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Stalker killer

Counter-Kill 30 Stalkers

Stalker killer0
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How to unlock the Stalker killer achievement

    08 Apr 2018 08 Apr 2018 06 Aug 2018
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    Fast travel to the viewpoint in Lower Manhattan, New York, (417,-622) go to the stalkers (406,-638), get jumped, counter kill, repeat.
    2 more Stalkers 419,-602 Lower Manhattan
    press B to Counter and X Fast to kill them with the hidden blade will be counter kill
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    ResidentialEvil I'm not getting how the counter kill works. Everyone says push B and then "X fast" but all I keep doing is throwing them. Is there some kind of timing? The times I've pulled it off it seems like I press A then wait like a second then press X. But other times I still just throw.

    It's bit a frustrating honestly.
    Posted by ResidentialEvil on 07 Jun 19 at 00:59
    Rista B When a hostile initiates an attack you have to press B to block (counter) their attack and then press X after you have countered. That will kill them. If you need some practice try boarding some ships or getting attention in any hostile area and wait to be attacked (red icon will appear over the attacker's head), once that appears press B to counter then X to kill.

    Once you practice a few times and you are not stressing about when to hit what button you will find it becomes so easy it basically breaks the combat in the game.
    Posted by Rista B on 07 Jun 19 at 12:33
    ResidentialEvil Yeah I understood the buttons you have to press, but how you do it wasn't clear. Saying press B then "X fast" indicates to me you have to quickly press X but that never worked. I finally got this achievement last night but it was as I thought, I had to press A then pause about a second, then press X and he'd do the counterkill. The description here and other places made it sound like you press B then immediately press X and that never works for me, I just throw them
    Posted by ResidentialEvil on 07 Jun 19 at 14:54
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