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Modern Technology

Perform 1 kill with the Broken Bottle

Modern Technology+3.7
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Achievement Guide for Modern Technology

  • SmashsoulSmashsoul228,539
    21 Feb 2018 21 Feb 2018 21 Feb 2018
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    In order to unlock the Broken Bottle (and hence get a single kill with it) you'll need 5 kills with single use wine bottles that can be picked up during a round on the three new infantry focused Apocalypse maps. These wine bottles DO NOT respawn after they have been picked up and switching weapons will force you to drop the wine bottle and you'll lose it.

    EDIT: Using class based gadgets also causes you to lose the bottle.

    EDIT: The wine bottle has an incredibly generous hit box so don't be afraid to swing for someone if you're slightly farther away than standard melee range. The bottle will kill in one swing so go nuts with it.

    After combing the maps in a private server I've got a few screenshots (click on the imgur links beneath them if you want to enlarge them) to help you more accurately pinpoint where the wine bottles spawn. This is by no means a comprehensive list (I've almost certainly missed more than a few), and if you happen to come across any more please let me know so I can update this guide.

    (Also, a quick side note. The wine bottles appear to suffer from really bad pop in so they won't actually appear until you get close to where they are).


    I've managed to locate 6 bottles on Caporetto so far, so this map might be the most ideal for getting kills.

    Near Flag A: Down the hill from where the Liven's Projector is located you'll find a trench with a fire/torch in it. The wine bottle is sitting on the ground in the area near the fire.
    External image


    Near Flag B: This one is sitting beneath a bench with a gramophone placed next to it.
    External image


    Flag B: Sitting on a wall in the immediate vicinity of the Liven's Projector.
    External image


    Flag C: Next to the bridge, slightly embedded in the ground.
    External image


    Flag D: On a wall near the detonator for the Liven's Projector.
    External image


    Between Flag D/E: This one is sitting on the back of the train atop the viaduct.
    External image



    Passchendaele has probably got more bottles hiding, but due to the colour palette of the map they blend in very well. I've managed to locate 4 so far.

    Near A Flag: As you make your way out of the church into the trenches in the direction of Flag C you'll find the wine bottle sitting off to one side.
    External image


    Flag B: In the open trench area outside the bunker.
    External image


    Near Flag C: This one is a little bit tricky and hard to see. From Flag C in the direction of Flag A you'll find a small enclosed area. The bottle is sitting on the ground.
    External image


    Near Flag D: Looking from Flag D towards Flag E and the German Empire spawn you'll see two destroyed bunkers. The one on the left houses the wine bottle on the floor.
    External image


    River Somme

    So far I've managed to locate 5 bottles on River Somme. They are all fairy evenly distributed across the map.

    Flag A: In the barn in a corner on the ground floor.
    External image


    Flag B: In the windmill on the ground floor.
    External image


    Flag C: In the house next to some rags on the floor.
    External image


    Flag E: In the sugar mill ruins at the base of the machine with the ladder on it.
    External image


    Near Flag F: Across the train tracks, in the direction of Flag D, in a dug out with a German Empire flag hanging from it.
    External image


    As I've said before, there are probably more bottles out there that I've missed. If I have, please let me know so I can add them to this list. smile
  • IdenicIdenic211,729
    21 Feb 2018 21 Feb 2018 21 Feb 2018
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    As said previously, you need 5 kills with a wine bottle to unlock the broken bottle. The wine bottles spawn in certain locations across the new maps. Here are all the locations I have found.

    River Somme
    B Flag: Underneath the stairs in the windmill
    C Flag: Inside the house on the floor of one of the rooms.
    E Flag: Base of the machine with the tall tower
    F Flag: Near a dugout area (looks like the beginning of a mineshaft)

    B Flag: Near a bench & phonograph
    B Flag: On a ledge near the Livens Projector
    C Flag: One end of the bridge.
    D Flag: On the ground near the Livens Projector

    A Flag: (Credit: GlitterLicks) Go out of the broken castle where you capture the A flag and head North until you see 2 bunkers in front of you that run parallel. On the left bunker you’ll see a little cut away with a few boxes stacked and in front of those boxes on the base of the cut out is a wine bottle.
    B Flag: Walking out of the cement bunker, go right and it will be on the ledge to your right.
    C Flag: I've see one in a hut to the North East, but I couldn't get it to spawn again, so it might be random.

    Please post a comment if you find any more. Passchendaele was hard to find bottles on because they blend in so well.

    Once you find one, it's a one hit kill. However, you can only use it once. If you die with it, it will not spawn back and you can't find it on your body. I highly recommend playing on River Somme with your team starting out with all the objectives. This way you can spawn in at any of the sites and grab the bottle without worrying about enemies.

    JafethTheXtreme stated you should not switch to other equipment/weapons when you have the wine bottle as it will disappear.

    5 kills later, you unlock the broken bottle. Equip it, get one kill, and achievement unlocked!
  • dirijablikdirijablik88,867
    02 Jun 2018 10 Dec 2018
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    My Video in RUSSIAN for achievement
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