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The Franchise Hunter

Complete 50 investigations.

The Franchise Hunter+0.1
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Achievement Guide for The Franchise Hunter

  • dasaki vdasaki v427,833
    27 Jan 2018 27 Jan 2018 30 Jan 2018
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    You'll unlock investigations quests while investigating clues from large monsters, breaking parts off of them and even while killing smaller monsters in the course of your playing, from there you talk to the Resource Center to register them for use at the quest board. The number next to each quest is how many times you can accept it before the quest is gone. As you don't have to do 50 different Investigations, you can simply repeat the same quest until it's gone and all of the clears will count.

    For those that just want to get this ground out quickly, Great Jagras is your target, with low rank weaponry I was averaging 2:20-4:00 kill times depending on flee route, for an average of 10 clears an hour after load times and the post-quest wait, for a total of about 5 hours. For those long time fans that will play this for hundreds of hours, this will come naturally over time if you use the investigations to harvest parts.

    The Great Jagras will also count towards the counts for 100 and 500 large monsters hunted, so this will allow you to work towards those at the same time.
  • E vee dubE vee dub653,550
    30 Jan 2018 30 Jan 2018 01 Feb 2018
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    This can be done early in the game. More investigations unlock as you discover clues, and battle monsters.

    Go to the RESOURCE CENTER next to the bazaar in Astera. Register several investigations to Slay 20 Vespoids (mosquito looking creatures). Each successful attempt is considered a completion toward 50. A ranged weapon is recommended, a bowgun or bow. At the nearby QUEST BOARD, choose an investigation to slay 20 Vespoids, and choose to spawn at CAMP 11 in ANCIENT FOREST.

    Head to AREA 6 and you'll see plenty of vespoids. They continue spawning from the top of the trees up on the raised plateau. It takes a couple of minutes per run and is a fast option. It's a bit of a grind, but very obtainable.

    BOUNTIES: Work on bounties as you go. There are mushrooms, bones, plants, bugs and honey in the area you can loot along the way and during the 60 sec wait after completion. Plus ARMOR SPHERES for every completion. Return to headquarters instead of camp to replace filled bounties.

    SOS FLARES: Send up a flare at the start of each investigation. Others can join and quickly assist, and you can trade Guild cards (need 50), and get credit for a multiplayer Quest completion (need 100). This helps others get their 10 SOS assists as well. You'll be working on 5 achievements as you go.

    OTHER OPTIONS: You can choose investigations that require you to defeat large monsters (which works towards slaying 500 monsters achievement), OR you can choose to respond to SOS flares from other players that are doing investigations, if you can find them (which works towards the achievement to assist and complete 10 SOS flares sent by other players).
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