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Snuggles for All

Capture a fluffy, snuggly creature.

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  • Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV138,709
    30 Jan 2018 30 Jan 2018 30 Jan 2018
    54 5 11
    Start an expedition to Ancient Forest or Wildspire Waste (camp and daytime does not matter) and check in both areas the non-hostile creatures like Aptonoth and Apceros with your equipped Ghillie Mantle (Important!). Atop of these creatures rides our creature, a bird.
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    These Birds are a ultra rare spawn! The spawn can anytimes happens and are the birds there you hear a sound! Don't get too close to the birds without the Ghillie Mantle, otherwise they flee!
  • TheeFlatlanderTheeFlatlander116,068
    13 Mar 2018 16 Mar 2018
    14 1 3
    The other solutions are great. I used them. But please note that there is a bounty associated with catching this critter. So save youself a headache and wait until you have the bounty before atempting.
  • Zero JehutyZero Jehuty485,989
    20 Feb 2018 20 Feb 2018 20 Feb 2018
    10 2 3
    All credit for this way goes to The_Riddelian from reddit!

    Make sure to have the ghillie mantle of course and leave your Palico behind

    Go to the 1st area of the ancient forest and don your mantle. Hunker down among the plant eaters and scan the area. If you do not see any Fuzzy birds open your map and sit there for 10 seconds to 1 min then close the map and look around. Rinse and repeat.

    The idea is the birds spawn when you are not looking at them.
  • dasaki vdasaki v428,442
    29 Jan 2018 29 Jan 2018
    9 2 0
    You're looking for the Downy Crake, a small fluffy bird that rarely spawns riding on top of Aptonoth and Apceros' backs, the best way to find them is to take your Ghillie Mantle and move back and forth between expeditions in the Ancient Forest and the Wildspire Waste until you have a group spawned onto one of the above monsters. They're easily spooked, so the mantle is essential for getting close!
  • SvnFtrSvnFtr252,411
    23 Feb 2018 23 Feb 2018
    2 3 1
    Not so much a new solution as much as an addendum. Use the other guides as they are perfect, however be aware that they can spawn during quests and run away very slowly. If you happen to see a line of five little birds hopping in a row as you are chasing a barroth as I did, go ahead and snag one.
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