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Complete all quests.

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How to unlock the Completionist achievement

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    Spoilers within.

    After 110+ hours of play, dealing with the bugs, the crashing, and needing to redo a 6 hour segment to finish up this achievement, I feel compelled to share some insight. This'll be far from a full guide, and will contain some speculation on my behalf, because I'm not replaying the entire game to figure these things out, and with some bugs I couldn't right now if I want to.

    This is likely unobtainable on 1.2, UNLESS you finish up Matthew and Fritz's questline BEFORE you head into the Vranik camp curing the main quest. Doing so bugged me out of completing side quest Masquerade, where I couldn't speak with Olena, so I had to revert to a 6 hour earlier save to get this done.
    Other quests might be messed up after this point, but I had a good many done before entering Vranik.

    See my solution for Judas for more information:

    Kingdom Come: DeliveranceSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Kingdom Come: Deliverance worth 108 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    This is probably missable if you fail a quest for any reason. There may be a small room for error, but only if you've done things a certain way, which I will try to explain below, but can't confirm due to bugs.

    If we're to believe the list linked below, there is 30 main quests and 56 side quests:

    I think the trigger is around 70 quests finished for completionist to unlock, as I unlocked it after completing main quest "Out of the Frying Pan".

    The first major choice is made between side quests "Hare Hunt" and "Sheep in Wolf's Clothing" where you side with the guards of Huntsman Nicholas Angel or the Poachers. The Poachers are actually the good guys and required to side with them for the Master Huntsman achievement anyways.

    Doing so fails "Hare Hunt, but completes "Sheep in Wolf's Clothing". The outcome here as far as I know is you complete one and fail the other. If there is a way to complete both, I think this would give you a +1 toward the required 80 quests complete. But failing "Hare Hunt" is not a detriment as the game expects this outcome.

    Likewise during the main quest, I speculate the game may account for a player mucking up the monastery quest line and not doing ANY of the Side Quests within the monastery. So bare minimum, you'll get your +1 for completing the story quests, but you miss out on the (what my guess right now is) optional side quests in the monastery.

    So if Main Quest = 30
    Side Quests = 51
    Monastery Side Quests = 5
    Completionist achievement unlock = 70

    Then my theory is you should be safe to get this achievement without doing a single side quest within the monastery and only the bare minimum to progress the main quest. I can't confirm, and I'm not replaying the game on an alt account to find out.

    The other free +1 I think might come during the quests outlined above in my Judas solution. I'm not sure if the game fully intends for you to complete both "Gallows Brothers" and "A Rock and a Hard Place". You can find a solution to get completion for both, but the game will not fault you for failing one or the other.

    These two quests are WAY too buggy right now to confirm anything, and the only way through them right now is to follow my Judas solution, or to steal the money and split it with Matthew and Fritz. I have no information if "Gallows Brothers" is essential or not, but based on the rough numbers above, I think the game will allow you to fail one without affecting you negatively toward completionist.

    I hope this is a great start for you all, This'll take more effort than myself to confirm everything.

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    BerstuckJust to confirm certain activities definitely do count towards completed quests, my tracker was on 98% after completing all quest available to me so i made a start on activities. The first one i went for was 'The queen of shebas sword' and completing this activity moved my tracker to 100% and popped the achievement.
    Posted by Berstuck on 09 Apr 18 at 09:37
    ragnarok0272I haven't even entered Vranik yet, and I have this achievement. I did do all the Monastery side quests, but it seems there is quite the margin of error regarding how many completed quests are needed for this achievement. I can confirm that activities count. In fact, I unlocked this achievement when I finished the three activities given to me by Simon the miller; finishing his activities gave me the last two percent I needed to unlock the achievement. I still have several activities and a few quests (side and main) in my log, so you without a doubt do not need to do everything despite the description.
    Posted by ragnarok0272 on 20 Aug 18 at 13:51
    I The WiseI just wanna add that sidequests in dlc count towards this achievement too. I got it popped after finishing The Ring of Bacchus quest in Band of Basterds
    Posted by I The Wise on 05 Jul 19 at 16:17
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  • AtsumerAtsumer407,660
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    This unlocked for me just as I left the Monastery, i.e. completed the Main Quest "A Needle in a Haystack". Prior to that I had been very thorough to complete all Side Quests and activities that I could find and trigger. That's the only real advice I can give: Don't rush through the Main Story and assume that you can do the Side Quests afterwards. If you do that there might not be enough quests to complete to get this achievement - as Side Quests and Activities (many of those count too) - may come and go during the course of the game. (confirmation needed)

    Look for stars (quest givers) and exclamation marks (activity givers) and talk to all Innkeepers whenever you pass by to see if they know of anyone needing help. Some side quests doesn't even have a star. Talk to people and sometimes the conversation will lead to new side quests that wasn't marked on the map.

    There's also some branching quests that depending on your choices will lead to different quests. Be extra careful when in the Monastery main quest as there's quite a few Side Quests and Activities there that you can miss very easily. The main tip here: Don't come clean with your intentions until a few days into the quest.

    Here's list of every Main Quest, Side Quest and Activity I had completed when I got the achievement. Not all of these tracked toward the achievement. Use it as reference to what is possible before you enter the Monastery (missions within the monastery have been marked with bold cursive text).

    I did all of these while maintaining 0 kills:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Apart from these the Activity "Interlopers" can also be completed. If you don't do the virgin playthrough you may also have the "Courtship" Side Quest
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    kevgeotechI would also like to add that replaying some activities seems to affect this achievement. I had finished the monastery story line and went back to Rattay. As I suck at getting combos in combat so I went to the combat training area. I "trained" in combos twice in a row and after I had completed gettting the required 3 combos for the second time, the Completionist Achievement unlocked for me. By this time I had completed both Band of Bastards and From the Ashes DLCs and well a completed about 75% of A Woman's Lot.
    Posted by kevgeotech on 28 Apr 20 at 12:09
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