Back to Square One achievement in Quantic Pinball

Back to Square One

Finish all tables until your starting level

Back to Square One-6.4
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How to unlock the Back to Square One achievement

  • FshguyFshguy1,454,575
    14 Feb 2018 14 Feb 2018
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    Yes, you have to make a full lap of all of the tables. My hardest table was Delta, so I started there and played again until I got to Delta. Sadly, you don't get the achievement until the game is over.

    1. Find your hardest table, keep restarting it until you get past it losing one or no balls
    2. Try to keep multiple balls in play. Some tables, locking multiball is easier, others it is hitting the special
    3. Practice all of the tables... May be better to restart from your last failure until you can go several tables in a row
    4. I think if you lock two balls very quickly it kicks off a special multiball mode(this helped me in the Tsunami achievement
    5. Use the table bump, Y, to switch from flippers

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    FshguyI just retried Delta... I had a hard time too. I saw maybe once or twice I hit sharp shot from right flipper up the left ramp to hit the top left bumper to bounce back. I think the key is that bumper, but muti-ball and random luck is your likely path...
    Posted by Fshguy on 16 Feb 18 at 16:24
    adamrulzI finished the delta table in like 4 minutes just now, since I heard you need to light all yellow arrows on the ramps... once the gate opened, I lit the little blue warps, nailed a warp and it sent it right out the gated ramp and complete. Best bet as otherwise it is quite the tricky shot.
    Posted by adamrulz on 01 Mar 18 at 22:35
    Kez001Worth noting that this doesn't pop until you get game over, was stressing a little thinking maybe I didn't start onthe board i thought i did
    Posted by Kez001 on 21 May 18 at 16:21
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  • Nader VoterNader Voter2,036,446
    15 Mar 2018 15 Mar 2018
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    Fshguy's guide is good, but I thought I'd add an extra tip for those who, like me, struggled with this achievement. Over much trial and error I learned that if you start an Iron Storm with the special hole and quit immediately, when you start the level again you will automatically start with most of the balls of an Iron Storm, but the best thing is that you won't use one of your balls when you start like you normally do, so extra ball! Another cool thing is that you can do this with all of the stages so start Iron Storm on the first one, quit out, then start Iron Storm on the second one, and so on. When you progress to the stage you will start with an Iron Storm, which to me is probably one of the best power ups.

    Fshguy's solution says you start a special multiball if you lock two balls quickly. I believe this is a typo. What you actually want to do is lock all the balls to start the multiball, then immediately lose those balls until you hear a particular sound. This multiball probably has about 3 times the balls of Iron Storm. Another good thing is that you can start this special multiball and quit out and have it start the next time you play the table just like Iron Storm. I was only able to get this special multiabll to work on the Gamma and Epsilon tables (I think those were the ones, correct me if I'm wrong), but it's well worth doing those instead.

    Hope this helps, and good luck.
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    Nader VoterI'm pretty sure you can't quit out when going for the achievement. The quitting out is the prep for the attempt and you want to start the multiball and quit out in all the levels. Then, once the prep is done, you make your attempt and see if you can make the full cycle. Sorry for not explaining it great.
    Posted by Nader Voter on 17 Dec 19 at 01:23
    YAGER420BOMBIf this is the case then in theory couldn't you practically ace each level on prep quit out then go for the achievment?
    Posted by YAGER420BOMB on 23 Dec 19 at 15:08
    Nader VoterI don't think progress on the level carries over, in my time with it the only thing I could get was the multiball.
    Posted by Nader Voter on 23 Dec 19 at 15:25
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