss instead of letting your fighters get KOed.
    Load up the other match. Repeat what you did in the first one by getting the three opponents to as low HP as possible. Lose again. Once back on the map, select a new character to replace your KO'd one again. Make sure you have your three Level 6 Zeni skills equipped. Now proceed to burn the remaining turns you have by continuously moving between empty spaces until you're in the spot in this screenshot with at least two turns left:

    External image

    The purpose of burning these turns is to boost the level of the enemies in the two fights. The enemy space will pulse each time it levels up. This increases the amount of zeni you get at the end of the match. This step isn't super important, but every little increase of zeni helps reduce the grind. Save one more time. The method is now fully set up. Now simply clear both of the fights on the stage (leave the boss fight alone). Since the three enemies in each should be at very low health, you can one shot them all. Each fight will give you a mininum of 6000 zeni if the enemies aren't leveled up, for a total of at least 12000 each clear. Each clear should take about 2 minutes or so, factoring in load times. Once both fights are clear, do not save. Exit to Story Mode Menu, you'll keep the zeni you earned. Continue. The map will reload with the two fights ready to clear again. Rinse and repeat until you hit 20 million zeni!

    Here's a video of the method fully set up and working:
    Sorry, this Game Clip has been removed
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