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The Resistance

Making History achievement in Call of Duty: WWII

Making History

In The Darkest Shore, escape from the island before the bombing starts.

Making History-1.1
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How to unlock the Making History achievement

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    This is the main easter egg for the first DLC map, the darkest shore. It is quite difficult and not something for the weak of heart. That being said, the primary challenge in this easter egg is the boss fight, leading up to it is somewhat difficult, but its not nearly as complex as the final reich.
    Because of the difficulty of the boss fight, it is highly recommended you have a team of 4 very skilled and knowledgeable players for this, as anything less the boss fight can be quite difficult.


    I would suggest that 3 players run shellshock with the sustain zone perk, and 1 person run camo. Shellshock with sustain zone is a god zone in the boss fight, as it creates a lingering force field that lasts quite a while and basically nullifies any zombies in the immediate vicinity. However, be mindful that this lingering effect does not hit the new and extremely powerful enemy the spider zombie (its called something in German but I'll just call them spiders for now), the spiders are briefly stunned by the shellshock, but not held in place like zombies.

    The other perks you run are up to you, I would suggest you run specialist training since you want to be getting sustain zone as often as possible during the boss fight, it is borderline impossible without frequent usage. I would also suggest you don't run pack mule since the wonder weapon doesn't count as a 3rd weapon in this, so there's no need. I also suggest you run something that can give you armor without needing to buy it, since it can get very expensive.

    I will write this guide assuming you know the map, and I won't cover pac-a-punch, but it is very simple to unlock.

    Now, this can technically be done with any number of people, but as I said anything short of 4 and this becomes needlessly difficult. Once you have a full squad of zombies players who know the steps and map well, you can start a game on the darkest shore.

    Step 1: Building the Rip-saw

    The new wonder weapon in this game is the Rip- Saw, which you will need to build, and upgrade for the first actual easter egg step. Building the saw is very simple, you just need 2 parts which can be found around the map:

    -Sawblade: in a soldiers corpse right beside the pap elevator.
    -Saw Handle: In the artillery bunker (where the second power switch is), there are a few spawns, the desk near the far entrance, on a small corner desk, or on a bunk in the same room as the power switch.

    With both pieces, head to the U-boat pen and right before going down the stairs to enter it, you will see the bench where you can build the ripsaw. It does cost 2500 points to purchase, but is very powerful, so I would suggest everyone grab one at some point.

    Step 2: upgrading the rip saw

    The rip saw is a melee only weapon right now but you'll change that by upgrading it. By pulling the rip saw out you have the ability to do a more powerful attack by holding cn_LT and pressing cn_RT on a zombie. Doing so locks you in an animation that does a ton of damage to the zombie you hit (careful though you are pretty vulnerable during this). While this animation is playing, you need to spam cn_X in order to pull out that zombies' spine. Your character will look at the spine and stick it in their pocket I guess. You will see attached to the end of the spine a little device looking thing, it is usually not doing anything, but sometimes it will be glowing. You are looking for these glowing spines, called charged spines. You will know the spine is charged if in the bottom left hand corner a little spine shaped meter appears. Now, you can pull the spine from any zombie type for this, as long as its charged, but remember how to pull spines, because it is very important to the rest of the easter egg.
    With the charged spine, run it to where you built the rip saw, and add it here. Now, this next step is CRAZYYYYYY, you need to charge up the rip saw with zombie souls, a very unique step to this map, and not something we've seen 10 000 times before.
    Just kill a few zombies near the spine until it stops accepting souls, and you're good. You can upgrade the ripsaw for 500 points (if you already have one) right at the build station, and it now costs 3000 points to purchase a fully upgraded one.

    The upgraded ripsaw shoots a very high damage saw blade that bounces all over the place.

    Step 3: Shoot buddy's head off

    If you look above you when going up the ramp to the pac-a-punch area you will see a very obvious dead bloke hanging upside down held by a bunch of chains. Simple aim the rip saw at this poor guy's neck and fire, cutting his head clean off, which you can collect.

    Step 4: open the corpse gate

    Don't start this next step until you have done a little bit of preparation. You will be trapped in the U- boat pen with zombies continuously spawning, so you'll want full armor, and a non pistol weapon. It is not too difficult, so you won't need any perks or anything, bu if you underestimate this step it can be quite difficult.

    Now in the back of the u-boat room there is a headless corpse chained to the door. You can place that head you just got on his body miraculously bringing him back to life. As soon as you do this, the entrance to the u boat pen will block off, and you're trapped. If anyone is outside the u boat pen at this point, they can actually jump over the gate to get into the area, but not back out.

    Now, aside from the zombie spawns, the floor will fill with fire in certain places, some areas will be safe and others not so much. Needless to say, avoid the fire, the only guaranteed safe spot is the stairs leading out of the area.

    Now, there are 3 valves around this room, each with fire in front of them, your goal is to simply turn each valve. You do that by waiting out the fire, going up to a valve and holding x for a few seconds, it might be worth using shellshock here or having someone protect you while you spin the crank. So essentially run around the u boat area and check the 3 valves for fire, and if you see one call it out and turn the crank.

    Once all 3 are turned, you can interact with the guy chained to the gate, if you're not a fan of gross stuff probably look away because he gets gruesomely ripped in half to open the gate. Also a brenner (flame zombie) spawns right in front of you. Kill him, not too difficult if you're used to them from the final reich.

    Step 5: flak cannons

    Now you want to get going on this basically as soon as you kill that brenner. Fighter planes will start encircling the island and shooting at you, and the longer you wait, the more planes come. You need to head up to the top of the island and you hop on a very obvious AA flak cannon, there are a couple of these things so I'd suggest a few people jump on one and have 1 person holding a zombie in the u boat pen. If you're standing out in the open the planes can down you very quickly, so don't.

    You simply need to shoot down a few planes with the flak cannons, anticipate their movement and shoot in front of them. This is pretty easy. The flak cannons do take damage but not a whole lot of it, and you can technically kill any zombos harassing you with the flak cannon without getting off. Once enough planes are destroyed the game will tell you, and the luftwaffe will sod off.

    Step 6: Escort a bomb zombie

    Now, for this step it is highly recommended a few players have upgrades their 1911 to a bacon and eggs, as it makes this much easier. If you head down to the corpse gate you just opened, entering it on the right you will be able to push a button. After a few seconds, a bomb zombie will be pulled out of the pit with a health bar above its head. This is a friendly zombie, and won't attack you, but other zombies will attack it. You need to simply protect it while it walks to where it needs to go. Even if you are at the end of a round zombies will still spawn. The bacon and eggs make this very easy, as you can't damage the bomber yourself, so you can spam out your explosives to protect it. He has very little health so don't let any zombies get near him.

    The bomber will head to the artillery bunker and place a battery in a little holder to the right of the large artillery canon.

    Step 7: Building a radio

    Now, once again you need to fill the battery you just got with zombies souls, nothing special, kill zombies near it and contemplate existence. Once it is sufficiently charged, you will need to grab 2 radio parts around the map. Now this step can be a little glitchy in a 4 person game. The first part can be found on a corpse on the ramp leading up to double tap and stamin- up, it can be picked up at any time, but I would suggest you do not pick it up until this point (because the easter egg has been known to glitch out otherwise making it impossible to finish).
    The second piece can be found by heading to side path, and near electric cherry, you will see a plane has crashed in to the cliff face above you. You will see the dead German pilot holding a radio, and as such you need to shoot his arm with a ripsaw to get the radio to drop. From my understanding, to avoid the glitch , wait about 10 or so seconds before picking this radio up.

    Once you have both pieces, you can build the radio near the AA guns, on a table beside the mystery box spawn. When you build it you radio someone, and ships start attacking the island, OH NO!!!

    Step 8: Shooting some boats

    If you head to the artillery canon, now that you've charged the battery, you will be able to fire it at some boats in the water. You need to hit the boats, obviously. You can set the angle, left and right, and up and down using the machines on either side of the fire button. If you turn on subtitles this can be made much easier as your character will say stuff like "that was too far right" so you know to angle it a bit left. Now, you have limited shots with this canon, and if you run out you need to kill more zombies near the battery. I found this very useful image on reddit, and all credit goes to user: NinjaNationGaming. It shows the coordinates you should enter into each machine based on the position of the ship, the left number being the elevation and the right number being the left/right angle

    Once all the ships are destroyed, you will get a notification and can move on to the next step.

    Step 9: Unlocking the monk's head room

    This secret room can actually be unlocked at any point, but you don't actually need to worry about it until this point in the easter egg. If you take a mine cart from the beach to the top area of the map, you will reach a fork in the road and it will take you right. As soon as you hit the right path, the entrance to the room will be on the left wall. It is not super obvious. You need to hit it with an explosive to enter, the easiest way to do this is just letting a bomb zombie explode on you right beside the entrance. If that doesn't work (because sometimes the bomb zombies don't spawn where you need them to), a semtex grenade should do.

    By holding cn_X on the hole after it has been opened, you will transported to this secret room, you don't need to blow it up more than once, and will need to be going here multiple times throughout the easter egg.

    Step 10: Monk's head

    If you enter the secret room, you will see your way blocked by a large gate with 3 holes, we will be opening that gate soon, for now, if you look to the left of that gate, there is a monk's head on the ground, grab it, and exit the secret room.
    Head back to the corpse gate room and you will be able to place the monk's head on the holder to your left, he gives you some riddles or something, don't worry about it I'll explain what to do.

    Step 11: Idol 1, flak gun

    Now you need to retrieve 3 idols to open the gate in the secret room, this is fairly straightforward. To get the first idol (and these can be done in any order), you need to head to the flak canon up top that is closest to the gun you shot the ships with. Hop on, and aim as low as you can facing the ocean, shoot the heck out of the rock in front of you until it blows up.

    Now head down to the beach and you will see the idol (it looks like a large carved stone), sitting in the sand. Go ahead and grab it. Note that when you grab it you will move very slowly, so do this at the end of a round.

    Take this idol and hop on a minecart to get to the secret room, and deposit it in one of the three holes.

    Step 12: Idol 2, Zombie spine

    Now we need a regular zombie spine. In case you didn't know, once you have upgraded the rip saw so it fires saw blades, in order to harvest spines you will need to sprint and press melee while sprinting to heavy attack, again make sure you spam x. Again, you need a charged spine (glowing).

    Bring the spine into the corpse room and deposit it in a bucket full of heads on the left side. A regular zombie is brought up, and he will automatically run to the beach, I don't believe he can be killed, walk with it to the beach, and he will enter the water. After a few seconds, he will return carrying an idol, once again grab it and place it in the secret room door.

    Step 13: idol 3, rocks

    This one is pretty annoying and difficult to explain. Essentially you will be shooting a series of rocks sticking out of the cliff face with the rip saw, there are numerous spawns for these and they don't look like anything special, just normal rocks around the cliff part of the map (that side path). Now I'm copying this list of possible spawns from the video by MrRoflWaffles, which I'll link at the end of the guide, so all credit goes to him.

    1. Above packapunch on cliff face
    2. High above entrance to bunker three in the mist
    3. To the right of the above location on the adjacent wall, right in the centre of the cliff face just above the hanging wires
    4. On the other side of that cliff wall, above the plane wreckage
    5. To the left of the above location, on the adjacent wall, high up
    6. Further along that cliff wall around the wooden planks
    7. Even further along the wall, right on the edge around the wooden planks
    8. By the pylons near the flak gun between Stamin Up and Double Tap, juuuust below the grassline
    9. SNEAKY SPAWN: in the beach spawn area. Face the cliffside, look for the concrete bunker window above the pathway up to the rest of the map. Above the bunker is a dark patch of grass. That's a possible spawn!

    So a bunch of those spawns will have rocks, which explode when shot by the rip saw, but only one will spit out the idol.

    Same as before, put this third idol in the gate.

    With all 3 idols in the gate, it will open and you will see 3 spider zombies in there (meuchlers). They will run away if you don't attack them, but, I would suggest you may want to try and harvest one of their spines (in the same exact way you did a normal zombie), because this is incredibly difficult otherwise, since they move so fast and take multiple charged hits to kill.

    Now, just a quick word on these spider zombies. If you remember the ninja zombies from infinite warfare, these are a bit like that, but 1000 times worse. They move exceptionally fast, and will bring you to a sliver of health in one hit. As well, they have quite a bit of health, so needless to say you want some heavy fire power to deal with them. They don't come very often, and one spawns every time the fog roles in (which is a massive annoyance in itself). Basically it takes a fair amount of practice to deal with these freaks, thankfully, they are "shy" and tend to run away from you if you damage them enough.

    Step 14: Spider spine

    You will now need basically one of each zombie types spawn, and you can do this in any order, I'll start with the spider guy, because he is definitely the hardest to harvest, and that initial entrance into the monk's room is a prime opportunity. Harvesting his spine is very difficult, what's worse, even if you do grab a spine, there's a chance it is not charged, which sucks obviously. What's nice, is when you charge the spider guys with the rip saw, it stuns them temporarily. If you don't get a charged spine right away, I'd suggest 2 people head into the monk's room while someone hold's a zombie somewhere else. After a bit, spider zombies start spawning, and with 2 people you can just keep attacking one with the ripsaw until you kill it and hopefully grab its spine (assuming its charged). I should also mention that you don't get a charged kill animation on these guys like you do with normal zombies, so you should spam x with every strike you make to ensure you grab the spine.

    If you do get a charged spider spine, head to the corpse gate room and place it in the bucket. A friendly spider zombie will spawn and run off somewhere. This also triggers an insane fog which makes it nearly impossible to see anything. You want to be listening for a kind of screaming, which is where your friendly spider zombie is. Have everyone spread out and search the map until you hear the screaming get louder and you will be able to see the friendly spider zombie huddled in a corner being bullied by enemy spider zombies. I find the bacon and eggs is great here, because you essentially want to just shoot the friendly gun and cause the bad spider guys to leave him alone. The bad boys tend to attack you after this, but only briefly and then they sod off. The friendly guy will run off somewhere and you just need to do the same thing a few more times. This is a pretty easy step to be honest, I'd suggest keeping a few zombies alive and taking care to not kill them. You will be good once the fog goes away.

    You now want all players to head into the secret room. But, make sure you are well prepared, with some upgraded weapons and perks, plus having a full ability. When all players enter, the friendly spider boi will start huddling in the center of the room and you need to shoot the absolute heck out of him. I find the SVT-40 upgraded does insane damage, other than that you're fine with just some rifle upgraded. Tons of other enemies spawn during this, which is why sustain zone is so helpful. When you finally kill the friendly guy, you need to grab his head and hang it on one of the hooks around the room.

    1 out of 3 spines done

    Step 15: Pest spine

    As before, you will need a charged pest spine, harvest it like you would a normal zombie, and put it in the bucket in the corpse room.

    Now, for this step you will need to have opened up all the fuses containers scattered around the map, this can be done at any point in your game and you can basically get going on it round 1. To open them, just use semtex and stick it to the box. It's kind of hard to describe what these things look like, they are fairly large and house obvious glowing fuses of varying colours. I'll explain the locations of the fuse boxes in each area and then what you need to do in each area. In essence, a friendly pest zombie will spawn and start running around the area, periodically stopping in specific areas. Your job is to fire a rip saw at the exposed fuses and ricochet it in a specific way to hit the pest, with each successful ricochet you will need to ricochet it off a larger number of fuse boxes in the next one, the pest will keep moving to different areas, I don't believe it can die, but even son have someone running a zombie on the beach or just out of the way.

    U-boat room:

    1. Outside the map, on a far pillar, look to your right from the previous (blue)
    2. Right above the mine cart (yellow)
    3.Opposite the previous, high up on the wall (purple)

    Where to shoot (note that you can't do this out of order).

    1. Stand in the far corner of the area, with a sight on the blue fuse outside the map, you want to shoot it when the zombie is stopped a few meters away from you. If you're confused you can take some test shots at the blue one to see where the ripsaw goes, it is pretty obvious if you ave a basic understanding of how things bounce off walls at angles. The pest becomes electrified if you manage to reflect the saw off the blue fuses and hit it (the same thing happens with each successful hit).

    2. The pest will be running a different route at this point, you will see he stops in front of the stairs, it is not here, but on the next stop that you shoot (remember it is a cycle so if you miss the opportunity he will return in about 10 seconds). You want to walk forward of the stairs towards the mine cart a few meters and shoot the yellow fuse above the minecart, it is difficult to find the exact place you need to stand here, so just kind of trial and error it.

    Outside u- boat bunker:

    1.Right above the entrance to the bunker (green)
    2. If you do a 180 from the previous and look really high up it is on the cliff face(blue).

    Where to shoot:

    1. You want to stand above the bunker and shoot the blue fuses on the cliff face, you shoot it when the pest is underneath the large rock archway in front of you.

    AA gun area:

    1.Right above the radio build (purple)
    2. Across from this (blue)
    3. Opposite the entrance to the bunker, look to your right from the first one (yellow)

    Where to shoot:

    1. You want to wedge yourself into the AA gun, between it and the wall on the right, and you will be shooting the yellow fuses, it will ricochet off the other 2. You want to shoot as the pest is walking out of the bunker. He will stop in the doorway at the far bunker entrance, you don't want to wait until he is stopped to shoot, you want to do it as he is running. You will probably want a friend to watch the pest and tell you when to shoot.

    U boat area again:

    1. At the top of the stairs right beside the power switch (orange)
    2. On pillar at the far side of the uboat area (purple)
    3. To the right of the stairs leading out of the uboat area (blue)

    Where to shoot:

    1. This requires some tricky aim and timing. The best place to stand is by the rip saw build. You want to be hugging the battery container to the left. You will be shooting yellow fuse right in front of you. The timing is tricky here, you are trying to hit it when it is stood on the close walkway going away from the stairs towards where you did the very first ricochet, again, the timing is tricky, it is worth shooting it once to see where your ripsaw lands and having a friend tell you when to shoot to anticipate its arrival at this spot.

    This final ricochet will kill the poor pest.

    Just like with the last spine we now can do a sacrifice in the monk's room. So head in there and watch for the purple glowing pest to spawn, who you should focus on. Again, sustain zone is a god send here, not too tricky. He will drop his head, which you can grab and hang on a hook, just like before.

    Step 16: Wustling spine

    This one is extremely annoying and seems a bit buggy, but is ultimately not too difficult if you follow what I said. You will need a charged wustling spine (the big armored guys) which isn't too hard to obtain, just make sure you spam x as you kill it (no animation, just like the spider).

    Again, you place the charged spine in the bucket, and a friendly wustling will come out. He will follow whatever player is closest to him at a very slow pace, I suggest one or 2 people lead him and the others hold a zombie. You need to lead him through the map in a specific way to have him get a series of perks in a specific order. The order of the perks you need him to get is:

    1.Double tap
    4.Quick revive

    And it must be in that order!

    The issue is, the wustling has a habit of going for the wrong perk, if you see him start walking towards the wrong perk, shoot him a bunch (he doesn't take damage from you), and he should start following you again.

    To start, lead him out of u- boats, and hug the left of the stairs as you leave, stay very close to him because if you stray too far, he could go for the speed cola right there.
    So you lead him left at the top of the stairs and out the bunker. Take your first right up the stairs and lead him to the double tap machine, make sure he places his hand on it to take it. This next bit is tricky because stamin up is right there, but you don't want that yet.
    Bear left as you progress through the bunker, dropping down a small drop, make sure he follows. Head right here, but hug the left wall, you come very close to stamin- up. Again, if he goes for it shoot him.
    Now just bear left and enter the bunker on the far side, letting him grab melee right there.
    Now, its pretty simple, head back to stamin up and let him grab that.
    Now just slowly make your way to the beach and lead him to quick revive.

    If you got the order of perks right, after getting quick revive he will head into the crack in the water fall. And now, you guessed it, another monk room thing.

    Head in there and kill the green glowing wustling, there are a ton of wustlings here so some serious fire power is helpful, or sustain zone.

    Grab his head and hang it up.

    Step 17: Monks head shenanigans

    With all 3 heads hung up, you need to retrieve the monks' head from the corpse room. Simply grab it, and head to the monk's room. You need to hang it up on the one available hook. Now another sequence starts. This time, you need to fill the basin in the center of the room with blood by killing zombies. Nothing special, sustain zone, perks, bacon and eggs, all very useful. When you have filled it with enough blood, you will see a red burst of electricity. The statue will now be holding the pommel of Barbarossa, a very powerful and useful grenade. Make sure everyone grabs it.

    You will get the 100 gs achievement Black winds to darker lands at this point, but you still have the boss fight left to get this achievement.

    Step 18: Boss fight yay!

    This boss fight is incredibly difficult, there's no sugar coating it. There's not really much to it, you're just fighting a super amped up spider zombie with stupid amounts of health in a bunch of different locations. Unlike the final reich fight, all you're really doing is shooting the boss.

    Everyone should have full perks, the bacon and eggs, the ripsaw, the pommel, full armor and another upgraded bullet weapon (again the svt is great for its insane damage). I'd suggest you wait until everyone has full special meters as well.

    Head up to the top of the map, and look at the radio you used earlier. All players need to throw their pommel at the radio at the same time. Doing so allows you to hold x on it to start the fight.

    You will be transported to the beach when you start the fight. Sh*t hits the fan and zombies of all types will start spawning. The one you are trying to kill is a spider zombie with a glow to it, it can be hard to see amid the calamity. The pommel is very useful and should be used constantly, you get a fresh one every few seconds, and it kills all zombies in its area and stuns the spider. There is a thick fog also. Try and stagger your sustain zone so you basically always have one going, it doesn't stop the boss, but it does stun him for a few seconds. Your bacon and eggs should be used on zombies and your svt should be used on the boss. Beyond that, there's not much more to it, keep moving at all times, use your full special meter consumables if nobody has a sustain zone and keep fire on the boss, this is the easiest portion of the boss fight, but is still no walk in the park. Also make sure you are reviving anyone ASAP to minimize their lost perks

    When you have damaged the spider boss enough, he will die and the fog clears. From here, everyone needs to jump on the minecart in the beach, and it will take you to the uboat area (you also get a max ammo on the way).

    Once there, it is essentially the same idea. Shoot the glowing spider zombie a bunch and keep moving. The only real difference is now the floor will be on fire in some parts like that earlier step, obviously don't stand in the fire. There's no fog here thankfully, it is a decent sized area so surviving isn't too difficult, don't be afraid to use your sustain zones, and again, spam those pommels like its your job. When you have done enough damage, again, buddy dies, and you need to hop on the minecart.

    The minecart takes you to the top of the map, where the true difficulty of this boss fight is extenuated. It is effectively the same idea here, but it is insanely foggy, and the area is very tight. Keep somewhat stuck together to confuse the agro of the spider zombies, use whatever you got and try and focus down the spider. Utilize the whole top area, and don't stop moving. Sustain zone constantly, and spam pommels. If you do enough damage, once again, jump on the mine cart.

    You will be taken to the beach for the final fight. It is, as expected super chaotic, but ultimately not as difficult as up top. There are a ton of spider zombies, so focus them first, and again your priority is damaging the glowing spider boi. Spam pommels, sustain zone, the whole shibang, you know whats up. When you finally kill the glowing spider zombie, a notification will pop up, and after a few seconds a cutscene will play. When that's done, boom! Achievement pops and you can relax... WAIT!!!! Don't end the game yet!

    There's an achievement for killing 250, yes 250, zombies with the pommel, and obviously you would need to do the majority of the easter egg (everything but the boss fight) in another game to get another shot at this. So I'd suggest you get everyone in your game that achievement now. Spread out, train the zombies and kill them with the pommel, super simple albeit quite time consuming.


    And so that's it, another one of WWIIs insane easter eggs done. The lead up to the boss fight for this one isn't too bad, not nearly as convoluted as the final reich. The boss fight is insanely difficult on this one, specifically the top of the map part. If you're going to fail anywhere it will likely be the boss fight. Try not to get discouraged and give it another go, when you know the steps getting to the boss fight is decently easy.

    If you have any questions about this easter egg, feel free to comment it below or message me directly. As I said, you will definitely want a full group for this to minimize the challenge, so utilize TA's session system for that. Let me know of any ways I can improve this guide, or if you have any additional tips for this easter egg.

    Good luck!!!

    The video I personally used, all credit goes to MrRoflWaffles on youtube:

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    SeitzzMy goodness, I got 3 meuchler spines in an attempt and couldn't find him hiding frustrating.
    Posted by Seitzz on 19 Jan 19 at 03:27
    DrummerEveryone on my Team got it and i didnt lol
    Posted by Drummer on 24 Aug 19 at 23:54
    FQXEasily the most difficult easter egg I've done
    Posted by FQX on 17 Aug at 08:39
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