The Diaries of Agent Silent Death

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The Diaries of Agent Silent Death

Ultimate Spy achievement in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Ultimate Spy

Beat "The Diaries of Agent Silent Death" on "Mein leben" difficulty

Ultimate Spy-2.4
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How to unlock the Ultimate Spy achievement

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    My attempts at the Ultimate Spy Achievement in Wolfenstein II: The Diaries of Agent Silent Death. There wasn't really any good strategies that I could find so I am posting my last 5 attempts in Mein Leben difficulty so people can get a general idea of my routing and strategy (A good chunk of the basic concepts and general strategies have been taken and adapted from Kreeper V's guides for the main game Mein Leben and Gunslinger Joe Mein Leben, so shout out to him for those).

    The successful run starts at about 22:00 into the video, but I recommend watching all of the runs to get a better idea of the strategy I was going for.

    If you die, don't forget to change difficulty back to Mein Leben before you start.

    Some Tips:
    1. Like the other two DLC, to get the Mein Leben difficulty achievement you only have to finish the third volume.
    2. PRACTICE!!! Go through the level in I Am Death Incarnate at least once. Being able to figure out where enemies spawn and how they act and move, plus having saves makes this much more tolerable.
    3. Agent Silent Death has an ability essentially the same as the constrictor harness in the main game. You WILL need to take advantage of this ability in this level. You seem to have no time limit on how long you can stay constricted, so up until you blow up the life support for gamma station you can take as much time as you need sneaking around.
    4. Don't bother picking up any armor or weapons (other than any pistols and pistol ammo). You will be dead in about two shots even with full armor and the other weapons will alert everyone in the map, which will cause bullets to be forcefully placed into your skull, which is bad.
    5. Aim for the head. With the pistol this should always be a one shot kill if you hit them right. You want to save as much ammo as you can because you kinda have to lay into the general to kill him, so extra ammo is good.
    6. Ignore the Supersoldaten and Panzerhund, you wont be able to kill them, at least not without dying immediately after.
    7. Make absolutely sure you are NOT seen by the Laserhund (The annoying fast dog robot with a laser face). It will ruin your day. It will despawn after you destroy the stations life support, as long as you don't alert the general before or while doing that.
    8. Kill as many of the regular guards as possible and if you can, kill the generals dog. They will also ruin your day if you leave them.
    9. After killing the general, book it for the exit, and pick up a health pack on the way there (see video for where I grab it).

    I kinda messed up my strategy for killing the general at the end but it still managed to work out. My original plan was to kill the dog when he is next to the general, then turn to the right and exit out into the large hallway. Wait for the general to walk in front of you, then aim and lay into him with the pistol. Once hes dead book it for the exit, stopping in the first control room for a health pack.

    Hopefully this helps someone get through this since it can be a bit of a pain.
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    Bridge188I completed volume 3 - no achievement. I completed each of the 3 chapters individually on Mein Leben - no achievement either. I guess you have to do it all in one sitting now?
    Posted by Bridge188 on 28 Jan 19 at 09:15
    Joeldrt03/05/2019 The method of loading the third volume in "Mein leiben" still works
    Posted by Joeldrt on 06 Mar 19 at 01:22
    SeitzzPretty sure I was on Mein Leben when I got through this, but the achievement didn't pop. Must've not realized I forgot to change the difficulty first.
    Posted by Seitzz on 20 Mar 19 at 17:11
    SeitzzDefinitely was not on Mein Leben..guess I'll be trying again
    Posted by Seitzz on 20 Mar 19 at 17:25
    SeitzzAlso in agreement with the first comment. DO NOT try and outrun the dog. I did this twice and died in the tunnel to finish the mission. You can always just prone camp under the boxes right in front of the first room the commander is in. You can also prone takedown the dog without getting hit by it or popping fully out of the cover, then just find the commander kill him and make a break for it.
    Posted by Seitzz on 20 Mar 19 at 18:35
    No 1 RichyI played maybe 50+ times and still couldn't get a good run after you trash life support. However I waited around 30 seconds, was able to kill both enemies from behind stealthily. From there another 30 seconds of guard chit-chat in the next room, and as I was leaning from the crates I noticed the heavy guard was leaving, went in and ran straight away to a guard and a dog in the doorawy, but was able to silence kill both with the pistol. To give an idea on the total delay, I ran to the chase the target, and killed the remaining guard and target just outside the airlock entrance and finished with 60%+ health left. So, the oxygen doesn't run out until you kill your target, and killing the target was easisest by the exit IMO. I think patience after the life support section is must more important than has been quoted to-date.
    Posted by No 1 Richy on 03 Jul 19 at 21:28
    KanchanaburiTIPS: it seems that until the life support blows up, this is 99% static with enemy routes and such. However, after that, when you get the blue indicator to reset the enemies are random. Sometimes the super solider would come out, other times he'd rage in the room until the target walked out of the room. Most important, wait for a time where the super solider and normal soliders leave to check out the life support, THEN wait, patiently, for the dog to come out. If you hide under the boxes right infront of the door, he will see you and run to you but cannot kill you but you can kill it. Then wait a bit more since the target may come to you and even let you sneak kill him, but if not, then quickly go for him. If you have waited long enough, just a small sweet spot, no one else will be in that room and you can kill him. Then exit the room at the far door from where you came in and follow the hallwayAROUND the other super solider who waits inbetween the two rooms. REMEMBER - you are on a time limit. And all the waiting leaks times from you since the TIMER is not connected to him escaping, it starts and does not stop until you exit after killing the target. Your health will decay moments after the blue indicator resets when you approach the room where the target starts his escape.
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 24 Dec 19 at 03:03
    KHALIL PHEONIXDate 05/10/20 want to confirm doing the last level still unlocks the achievement
    Posted by KHALIL PHEONIX on 11 May 20 at 03:59
    teddieboiJust unlocked this one. Really tough and unpredictable once the life support blows up.

    It feels all types of different events happened to me once crawling under the boxes outside the commander room, including:

    Heavy rages back and forth killing enemies in the process.
    Heavy comes out and stands to the left.
    Heavy comes out and walks to the right.
    Heavy and one soldier come out and walk to the right.
    Heavy and two soldiers come out and walk to the right.
    Dog and commander come out.
    No one comes out.

    In any case, I believe the best stategy is to wait until the commander indicates that he will leave the room and then wait an additional 10-15 seconds. After that, try to walk by the rightmost side of the corridor and intercept the commander by the exit. If necessary, silent kill any enemies you find (except heavy). In my successful run I did not see a single enemy and I killed the commander right where you start the mission with about 30 health to spare.
    Posted by teddieboi on 24 Oct 20 at 17:17
    MassiveAssault5So this one took me about 20 tries and was extremely frustrating. What finally worked for me was killing everyone in the level (except for the Supersoldat, Panzerhund, and dog) from the beginning up until sabotaging the life support and not being seen at any point. This includes the two guys who show up in the corridor outside the life support sabotage location after it blows up. If you can mantain anonymity up to that point then it's likely (not 100%) possible that when you show up to the room with Dunkel and hide under the crate right outside the door, the heavy should walk left and a guy should walk from the outer ring of the room toward the middle. If that happens then you are golden!

    Just shoot the right wall as you're entering the room to distract the dog and Dunkel so that you can sneak under the computers around the corner and sneak kill Dunkel. From there you can sprint right to the exit.

    I tried this so many other times not killing everyone and being more sneaky or continuing after one of those two guys saw me leaving the sabotage room. While it's still possible to beat it at that point, everyone is extremely alert and moving around constantly to the point where you have to stab the dog to even have a chance at getting to Dunkel. Everytime I tried at that point though he seemed to take an insane amount of damage and I couldn't kill him before everyone was alerted and killed me or I missed the dog and he got me right at the exit due to me having to spring after shooting Dunkel to make it out. I also died from the lack of oxygen right at the exit three different times so that was tons of fun.
    Posted by MassiveAssault5 on 05 May 21 at 18:09
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