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Know Your Role: Sniper

As a Sniper, kill 30 Scions, Pouncers, DR-1s or Snipers with headshots in one Horde match

Know Your Role: Sniper+4.4
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Achievement Guide for Know Your Role: Sniper

  • RhynozerkerRhynozerker195,374
    06 Mar 2018 06 Mar 2018
    65 9 18
    Just be clear, you can get the 30 kills in any combination of the above enemies.

    If you enjoy playing sniper, then you will enjoy this achievement, if you don’t....well this achievement may suck.
    I did this solo starting from wave 1 casual on Fallout. Add as many headshot and damage buffs as you can to make life easier.
    Drag the fabricator back to the starting spawn and just try and get as many headshots as possible on the mentioned enemies. DR-1s sometimes need 2 headshots to die, but most will die in 1 with called shot etc.. I prefer solo for this achievement because all the enemies are facing you hence their big fat heads are ripe for bullets.

    As a side note, it doesn’t matter if you fail at any point, as long as you continue and finish it all in 1 session. If you are a decent shot, you should net this achievement before the boss wave.
  • Serious X DevilSerious X Devil1,052,527
    07 Mar 2018 07 Mar 2018 07 Mar 2018
    47 8 10
    I recommend private horde "Monster Mash" mode if your doing this solo as there are Swarm Snipers/Pouncers and Scions everywhere plus in that mode no sentinels/deebee's will spawn making it a pretty simple run to get the achievement.

    Its quite easy to get the 30 head shots needed if you play on Casual difficulty but some levelled up sniper skill cards will get you the achievement a lot quicker.

    (For people who don't know when you go into private horde, press start and the option will be there to turn it into monster mash)
  • briantchapsterbriantchapster211,437
    07 Mar 2018 09 Mar 2018
    22 1 1
    As of 7th March the Sniper Strike worked.i didn't directly engage the enemy around wave 26 when the achievement popped.
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