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Miniature Crown Master achievement in Monster Hunter: World

Miniature Crown Master

Obtain a miniature crown for many monsters in your hunting log.

Miniature Crown Master-6.0
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How to unlock the Miniature Crown Master achievement

  • FuzzyRabbidDoggFuzzyRabbidDogg
    10 Mar 2018 30 Jan 2018 08 Apr 2018
    Update 4/7/18:

    To get this achievement your going to need to get ready for a grind and a pure RNG grind at that. (PS Deviljo does not seem to count for these achievements so I'm guess that it's just the base game monsters (see images below) that you need the crowns for. Your going to want to be picking up all the footprints while your playing the game and delete all the investigations that dont have at least 1 silver / 1 gold in them. I had 0 luck getting any large or mini without at least 1 S/1G. (you can have any other combo as long as there are 1 s and 1 gold)

    At the time of this solutions there are 5 weekly quests that rotate, there are some weeks that have every event quest active so pay attention for those (you can view the rotations here: that you want to be looking for. These quests have a much higher chance to give you crowns since there are multiple monsters in each quest (keep this in mind for further investigations). I would suggest that you wait for the events for these unless your the monster is your last one. This is the best way of getting the crowns for these monsters, don't forget you can load up the quest kill the monster you need the crown for and leave without finishing the quest, the crown will still count!

    Deep Green Blues ( Ancient forest) - Great Jagras / Pukei - Pukei / Tobi - Kadachi / Anjanath / Rathalos

    Wildspire Bolero ( WildSpire Waste) - Barroth / Jyuratodus / Rathian / Diablos / Kulu - Ya- Ku

    Coral Waltz (Coral Highlands) - Tzitzi - Ya - Ku / Paolumu / Legiana / Pink Rathian

    Effluvial Opera (Rotten Vale) - Great Girros / Radobaan / Odogaron / Bazelgeuse

    Rock N' Roll Recess (Elders Recess) - Dodogama / Uragaan / Lavasioth / Azure Rathalos

    I wouldn't worry about finding these with investigations as the event quests are much easier and you can knock out multiple monsters at once.

    Now were down to working with the rest of the monsters. The best way to do this is look for investigations that give you 15 mins for mini and 50 mins for Large crowns. It's best to look for investigations that have 1-2 faints as well as they usually have better luck but the time seems to be a big factor. There are thousands of webpages that post the different specific investigations that you need for crowns. IGNORE ALL THESE. Crowns are pure RNG and if someone else got it, it doesn't meant your gonna get it. Focus on the times. If you find a 1 faint / 15 min / silver silver gold gold you will most likely get a mini crown. While your looking through the investigations if you can find one that has multiple monsters in the same one with a different time/faint then make sure you test these out. Most likely this will change the monster sizes.

    There is a post on TA about crafting max potions and the such to try and change the monster sizes to your liking. To me this method never worked and just wasted time. If you want to do this method it's best with another person so that you can lower the monster, they join and disconnect from the internet and finish the monster on their own to see if the monster is a crown. if it's not then you abandoned the quest and do the method to make it larger. Again I didn't use this method as it felt really a waste of time.

    I would really suggest trying to find a group of players that are all searching for crowns as this makes it go way faster as more people are searching for each monster (especially Kirin).

    There are many videos online showing the videos of how to measure monsters. The thing I will suggest is to just go in and find how the monsters look for you. After 2-3 fights you should know the "normal" size of monsters. Usually with most monsters when you see a mini your gonna know it's a mini, it just doesn't look right with how small it is. The same goes for Large. when you see a large your gonna say to your self, "wow that thing is huge".

    When you want to check what crowns you have or sizes the best way is to hit Start -> Tab to Info tab -> Guild Card -> View -> LB and that should show you everthing. This is much easier and cleaner than looking in your hunters notes.

    When you get the crown it will show up in your rewards screen like so:

    External image

    Here are all the sizes for the crowns by yours truely:

    External image

    External image

    External image

    External image

    I hope this helps and welcome to the grind :)

    You will get this achievements in the process:

    Monster Hunter: WorldMiniature CrownThe Miniature Crown achievement in Monster Hunter: World worth 34 pointsRecord your first miniature crown for monsters that appear from low or high rank.

    Monster Hunter: WorldMiniature Crown CollectorThe Miniature Crown Collector achievement in Monster Hunter: World worth 154 pointsObtain a miniature crown for 10 or more monsters that appear from low or high rank.

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    EUPH0NYYFor those having trouble with the achievement popping, have you tried switching profile? Some achievements that have this kind of issues can be fixed this way (For ex. Destiny). On MHW you have to launch the game and from the main menu press cn_Y, switch to any other profile then again, switch to you original one. Normally the achievement should pop as soon as you switch back to you personal profile but in some games it's required to actually start to play (basically you'll just need to create a session or matchmake). I hope this helpful somehow!
    Posted by EUPH0NYY on 12 May 18 at 10:33
    SteeledOwlGood work on the solution. My only problem was when I started grinding for the elder dragon crowns I often ran out of the investigations I needed, since 15 min investigations are rarer and slay investigations don't include other monsters to influence the size of the elders. So I played a ton of multiplayer and just kept tracking and measuring daily for weeks - when you search for SOS flares, be sure to narrow down the search by the monster you need because if you leave it at no preference then you will only receive a limited bunch of investigations.

    I got lucky on a 50 min Teostra with my last mini crown so mini crowns are still possible if all you have are 50 min investigations and vice versa, just very rare. Took almost two months and hundreds of hours for all crowns.
    Posted by SteeledOwl on 24 Jun 18 at 18:48
    WhyattThrashRight now all old events are active, including the previously Japan-only USJ quests guaranteeing crowns for f.e mini and giant Jagras, giant Dodogama, mini Azure Rathalos (and I mean mini) etc. ”The greatest Jagras” also guarantees a giant Jagras. Worth checking out!
    Posted by WhyattThrash on 27 Jan 19 at 16:41
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  • MechsicanMechsican
    25 May 2018 14 Feb 2018
    It might be some anecdotal evidence but I believe you have a better chance if not guaranteed chance to get a small variant monster on investigations with a 15 minute time limit.

    I went on a 15 minute time limit Rathalos as well as a 15 minute Kirin investigations and got a small gold crown on both of them after 1-2 attempts on it.

    I might have been dumb lucky but this is worth testing.
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    TOBY 1K NO BEDidn't work for me, but I appreciate you sharing
    Posted by TOBY 1K NO BE on 20 Feb 18 at 04:25
    HarrySon9It seems to have a much higher chance but still no guarantee. I’ve done about 8 Jyuratodus 15 minute investigations and got nothing but did a 15 minute Radobaan and 15 minute diablos and got both small crowns first try.

    Event quests are also amazing for crowns. I’ve managed to get all crowns for Jagras, Tobi, and Anjanath from the 5 in the forest one and I believe it’s being replaced by a Wildspire Waste quest next.
    Posted by HarrySon9 on 21 Feb 18 at 20:15
    Hexa FoxI have had luck getting both Giant Gold Crowns and Miniature Gold Crowns on the more difficult quests. I had five Nergigante Quests, 1 Faint, 15 Minutes, 2 Player and it seemed like he was either Giant or Miniature all five times. For instance, the new Arch Tempered Kirin is up right now, there is a good possibility to get both a Giant or Miniature every time you take on the quest.
    Posted by Hexa Fox on 13 Jun 18 at 00:20
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    Miniature Crown Master - Obtain a miniature crown for almost every monster in your hunting log.

    Hey everyone, Krauser here with a bit of info regarding this. Im gonna be breaking this down as simply as possible so that almost anyone will get the jist of these horror achievements. This one here is to have all "Changable" monsters for size (see bottom of the post) at its biggest or smallest form. In this case smallest.

    Quick Note - Im from now on putting all "Updates" up here from now on seeing as we're caught up on the sizes, and the guide will follow below for those of you who want to check in on special events. Im also adding a spoiler right under this, and that will be the size comparison sheet.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


    CRITICAL UPDATE 02/23/2018 Below this i've added a spoiler of the rumored DLC release schedual. If this is true, we are unsure if this will extend the crowns required! I suggest you farm as quickly as possible!

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    02/22/18 "Deep Green Blues" is over, however, a new quest called "Wildspire Bolero" is present awarding tons of decorations and the Kings are slowly filtering in for: Kulu-Ya-Ku, Barroth, Jyuratodus, Rathian and Diablos

    02/17/18 As you can see (and reported by a couple others) by the screenshot below, the current event quest titled "Deep Green Blues" involves killing a Great Jagras, a Pukei-Pukei, a Tobi-Kadachi, an Anjanath, and a Rathalos all in 50 Minutes. This is a High Rank Quest as well and took about 20 minutes. People and myself are reporting high luck getting King Sizes both big or small. The screenshot down below is from my hunt where they all spawned together. This even is running as of the update date above for 5 more days. I suggest you guys give it a shot. Also, Proof of Gold Crowns in the picture for those getting frustrated with only seeing silver crowns and all that.

    External image

    Other Updates:

    02/22/18 I will no longer be updating the numbers in the spoiler. We now have a compiled list, yes there may be some variances, however I am also condensing this guide and updating it as there are new ways to handle farming these guys. I appreciate and love you all for the submissions and numbers to compile this list, and glad we got where we needed to! All credit has been provided. Best of luck hunters!


    Most monsters save for a few in Monster Hunter World will vary in size, meaning that if you fight for example a Rathalos once, then again right after (even the same quest) then it could be much larger or smaller.

    This right here has a cap limit on how big or small a creature can get. Silvers (or queen's as I may refer them) and Golds (King's) Crowns will be next to the size. Silver meaning you're getting close, gold meaning you're within a range. Typically these Gold sizes are a 25% (or more) difference to the normal monsters size, however, you can get bigger or smaller gold crowns as well, so to dispell any confusion, youre not going for the smallest or largest possible, but a rather large or small variant past a certain threshold. Refer to the spoiler above for indication.

    So how do you get these to spawn?

    Well... You don't. It's pure RNG. HOWEVER, most people will churn through the quests and optionals but DO NOT FARM OPTIONALS for materials, sizes etc. Do investigations (better rewards) if possible.

    I want to stress, do this as your final achievements while focusing on others. These can spawn in any quest, arena, while you're farming gear etc.

    It has been confirmed that weekly events such as "Deep Green Blues" and seemingly any future events that have 5 Monsters to hunt may yield much higher chances at these variants. If you look at the important update above you can see I got it myself. I will be updating the weeklies as much as possible with either personal experience or more comments.

    People seem to think that 1 Silver and 1 Gold reward investigations have higher chances, that 15 minute time limits are smaller creatures and 5 faint 50 minutes are largers. This is hard to prove as it is again RNG... But here comes the fun part... There is technically a way to farm these efficiently.

    In my previous guide, I mentioned walking in and sizing it up, quitting and doing it again, this is being referenced as Crown Sniping.

    Thanks to Fuzzmeister J who stumbled upon this wiki thread:

    For those who want to see the pictures of the amazing Nick6818's list, or his detailed breakdown, check that out. If you just want quick notes on it, ill paraphrase:

    Step 1: Make a ton of shocktraps
    Step 2: Put on Ghillie Mantle
    Step 3: When you see the wyvern, put on Ghillie, Sneak up, and put the shock trap down
    Step 4: See how big you are compared to a point on the body IE The leg, or a specific point
    Step 5: Either Return from Quest, or Kill then Return from Quest
    Step 6: Eventual Profit

    I used this method (without the shock and ghillie) to farm the weekly pukei and Returning did in fact count my gold crown. Capturing or Killing doesen't matter in terms of the Gold Sizes counting.

    A few things to remember, you can't trap elder dragons, however, if you hide from them they will sit occassionally (thanks again to Nick). Farming with friends makes it funner and easier. Do the 5 kill event quests (apparently there's a rotation). And last but not least, if you join an SOS or quest and can't get rewards, doesen't matter, if it's a King, itll register for you.

    Happy Hunting!
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    Aye! Glad its helping! Not a problem, anyway we can manipulate these RNG achievements is awesome. Someone said its possible that 15m high rank quests with 1-2 faints might yield smaller monsters more frequently too while 50 with 5 faints may be bigger but can't confirm
    Posted on 19 Feb 18 at 10:42
    x AquaInferno xCan anyone confirm if you can obtain crowns from optional quests, just about done except for a couple elders dragons and have run out of their investigations.
    Posted by x AquaInferno x on 28 Feb 18 at 19:36
    Yes you can 100%
    Posted on 28 Feb 18 at 21:57
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