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Weapons of the Apocalypse achievement in Battlefield™ 1

Weapons of the Apocalypse

Perform a kill with all "Apocalypse" weapon variants

Weapons of the Apocalypse0
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How to unlock the Weapons of the Apocalypse achievement

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    If you've gone through the rest of the DLC achievements, you know the score by now. For those of you who are newcomers, to unlock this achievement you need to get a kill with each of the weapon variants associated with this DLC. Each weapon variant, and how to unlock them, are listed below. If you don't want to unlock them, you can pick the weapon variants up off the ground from both ally and dead bodies.

    NOTE: I may have missed one or two out, I'm currently getting my information from the Battlefield website only. Any weapon variants that I have missed will be added later today.

    RSC SMG Factory
    Perform 50 kills as an Assault

    RSC SMG Optical
    Perform 50 kills with the RSC SMG Factory
    In a round, perform 300 Vehicle Damage using explosives

    Howell Automatic Factory
    Perform 50 kills as a Medic

    Howell Automatic Sniper
    Perform 50 kills with the Howell Automatic Factory
    In a round, perform 600 points of healing

    IMG 08/18 Low Weight
    Perform 50 kills as a Support

    IMG 08/18 Suppressive
    Perform 50 kills with the IMG 08/18 Low Weight
    In a round, perform 100 resupplies

    Ross MkIII Marksman
    Perform 50 kills as a Scout

    M1917 Enfield Infantry
    Perform 50 kills with the Ross MkIII Marksman
    Accumulate 2,500 metres of headshots using Single-Action rifles

    Revolver MkVI
    Kill 25 different enemies using Revolvers

    Broken Bottle
    Get 5 kills with the Wine Bottle (see the following video, credit to

    EDIT: Corrections. Thanks @Gold l Ragnar

    EDIT 2: Added wine bottle. Thanks @CELTIC CORPSE

    EDIT 3: Added wine bottle locations. Thanks @oONeonDemonOo

    EDIT 4: More corrections, thanks @Arador
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    Death DealersI have all the weapons from every DLC unlocked if anyone needs help boosting.
    Posted by Death Dealers on 22 Apr 18 at 23:14
    CracklyKloverlooking to boost. especially the bottle kills
    Posted by CracklyKlover on 22 May 18 at 01:56
    TheCrookedManMDWith regard to these challenges in general, is there an order to completion? Meaning do you need to do the challenge listed first for a particular gun in that order? Or do the two requirements track simultaneously?
    Posted by TheCrookedManMD on 26 Jun 18 at 04:04
    x BumbleBeee@BqCaduceusMD The two challenges to unlock weapons track simultaneously. For example with the IMG 08/18 Suppressive, you can get 50 kills with the IMG 08/18 Low Weight whilst going for 100 resupplies in a round at the same time.
    Posted by x BumbleBeee on 08 Aug 18 at 12:39
    JefeGatorI need help with the following guns. I have most of the others from the other DLCs and am willing to trade. Let me know what you need and I will let you know if I have it. I do not have the parabellum, I got lucky and picked it up off a dead guy.

    "Model 1900 Factory"
    "Model 1900 Slug"
    "SMG 08/18 Optical"

    "Fedorov Avtomat Optical"

    "Perino Model 1908 Defensive"
    "Perino Model 1908 Low Weight"

    "Mosin-Nagant M91 Infintry"
    "Mosin-Nagant M91 Marksman"
    "Vetterli-Vitali M1870/87 Carbine"
    "Vetterli-Vitali M1870/87 Infantry"

    "Nagant Revolver"
    "Obrez Pistol"

    "C93 Carbine"
    Posted by JefeGator on 03 Feb 19 at 12:20
    Pron ProntastikI have all the weapons unlocked except for the broken bottle, because there all dlc servers are empty. Would really appreciate some help.
    Posted by Pron Prontastik on 05 Apr 19 at 17:43
    LovableWharf96I have a server (1 Day) up and running. Let me know fast if anyone wants to boost any weapons achievements.
    Posted by LovableWharf96 on 14 Apr at 08:52
    WTG x RoCK STaRLets get this done asap.
    Posted by WTG x RoCK STaR on 16 Apr at 04:21
    HumidTube35This is probably the easiest of the 100G achievements in Battlefield 1
    Posted by HumidTube35 on 22 Apr at 19:46
    WTG x RoCK STaRWant to get it done before April 30tth?
    I only need to be dropped 3 guns by anyone and I have it.

    My progress is 80% so far with this.
    Posted by WTG x RoCK STaR on 22 Apr at 23:08
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