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Capture 50 monsters.

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  • ThrawnOmegaThrawnOmega547,773
    02 Feb 2018 04 Feb 2018
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    To capture a monster, you must first seriously weaken it. A monster will be ready to capture if they retreat to their home to sleep, have a pronounced limp, or you see a skull icon appearing next to their icon on the mini-map.

    When they are in this state, get them in a trap (shock trap has worked well for me) and use a couple tranquilizer bombs on them. This will complete the capture.

    Capturing monsters provides more rewards than killing, and cuts out the time of fighting a monster in their near-death state, where many can be even more powerful with attacks, so it's often the better way to go about finishing a hunt.
    10 Mar 2018 10 Mar 2018
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    Capture 50 monsters.

    Important notes:
    -When a teammate capture the monster, the whole team gets credit for the capture.
    -You can progress with this achievement either in any type of quests/investigations/events or even in an expedition.
    -Quests that require a capture will provide you with the items needed to do so. You can pick these up in the blue chest at the beginning of the quest.

    How to get this achievement quickly:

    I paired this achievement with the Hunter's Life for Me (Complete 50 optional quests).

    1. Get to the quest board and under the Optional category, select the level 2 stars quest: "Snatch the Snatcher' where you need to capture a low-rank Kulu-Ya-Ku. (If you have unlocked this quest, try to talk to the Smart Biologist in Astera.

    2. Start the quest and if you are high rank you don't need to eat or anything, I suggest bringing/crafting your own Shock Trap in order to always have 2 on you (When starting the quest, you can find 1 Shock Trap and 8 Tranq Bomb in the blue chest).

    3. Follow the flies or track the Kulu-Ya-Ku (when you have a general idea where he is, you can always just run to the same spot as he will always spawn in the same place).

    4. Weaken the monster but be careful, you are on a low rank quest and you will kill him quickly. For me a dual blade player, 3 combo was enough for a capture and 5 combo would kill him and fail the quest.

    5. Once it's almost dead and you can see the skull on the minimap, drop the Shock Trap in front of it and use 2 Tranq Bomb. Voilà, you have completed an optional quest and a capture! (My average completion time was 1min45sec to 3min)

    6. Select the option to go back to camp so you can save yourself some loading time. Once you are back at the camp, speak with the handler and accept the same quest.

    7. Repeat step 1-6 to get both The Hunter's Life for Me and Capture Pro achievements.

    Enjoy and if you have any questions, don't hesitate dance
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