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School of '08

In Private Horde, complete 50 consecutive waves on Hardcore without the team building fortifications

School of '080
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Achievement Guide for School of '08

  • PlanetNoobiesPlanetNoobies357,559
    07 Mar 2018 10 Mar 2018 28 May 2018
    48 6 15
    Still works 23 May 2018
    External image

    Edit: with the extra spawns, standing outside the door is now a no-go as they spawn straight across from the Fab would recommend 1 of the Soldiers cover the Sniper when he is striking.

    CHEESE method, Blood drive map, place the fab in the doorway to the spawn where you start, you want it just inside the 1st door it just fits in there.
    Sorry, this Game Clip has been removed

    You can see in the clip that if you've got it in the right spot all the power will glitch into the room, everybody needs to be in the spawn or against the cover just outside the door. The only enemies that can now enter the spawn area are sentinals, carriers & juvies in the window. I Would recommend 2 soldiers for the ammo a heavy for the bosses & of course a maxed sniper. The sniper should have magic bullet, called shot, pre rifle dam, radar ping & strike, mine are all lvl 6 could probs get away with lower. Change the enemy set to feral & have your scout with Brawler & Exe bonus because there are going to be a load of juvies that jump in the window & you make crazy good power off them when you bash them. Have a soldier in the little room window just be careful not to sit where the power drops & have another soldier at the doorway, cover boost helps a tonne. The soldiers need to pick off the bigger enemies while the scout bashes the juvies. Scout hangs between the windows to bash & get power. When you get to wave 5-6 just sniper strike it until wave 10 & repeat the process for each set of 10 waves. We had around 180,000k in the fab at wave 35 & sniper struck it all the way to 50.

    External image
    External image

    Added a couple of screenshots to show the fab in a bit further I thought it was way too far but it worked. I try to have it a bit closer to the door but it can only just fit in the space, so if it works great if not just move it a touch. I have now discovered if you pick the fab up from the opposite side you spawn, morgue side not the diner. It just makes it easier to do & less chance of drones glitching in as shown in the pic. They just get stuck there & won't attack unless you do so it makes for a bit of fun.
  • Gameboy679Gameboy679875,305
    07 Mar 2018 07 Mar 2018 07 Mar 2018
    22 9 4
    I did it yesterday with my friends( FLACZEK15, Mr Jim PL, igor5618, Dasha PL) on hardore on Fuel Depot map.

    We used 2 heavys soldier sniper and scout.
    I played as heavy with Explosive Launcher Capacity, Explosive Launcher Damage, Explosive Launcher Reload, Marked Damage and Thick Skin.
    Second heavy used similar cards
    Solider used cards for lancer for easy destroy Guardians and Sentinels.
    Scout obviously cards for money and health.
    Sniper is the most important character. He used 3 extremely necessary cards how Radar Ping, Sniper Strike, Called Shot. Sniper has all cards for 6 level.

    Good idea if someone use Team Revive card. In our team sniper used this card because he was always close to the fabricator.

    We played in this big hangar on the end of the map. I took te right/front side second heavy left/front sniper front and soldier where was the most enemies.
    Waves 1-30 was easy and try to get as much power as possible in the fabricator.
    Waves 30-40 little harder so try to more concentrated and sniper can use strikes for hardest waves
    Waves 40-50 we had a lot of money so sniper used many times sniper strikes.

    I recommended dont buy to much weapons from fabrictor. Use weapons from dead enemies. Dropshot is extremly helpful. Save money from sniper strikes.

    Dont use mortar strikes(too crappy) and hammer of dawn(too expensive)

    Bosses are extremely easy with sniper mark and drophot. We had 3 Snatchers and 2 Swarmaks and all was killed really fast.

    It is much easier that we thought.

    Good luck :)
  • belgianplayer1belgianplayer1511,621
    06 Mar 2018 06 Mar 2018 07 Mar 2018
    25 24 5
    i did it on security on hardcore with friends.
    1 scout, 1 sniper, 2 heavy's and 1 soldier

    you can use skill cards: hammer of dawn, sniper strike, mortar strike and team rivive.
    you also can buy weapons out of the fabricator
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