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Giant Crown Master

Obtain a giant crown for almost every monster in your hunting log.

Giant Crown Master+1.8
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Achievement Guide for Giant Crown Master

  • FuzzyRabbidDoggFuzzyRabbidDogg306,085
    11 Mar 2018 30 Jan 2018 08 Apr 2018
    31 6 32
    Update 4/7/18:

    To get this achievement your going to need to get ready for a grind and a pure RNG grind at that. (PS Deviljo does not seem to count for these achievements so I'm guess that it's just the base game monsters (see images below) that you need the crowns for. Your going to want to be picking up all the footprints while your playing the game and delete all the investigations that dont have at least 1 silver / 1 gold in them. I had 0 luck getting any large or mini without at least 1 S/1G. (you can have any other combo as long as there are 1 s and 1 gold)

    At the time of this solutions there are 5 weekly quests that rotate, there are some weeks that have every event quest active so pay attention for those (you can view the rotations here: that you want to be looking for. These quests have a much higher chance to give you crowns since there are multiple monsters in each quest (keep this in mind for further investigations). I would suggest that you wait for the events for these unless your the monster is your last one. This is the best way of getting the crowns for these monsters, don't forget you can load up the quest kill the monster you need the crown for and leave without finishing the quest, the crown will still count!

    Deep Green Blues ( Ancient forest) - Great Jagras / Pukei - Pukei / Tobi - Kadachi / Anjanath / Rathalos

    Wildspire Bolero ( WildSpire Waste) - Barroth / Jyuratodus / Rathian / Diablos / Kulu - Ya- Ku

    Coral Waltz (Coral Highlands) - Tzitzi - Ya - Ku / Paolumu / Legiana / Pink Rathian

    Effluvial Opera (Rotten Vale) - Great Girros / Radobaan / Odogaron / Bazelgeuse

    Rock N' Roll Recess (Elders Recess) - Dodogama / Uragaan / Lavasioth / Azure Rathalos

    I wouldn't worry about finding these with investigations as the event quests are much easier and you can knock out multiple monsters at once.

    Now were down to working with the rest of the monsters. The best way to do this is look for investigations that give you 15 mins for mini and 50 mins for Large crowns. It's best to look for investigations that have 1-2 faints as well as they usually have better luck but the time seems to be a big factor. There are thousands of webpages that post the different specific investigations that you need for crowns. IGNORE ALL THESE. Crowns are pure RNG and if someone else got it, it doesn't meant your gonna get it. Focus on the times. If you find a 1 faint / 15 min / silver silver gold gold you will most likely get a mini crown. While your looking through the investigations if you can find one that has multiple monsters in the same one with a different time/faint then make sure you test these out. Most likely this will change the monster sizes.

    There is a post on TA about crafting max potions and the such to try and change the monster sizes to your liking. To me this method never worked and just wasted time. If you want to do this method it's best with another person so that you can lower the monster, they join and disconnect from the internet and finish the monster on their own to see if the monster is a crown. if it's not then you abandoned the quest and do the method to make it larger. Again I didn't use this method as it felt really a waste of time.

    I would really suggest trying to find a group of players that are all searching for crowns as this makes it go way faster as more people are searching for each monster (especially Kirin).

    There are many videos online showing the videos of how to measure monsters. The thing I will suggest is to just go in and find how the monsters look for you. After 2-3 fights you should know the "normal" size of monsters. Usually with most monsters when you see a mini your gonna know it's a mini, it just doesn't look right with how small it is. The same goes for Large. when you see a large your gonna say to your self, "wow that thing is huge".

    When you want to check what crowns you have or sizes the best way is to hit Start -> Tab to Info tab -> Guild Card -> View -> LB and that should show you everthing. This is much easier and cleaner than looking in your hunters notes.

    When you get the crown it will show up in your rewards screen like so:

    External image

    Here are all the sizes for the crowns by yours truely:

    External image

    External image

    External image

    External image

    I hope this helps and welcome to the grind :)

    You will get this achievements in the process:

    Monster Hunter: WorldGiant CrownThe Giant Crown achievement in Monster Hunter: World worth 23 pointsRecord your first giant crown in your hunting log.

    Monster Hunter: WorldGiant Crown CollectorThe Giant Crown Collector achievement in Monster Hunter: World worth 144 pointsObtain a giant crown for 10 or more monsters in your hunting log.
  • Jacob4526Jacob4526538,429
    07 Feb 2018 02 Mar 2018
    8 5 11
    So for the Giant and the mini crowns the achievement looks like it involves you getting gold crowns for both the largest and the smallest versions of the monsters. This achievement involves a lot of luck, ive seen some people hunt a monster 5-10 times and get both crowns while some have hunted them 50+ times and haven't gotten one. You can check to see if you have any crowns either by going to the Monster Field Guide by pressing start and tabbing over to hunters notes, or by talking to the Chief Ecologist inside of Astera. You must have the gold crown for the giant crowns as the silvers do not seem to count.

    I'm currently working on a list for the maximum size the monsters can be to obtain the minimum gold crown and the minimum size the monsters can be to earn the gold giant crown. This list is a work in progress and I will change it when I get updated information. Some monsters I have yet to find the sizes for but will be added once I do.

    *There is currently an event quest going on right now as of March 2nd, 2018 called "Coral Waltz" where you hunt 4 different monsters. It seems like the drop rates are increased for the crowns on this quest but not 100% sure. The monsters for the quest are Pink Rathian, Tzitzi- Ya-Ku, Paolumu, and Legiana."*

    This link is to the spreadsheet containing all the sizes i currently have
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