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Veteran Gunslinger

Win 5 online PvP matches.

Veteran Gunslinger+11.1
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  • Proxy LionheartProxy Lionheart663,907
    25 Feb 2018 25 Feb 2018 25 Feb 2018
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    This solution will be looking at the boosting side of things.
    Also if needed your also unlock the achievement for simply playing a PVP match the Welcome to the World of PvP achievement.

    Can be done with only two people, but more might make this go faster. If any one does this with more people let me know the results and if it works I'll give credit and add it into the solution.

    This method does work but will take around 2 hours for both people to unlock the achievement.
    Each round is 10 minutes long, so unless your over powered your not likely to deal the 3,000,000 damage to win the round.

    At the time of writing this solution, the current MP is dealing damage to the target in the middle of the arena.

    So what your want to do is head to the Governors office/lobby and go to the left side kiosk and speak to the NPC behind it. What I selected was...
    Avatar Battle (Uses your avatar)
    player Match

    Set the lobby to private and launch, after loading your be taken to the waiting area. Take a moment to invite your boosting partner and while they are connecting head over and select any of the missions
    NOTE: When inviting your boosting partner just invite them to game and to not form a team. If you click form a team don't worry you get move them from Alpha to Bravo by going into team information.
    I'd recommend equipping either a Sniper Rifle or Assault rifle with range so it saves you getting face to face with the boss. Once your both in the lobby, ready up by pressing cn_RT and then cn_A

    Once your loaded into the match just have the person going for the win shoot at the target in the middle, the team that causes the most damage will win the round. Once the match finishes your be taken back to lobby where you can ready and continue. Take turns or simply let one side win all 5 games and then switch. As mentioned above the game does last 10 minutes so might be better to switch between rounds to save boredom. Then simply rinse and repeat for both people and then you should both have the achievement in around 2 hours.
  • OniDestinyOniDestiny725,083
    04 Mar 2018 04 Mar 2018 09 Mar 2018
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    The fastest way I found was using a Character with high damage Output, like Sinon or Strea.
    Fight against the Dirty Scissor on the relic map* and go behind a Container. The Monster will try to go to You, but he will run against the Container. Now shoot on the head and he will die in 3 minutes, if you are boosting with one other Person.
    all Players has to stand there.

    External image

    *translated from German, English descriptions can be different.
  • appare13appare13864,617
    10 Jan 2019 11 Jan 2019 23 Jan 2019
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    While all of the other solutions still work, since the addition of two new PVP-modes they are no longer the fastest option, at least when boosting with only one other human player.

    There is Free-for-All, where you get a win after 8 kills, what roughly takes 2-3 minutes with one boosting partner. We used the first map in the list, it`s small. The player going for the win should stand one one of the crates to get a better view, but just standing in the middle will work, too. For 2 players the time to get this achievement should be about 30-45 minutes.

    And then there is (Team-) Deathmatch, but I think you`ll need at least 4 people for it to be faster. The time limit is 7 minutes and the winning team needs 15 kills. The problem is the long respawn time, when playing 1 on 1 you only get about 10 kills within the time limit.
  • TonySkiTonySki1,285,801
    24 Feb 2018 24 Feb 2018
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    So with the PVP right now it's just do more damage to the center target. You talk to the robot for it during the tutorial stages where you learn how to get in a mission. To get this fastest your best bet is to host yourself. Some people's connections are terrible and then can get host advantage so hard it isn't fun. So use that lag to your advantage!

    If you get 3 players a good build from what I've seen is Asuna with her healing and shielding specials on the rifle, Kirito male or female with his sword spin thingie to destroy enemies in a quick attack and BallsDeep69 with his rpg to take out enemies that are trying to revive other enemies. Play your style the best but always have a healer, reviving only comes back at half health.

    Win 5 and you'll pop the achievement.
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