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Comrades Update

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Beacons of Hope

Completed the Comrades quest with all four characters.

Beacons of Hope+0.7
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How to unlock the Beacons of Hope achievement

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    10 Mar 2018 07 Mar 2018 22 Nov 2018
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    "Comrades" is a new quest available in the multiplayer expansion, where you have the choice to play as 1 of the 4 main characters from the story. You simply need to replay this mission 4 different times, each with a different character, to unlock the achievement. To start the quest, talk to Monica like you would with any other repeatable multiplayer quest.

    The mission consists of:
    2 regular enemy waves.
    2 waves defending a truck along with a level 48 Nagaragi boss.
    2 waves of defending a building along with 2 level 33 and level 45 mech bosses.
    5 waves of basic enemies while moving towards the final area.
    Final boss battle with a level 56 behemoth.

    It seems like your level is fixed, so don't worry about grinding beforehand (Let me know if theres a way to increase your level).

    It wasn't exactly tough, just time consuming as it takes around 30 mins to complete per character, so be patient. It also doesn't need to be in one sitting, so feel free to take your time completing this with each character.
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    Fuzzy Bear Hugs Just got this. Prompto didn't give me that much trouble. Remember that his bazooka doesn't cause friendly fire, so if mobs rush you, hit Left and just aim at your feet and boom. Also, the bulk of his damage is going to come from using Crackshot (Y when an enemy is vulnerable) so mash that sucker.

    The hardest guy for me was Ignis... Use Cold enchant for all mobs, then just exploit holding Y and Fire + Total Clarity the bosses, especially the behemoth.
    Posted by Fuzzy Bear Hugs on 19 Nov 18 at 08:17
    JORAX *Sigh* - I got to the final boss w/ Prompto and managed to get knocked down and killed despite being behind the rocks. Took freaking forever to get there too with how crappy his general damage output is.
    Posted by JORAX on 02 Dec 18 at 22:14
    JORAX ...and now the game keeps crashing on scene transitions (twice in a row now while playing Prompto after killing the 2 nagas). Figures, as this is the last thing I need in this DLC.
    Posted by JORAX on 03 Dec 18 at 22:14
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