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March Update

2.3045,9282,333 (5%)40-50 h
March Update

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Slaying It

Get 5000 kills in Public Versus matches from March 2018 onwards.

Slaying It0
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Achievement Guide for Slaying It

  • Fed kaffeFed kaffe145,668
    28 May 2018 07 Mar 2018 25 Oct 2018
    154 20 48
    In lack of better knowledge, i will recommend doing this in Co-Op vs. AI on Casual. And just shotgun all the way. It's probably not inconceivable to get 30-50 kills per match based on your skill. Grind all the way to the 5000 kills.

    I've made a tool accessible online. It shows your exact progress towards the 5000 kills.
    Write me a message if it doesn't work for you.

    Find it at

  • MaliiciousMaliicious404,546
    05 Aug 2018 16 Mar 2018 02 Apr 2018
    34 17 9
    The easiest way to get the most kills without boosting is searching coop vs AI casual and trying to get into a KOTH match on War Machine.

    Once on War Machine go up and use the Turret, you can easily get 100 kills in a 2 round match this way.

    I would recommend also bringing in a second controller and rubber banding it so it does not get idle kicked. The extra vote will help you keep control of the map/mode.

    Additionally any map that has a Tri-shot will net you a lot of easy kills.

    EDIT: Glory also has a turret, which I forgot about until Merkins7 mentioned it down in the comments. Same idea for that map, just run to the turret and enjoy your easy kills!

    EDIT 2: Raven Down is another really good map to play in KOTH, small map, close spawns no matter what, just avoid capturing the hills while staying near them to maximize your kills!

    The later at night you play, the better the chance you will get into a dead lobby!

    EDIT 3: If you want to reduce the amount of players in the pool you could try playing on a higher difficulty than casual. That should thin out the amount of people getting into your lobbies
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