The Show Must Go On achievement in Burnout Paradise Remastered

The Show Must Go On

Get a 10x Multiplier in Showtime

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How to unlock the The Show Must Go On achievement

  • darkavenger786darkavenger786410,559
    19 Mar 2018 20 Mar 2018 26 Mar 2018
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    Update: An aggression based car will work even better as you'll gain ALOT more boost when you hit vehicles and when you get boost bonuses from hitting every 10th car.


    In order to get a 10x multiplier in Showtime, you'll need to hit 10 buses after starting Showtime by pressing cn_LB and cn_RB together whilst free roaming around the city.

    The road I used is called Chubb Lane. Its located on west side of the map and has a gas station as well as repair shop on the same road (Refer to 4:10 in the video for the specific location of the road. I show the gas station as a reference point.). These are irrelevant for the achievement but, I mention these as reference point for the achievement. This road is perfect for the achievement as there are 3 buses (1:20 in the video) parked up on the side and stationary. You can easily hit these for the first 3 multipliers.

    If you continue going south on Chubb Lane, you'll eventually come up to an intersection (2:00 in the video) where there will be another repair shop. Go left here on to West Lake Drive and continue the showtime here. The reason for this is that there are 2 more buses (3:04 in the video) parked up in a parking lot on the left hand side about halfway down this road, adding to your multiplier.

    As you hit vehicles, your boost bar will fill up. Pressing the boost button (cn_A) will give you some air and propel the car forward. For every 10 vehicles you hit, you'll get a significant amount of boost back in your boost bar, allowing you to go even further in the hopes of encountering more buses to add to your multiplier.

    Couple of tips:
    1. Stay in the oncoming lane and let vehicles comes to you
    2. When you hit the ground and look as though you're about to stop, press cn_A to use your boost to get some air and distance
    3. Whilst in the air, you can use your left stick to control your movements (cn_LSu, cn_LSd, cn_LSl and cn_LSr)
    4. You'll need a car with high boost capacity. I chose the Jansen P12 which is a stunt car but, any stunt car will do
    5. Vehicles tend to aim for you rather than avoid you, this makes hitting them easier

    I've recorded and added a clip of me doing the showtime event on Chubb Lane and getting to the magical 10x multiplier (Spoiler: I end up getting a 14x multipler by the end of the showtime). The achievement will unlock as soon as you hit the required multiplier and, you can either keep going on the showtime or, simply come to a stand still and let it end. Good luck.

    If you leave a negative vote, please state why in the comments below so that I can improve the solution. Thanks.

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    King GBFYour video is not working, at least for me unfortunately.
    Posted by King GBF on 09 Jun 20 at 21:23
    darkavenger786Working for me King GBF
    Posted by darkavenger786 on 25 Sep 20 at 01:29
    TREX19793 times the charm for me THANKS :-)
    Posted by TREX1979 on 12 Jan 22 at 23:03
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  • Maka91Maka911,629,810
    13 Mar 2018 27 Mar 2018 27 Mar 2018
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    This is most easily completed on Chubb Lane, as there is a permanent spawn of 3 buses on the side of the road.

    To start a showtime, hit LB + RB at the same time. In order to get a 10x multiplier, you will need to string a combo with at least 9 buses. Just continue using your aftersteer and building boost by hitting as many cars as possible. You should be able to continue down the road and have a large amount of buses spawn as your continue this run.
  • KingOfWeightKingOfWeight244,263
    16 Mar 2018 17 Mar 2018 17 Mar 2018
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    To start a Showtime event, press LB and RB at the same time.

    Buses are the score multipliers in Showtime, and you have to hit 10 to unlock the achievement.

    For best results, do Showtime in downtown areas during the day when there are more vehicles around.

    Choose a vehicle with a long body and a long boost bar. The Carson Grand Marais (mobster limo) is a good choice once you shut it down after 26 events. It's probably the longest car in the game and has a large boost bar too.

    Roll and bounce your car against oncoming traffic so you don't waste boost chasing after cars. When a lane empties out, move into the opposite lane and keep going against traffic. Avoid going up hills.

    When buses start showing up just bounce into or onto them. You can control the car a little bit while it's in the air, so use air control to try and drop on a bus if it looks like you're going to go right over it. Buses appear randomly, and sometimes you'll get lucky and two of them will appear close together. Try starting Showtime directly in front of a bus to get the multiplier going right away.

    This achievement requires a bit of luck and you may not get it on the first try, but it's not hard.
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