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Pursuit of Knowledge

Filled 80% of the Datalog.

Pursuit of Knowledge-0.2
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Achievement Guide for Pursuit of Knowledge

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    The datalog is a new feature in the Royal Pack / Royal Edition that records notes that you find during your playthrough. Datalog entries are now designated by a yellow book icon in the field. There are 94 total datalog entries to find, which means for this achievement you'll need to find 76 / 94, or just over 80%.

    A few notes before diving into the specific datalog entries:
    1. The datalog does not carry across saves, so you have to get 76 in a particular save to pop the achievement. Starting a New Game + or Chapter Select off a save file, however, will carry your datalog progress forward.
    2. Four of the categories (Cosmogony, Chronicles, Letters, Research Materials) have been in the game since release; however, past views of these items don't count. You'll need to find them again to add them to the datalog.
    3. Some items are missable, and are marked below with ** and a note about where to get the item.
    3a. If you're playing an endgame / Chapter 15 save, there are too many missable items to get this achievement without using Chapter Select. I handled this by getting as many as I could, then after confirming I could get to 76 with only Missable items, started a Chapter Select save. You can hop from chapter to chapter very quickly once you do this. For example, I did a Chapter Select to Chapter 10, got the 2 datalog items at the start, saved, Chapter Select on that save to Chapter 12, got the 3 datalog items at the start, saved, and then went to Chapter 13.

    1. The Hexatheon -- Galdin Quay, just before stairs down to dock.
    2. The Oracle -- Wiz Chocobo Post, on bench next to building.
    3. The Crystal -- Altissia, on the counter at Floating Market Station - Maagho.
    4. The Ring ** (Chapter 12) -- Tenebrae, on the bench right across from you after you arrive and see Aranea.
    5. The Divine Host of Messengers -- Taelpar Rest Area, on a table next to the far wall of the inn.
    6. The Covenant -- Lestallum, table outside Leville hotel
    7. The Revelation -- Meldacio Hunter HQ, west of Culless Munitions on a table near the hanna billboard.
    8. 15: 2 “Nadir” -- Cape Caem lighthouse, on a table in the basement.

    ALMANAC (31)
    Update April 20 2018: Burning Karma finds that if you return to the past in Chapter 14, the Almanac items won't be present. Not sure if this is intentional or a bug, but any non-missables do return in postgame.
    1. Hammerhead -- Barrel to the right of the east driveway of Hammerhead
    2. Prairie Outpost -- Behind the red truck item shop at Prairie Outpost on a table.
    3. Longwythe Peak -- Travel east on the road from Longwythe Rest Area until it intersects with a dirt road. The page is next to the house where the roads intersect.
    4. Galdin Quay -- Bench to the right of Aldare’s shop near parking space.
    5. Keycatrich Trench -- Head south and slightly east from the dungeon entrance. The note is on the last ruined building against the mountain.
    6. Balouve Mines -- On the 3 yellow pipes that cross over the parking area.
    7. Crestholm Channels -- Travel to Crown City Checkpoint, then follow the road all the way east until you hit the gate. The page is behind the red barrier to your right.
    8. Angelgard -- Galdin Quay, at the very end of the pier.
    9. Wiz Chocobo Post -- Barrel on the right side of the building.
    10. The Nebulawood -- From Wiz Chocobo Post, go a short distance north to the south entrance of Nebulawood (where you fight Deadeye). There are two dead-end branches on the initial part of the path; the page is at the end of the second.
    11. The Disc of Cauthess -- Southeast of Rydelle Ley parking spot, on top of one of the structures north of the road that goes to the Disc.
    12. Daurell Caverns -- On top of a rock right outside Daurell Caverns.
    13. Fociaugh Hollow -- North of the entrance to Fociaugh Hollow, on top of a large slanted rock.
    14. Costlemark Tower -- Behind the stairway entrance to Costlemark Tower, on the right.
    15. Saxham Outpost -- On barrel next to short building on northern edge of Saxham Outpost (south of Coernix Station - Cauthess parking spot).
    16. Lestallum -- Picnic table south of parking space.
    17. Taelpar Crag -- From the Taelpar Crag parking spot, head southeast toward the water tower. The page is on a green crate in that area.
    18. Old Lestallum -- On a table to the left of the Inn window.
    19. Cape Caem -- On a barrel behind the house.
    20. Malmalam Thicket -- Next to the House of Hexes, outside the entrance to Malmalam Thicket.
    21. The Rock of Ravatogh -- Behind the trailer at the Verinas Mart - Rock of Ravatogh.
    22. Steyliff Grove -- Right outside the entrance.
    23. Greyshire Glacial Grotto -- Follow the ledge up to the dungeon entrance, then turn to the left. It’s right behind the waterfall.
    24. Pitioss Ruins -- Right outside the entrance. Note: This is the one location in the almanac that is not part of the story, nor tied to any achievement, so you may not have the location on your map. If you need a guide for accessing the Pitioss Ruins, Allgorhythm has a great guide in the comments.
    25. Meldacio Hunter HQ -- Just inside the east gate on the raised platform to the right, on a table.
    26. Altissia -- In Altissia, south of the Palsino Street Station, midway between the station and the energy deposits, on one of the tables under green umbrellas.
    27. Altar of the Tidemother -- Altissia, behind the Leville hotel on a bench next to the water.
    28. Cartanica ** (Chapter 10) -- Once you get off the train in the beginning of Chapter 10, it's on a bench to your left.
    29. Fodina Caestino ** (Chapter 10) -- Once you get off the train in the beginning of Chapter 10, there will be another train across the way. This document is at the far left end of the train, past the rest area.
    30. Tenebrae ** (Chapter 12) -- Once you get off the train and meet Aranea, it's on a crate to your left.
    31. Ghorovas Rift ** (Chapter 12) -- Once you get off the train and meet Aranea, it's in the other train to your left, at the far end past the dining car and sleeping car.

    1. Entry 1: My First Mission -- Saxham Outpost farm, southwestern area (where the buildings are), on a table. Closest parking spot is Coernix Station - Cauthess.
    2. Entry 2: An Egg Can Dream -- Lestallum, directly across the street from the Cup Noodles truck.
    3. Entry 3: New Friends -- Prairie Outpost, between supply truck and lodge.
    4. Entry 4: Partners -- Galdin Quay, on a bench in the parking lot.
    5. Entry 5: Homeward Bound -- Old Lestallum, on a bench just south of the western entrance.
    6. Entry 6: Moving Out -- Steyliff Grove, east of the entrance, just past the stone archway.
    7. Entry 7: Fishing and Foraging -- Telghey Haven, near Malmalam Thicket parking spot.
    8. Entry 8: The Hero of Saxham -- Three Valleys parking spot, inside the shack due west.

    LETTERS (4)
    1. Letter from Ravus 1 ** (Chapter 13) -- Near where you
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    2. Letter from Ravus 2 ** (Chapter 13) -- Same as #1.
    3. Letter from Ravus 3 ** (Chapter 13) -- Same as #1.
    4. Faded Letter ** (Missable on any save where you have killed Melusine prior to downloading the Royal Pack) -- Received after killing Melusine for the O Partner, My Partner sidequest (initiated in Meldacio Hunter HQ).

    Thanks to Luna go sky for the details for this list
    1. Mass Disappearance Report ** (Chapter 13) -- After collecting the first 3 letters above, once you come to the 9 rooms, ordered in a square-shape, you need to switch off and on to get further: Middle-lower room.
    2. West Gralea Quarantine Report ** (Chapter 13) -- Same as #1.
    3. North Gralea Quarantine Report ** (Chapter 13) -- The room after the 9 before.
    4. Magitek Research Facility Damage Report ** (Chapter 13): Same as #3.
    5. Researcher's Writing: 16th-V ** (Chapter 13) -- A little bit further ahead than the one before. A bit after the safe-room.
    6. Researcher's Writing: 28th-VI ** (Chapter 13) -- Same as #5.
    7. Military Applications of Mutative Plasmodia ** (Chapter 13) -- 9-room-square thing. Middle-left room.
    8. Photosensitivity in Magitek Troopers ** (Chapter 13) -- Same 9-room-square as #7, Middle-top room.
    9. National Defense Policy ** (Chapter 13) -- Same 9-room-square as #7, Top-right room.
    10. Wallbreaker Wave Test Report 1 ** (Chapter 13) -- After the big elevator fight, after the safe room.
    11. Wallbreaker Wave Test Report 2 ** (Chapter 13) -- After the big elevator fight, after the safe room.
    12. Geophysical Survey of Atmospheric Conditions ** (Chapter 14) -- Inside Hammerhead Diner
    13. Study on the Nature of Photophillic Particles ** (Chapter 14) -- Inside Hammerhead Diner

    MONOLITHS (23)
    Each monolith is found in a haven in the 8 dungeons for the Menace Beneath Lucis endgame sidequest. You will need to have started this quest with Ezma from the Meldacio Hunter HQ in order to access these dungeons. This list shows the number of catalog entries to be found in each dungeon.
    Keycatrich Trench: 1
    Greyshire Glacial Grotto: 2
    Fociaugh Hollow: 1
    Daurell Caverns: 2
    Balouve Mines: 1
    Steyliff Grove: 9
    Crestholm Channels: 2
    Costlemark Tower: 5

    THE Ω-FILES (7)
    1. M.E. 745-X-24th -- Aracheole Stronghold, in the warehouse on the southwestern end (top part of map) with 3 MA-Veles units, inside the small building.
    2. M.E. 745-XI-25th -- Fort Vaullerey, in a small building inside the western wall of the fort.
    3. M.E. 746-II-3rd -- Formouth Garrison, in the small building inside the southeastern wall of the garrison.
    4. M.E. 746-VII-29th ** (Chapter 13) -- In the same room past the elevator where you get the Generator Keycard. All the way back, to the left.
    5. M.E. 746-X-30th ** (Chapter 13) -- After the first three letters above and upgrading the security card to level 4, it's in the room behind the next rest stop you come to.
    6. M.E. 747-I-14th ** (Chapter 13) -- After you reunite with Ignis and Gladio, it's in the war room north of the next objective.
    7. M.E. 755-VI-23rd -- Causcherry Plains Imperial Base, watchtower in NE corner (outside base).
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