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Always On Spine

In The Darkest Shore, rip out the spine of every Zombie type.

Always On Spine+20.9
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Achievement Guide for Always On Spine

  • ZOMBl3 KlLL3RZOMBl3 KlLL3R368,111
    04 Mar 2018 01 Mar 2018
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    There are 4 types of zombies that you will need to rip out the spine:
    Normal Zombie;
    Pest Zombie;
    Meuchler (new type of zombie that appears in the fog).

    In order to rip out zombie spines, you will need to perform a heavy attack using the Ripsaw.
    To do a heavy attack, while runing press cn_RS and then cn_X

    Faustblitz is optional but helps (melee perk - can be found in the Artillery Bunker);
    All ripped spines must be charged;
    All the spines must be ripped out in one match.

    Video Guide:

  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m3990,247
    02 Mar 2018 05 Mar 2018 05 Mar 2018
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    How to build the Ripsaw:
    The first requirement for this achievement is at least the basic version of the Ripsaw. You build this Ripsaw by picking up the saw blade on the corpse to the right of Pack-a-punch and by picking up the saw handle in the upper bunker where you turn on the 2nd power switch. Over there it either spawns on the bed in the same room as the power switch, or on one of the two tables in the bunker. Once you have both parts head over to the corridor above the U-boot/submarine room. To the left of the armor machine, there is a table at which you can place the parts for the Ripsaw. Afterwards, you can purchase it for 2500 Jolts. It will replace your shovel (so it's not taking a primary weapon slot).

    How to rip a spine out:
    To rip a spine out of a zombie, start sprinting with cn_LSu. While sprinting, then press the melee button ( cn_RSc ). This is more or less the same way to do a bayonet charge in multiplayer. The next thing is to run against the zombie which you want to rip the spine from. While you touch him, an animation will start. Now is the time to spam cn_X to start another animation in which your character will rip a spine out. Press cn_X regardless of whether a pop up to do so appears!

    Different type of zombies needed:
    -Regular zombie (red)
    These appear every round and should be really easy to get.
    -Pest Zombie (yellow)
    They appear at least every 5 rounds in the pest round (where you get a Taschen Voll/Max ammo at the end of the round). Besides, they also appear in regular rounds in higher rounds.
    -Wüstling (blue)
    These start appearing in higher rounds. The higher the round, the more often they spawn. Keep in mind that you most likely need a few charges before you can rip the spine out.
    -Meuchler (green)
    These appear not often at all. In higher rounds (from around 8-9 and higher), they appear every 5 rounds when the fog appears. Besides, they spawn when you stay long enough in the secret room (you will need to do quite some bit of the Easter egg to get to that part. You don't gain access to this room until you've placed all 3 sons of Nerthus in the wall).

    This map does feature the bomber zombie, though it is impossible to get a spine from this zombie, even with camouflage. Therefore, it is also not required for this achievement.

    How to upgrade it for the first time (recommended):
    The first upgrade of the Ripsaw requires you to get a spine from a regular zombie first. To upgrade the ripsaw, place this spine in the machine where you build the Ripsaw. Then make kills next to it to charge the Ripsaw. Once finished, you can purchase the upgraded Ripsaw for 500 Jolts.

    There is another additional way to pack a punch the Ripsaw. Seeing the amount of time it takes to do this (which is not a lot if doing the Easter Egg), I'm not going to go much into that. Basically, you have to find 6 dials around the map, see what number or sign they display (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, -, or +) and at what location on the dial. This will then give something like -03+25. This means that you have to shoo the artillery cannon at these coordinates. Afterwards, get the fuses from the top of the artillery gun and place them in the pack a punch machine.

    -Getting a spine does not mean just get the animation to rip the spine out, which you get after spamming cn_X. You also need to get the red bar to appear in the bottom left corner.

    -Keep in mind that you must not be too close to zombies when you start sprinting and charging at a zombie. First, run for at least a meter or so before you press cn_RSc.

    - If you are unsure which zombies you charged at, the color of the spine you rip out can tell which zombie it is. The bar which depletes is always red, though during the animation, you can see a coloured line which indicates which zombie you have charged (red, green, yellow or blue). Besides, the red depleting line differs for each zombie. The regular zombie has just a red line. The other 3 zombies have a red line with a unique symbol next to it.

    - To rip the spine out of the Wüstling and the Meuchler more easy, be sure to buy the Increased melee damage perk up the artillery bunker. Besides, damaging them with the Frontline perk or with your weapon(s) is useful as well.

    - If trying to get the meuchler in the fog, the U-boot room is best IMO as you don't have to deal with the fog directly.

    - This has to be done in a single game!
  • wiLLYb0ifR3ShwiLLYb0ifR3Sh357,194
    05 Feb 2019 05 Feb 2019 05 Feb 2019
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    I found an easy way of doing this and it worked for me without even upgrading the ripsaw (you can still upgrade it if you want)
    Use a custom loadout with the frontline special, then use the mods hand-to-hand and vicious. With these mods, & your special activated, you will be able to one hit kill even a meuchler and take his spine easily. Of course, you do still have to use the charge attack and press (X) to remove the spine.
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