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Title Update: Coins & Credits

I’m a Completionist achievement in Super Lucky's Tale

I’m a Completionist

Collect 99,999 Coins

I’m a Completionist+1.8
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How to unlock the I’m a Completionist achievement

  • HollabackGamingHollabackGaming352,141
    01 Mar 2018 01 Mar 2018 04 Mar 2018
    136 8 51
    The idea of this achievement solution is to mitigate the grind time of earning so many coins and make it less potent than it already is.

    What I did was I loaded up the hub world of Spookington. If you keep going forward from spawn there will be three ghosts and a coffin. To the left of the coffin is a cubicle with a hidden diamond inside, then next to the cubicle is an platform with a bounce pad that leads to your second diamond. Each diamond is 50 coins. Make sure the coins register at the top left of the screen that displays the coin amount, because the next thing you want to do is pause the game and go to world select and pick the same world and rinse and repeat.
    If you pause too early after receiving the diamond you'll lose it when you reload, because you didn't allow the counter to change.

    Reloading the hub causes all the coins and diamonds to respawn, and the short loading time is what makes this method time efficient. It's as far as I know the fastest method because in the other worlds the diamonds are too far from spawn and the foxhole minigame sounds like a good idea initially, but it's a waste of time.

    If you've completed the base game before starting this you'll be probably over 10,000. I timed myself and it's 20 seconds for one run of 100 coins, which includes the loading screen. That translates roughly into 1,000 coins every 3 minutes and/or 20,000 an hour. Took me 5 hours from 15k. The achievement will pop after the final reloading of the hub area once you reach the threshold.

    TL;DR: Load into Spookington and grab the first two diamonds in front of you across the boardwalk then travel back to Spookington and the diamonds respawn. Rinse and repeat.

    Hope this helps! Take care hunters!

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    Ste4Beer85I always tail whip the two barrels on the left on the way past them, worth 2 coins 🤣
    Posted by Ste4Beer85 on 16 Nov 20 at 20:40
    xRobMugabexMan fuck this achievement. Thumbs up for amazing solution saved me god knows how many hours of grinding
    Posted by xRobMugabex on 26 Nov 20 at 01:05
    ALoneWolf42$100 a run, $20,000 an hour, for 5 hours of the same?

    This achievement is annoying! I finished all the base & most of the DLC and just cracked $15,000. This is 6 or 7x that.

    EDIT: I just got this, the game clock says I'm nearly at 24 hours. This is definitely something you want to macro.
    Posted by ALoneWolf42 on 28 Nov 20 at 05:44
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  • z I ToP CaT I zz I ToP CaT I z928,791
    03 Mar 2018 03 Mar 2018
    68 1 7
    Here is an alternative to the spookington method using the Sky Castle hub world.

    Once you have learned the path, you can get 415 coins in 1:20, so it’s just as fast.

    I used a combination of both methods to break up the monotony.

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    TheSquarephreakDoes anyone know if it still gives you credit for collecting them, if you spend them on outfits (in order to get that achievement)? I had almost 30k, then bought 20k+ in items, and it doesn't seem like my completion for the 30k achievement is getting any closer as I collect coins now. Did I just totally screw myself? Do I need to have all 30k and 100k in my counter at one time?
    Posted by TheSquarephreak on 06 May 18 at 02:16
    Cro11I spent coins on costumes as well and when I started grinding I was around 6000 coins. The 30k (I was over 20k progress) achievement popped when I got to around 12k so I think you might be ok. Your tracker should show 1% progress on the 30k every 300 coins and on the 99k every 1000ish
    Posted by Cro11 on 08 May 18 at 20:01
    erod550This is good if you can be consistent. If you miss a couple of those jumps, or mess up the timed coins, and have to do them over it would slow you down quite a bit. But it's a nice way to mix up the monotony of the other method. I finally got sick of it and just used my CronusMax to do Spookington runs.
    Posted by erod550 on 04 Jun 18 at 22:47
  • gussguss595,487
    24 Apr 2018 12 Mar 2018 12 Mar 2018
    35 2 4
    This is a video version of HollabackGaming for who needed it visually

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    Posted by guss on 13 Mar 18 at 18:00
    hkmortensonI've created a macro if you play this on the PC. You can just let it run overnight or something and you should have it unlocked. Here is a link to the download:

    This macro was created via Pulover's Macro Creator v5.0.5. Again, here is the link for that:

    You can download the installer if you'd like, but I went with the portable version. Once downloaded and opened, click "Macro" from the drop down menu and select "Import Macro" near the bottom. Select the file you downloaded titled "SLT 99k Coin Macro.pmc".
    The macro is ready to go and will loop infinite times until stopped.

    Next, open the game. Load into Spookington and don't move from the bridge. Hit F3 to start the macro and F8 when you are ready to stop the macro. Lucky should start moving 4-5 seconds after you press F3. He will collect the two diamonds and the macro will reload Spookington, wait for 4-5 seconds and loop the run.

    Notes: This macro was created on a resolution of 1920x1080 and will likely not work if your resolution is different. In this case you will need to create a new macro, which isn't too hard. Also, when watching this macro run, I've noticed it misses the first diamond maybe 10% of the time, I'm not sure why, but it always gets the second.

    Tips for making a macro:
    1. Select Options -> Settings -> Recording and be sure under Keyboard that all three boxes are checked and under Mouse the first 3 boxes are checked.
    2. Select File -> New
    3. Click the record icon up top. A popup should let you know that you can start/stop recording by pressing F9.
    4. Open or alt-tab back into the game. If you are alt-tabbing the game, run one or two loops yourself before starting to record because the game randomly loads twice for me after alt-tabbing.
    5. At the start of the loop, press F9 to start the recording, run through the loop, hit escape and reload, wait for Lucky to appear and wave at you, then press F9 to stop the recording.
    6. Now you can exit or alt-tab the game. In your task tray double click on the program's icon to open it. You should see a list of steps, don't click any of them. You are going to want to add a 4-5 second pause at the beginning and end of the list. Select Commands -> Pause and enter 4000-5000 milliseconds and hit OK. If you haven't clicked anywhere in the list, the pause should add at the very end. Scroll down to it, copy it, and paste it at the top of the list.
    7. Finally, in the upper right corner type 0 under Loop for an infinite loop. Open or alt-tab back into the game. Remember to run a couple loops if you're alt-tabbing before starting the macro. When you are ready, press F3 to start the macro and F8 to stop it.

    Good luck!
    Posted by hkmortenson on 25 Jun 20 at 03:40
    Memphis999IMPORTANT if u have Trouble with hkmortenson s great macro (Thank u very much for saving me hours of stupid grinding), which is ready to use in a few seconds.

    I have a 4k Laptop and after i switched down to FHD resolution, it still didnt work properly.
    U have to make sure the game runs in full instead window mode and when u change the resolution down to FHD, make sure u also change the windows scaling right above down to 100%.

    After that it works perfect. If lucky dont collect the diamonds right after the start dont worry, it will after the script loaded the map the first time by itself.
    Posted by Memphis999 on 06 Mar at 03:57
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