Boosting Around the World achievement in Burnout Paradise Remastered

Boosting Around the World

Get a 20x Boost Chain

Boosting Around the World+1.1
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How to unlock the Boosting Around the World achievement

  • darkavenger786darkavenger786410,896
    11 Mar 2018 11 Mar 2018 19 Mar 2018
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    This is a lot easier than it sounds. Thanks to NightHawkJoV for his solution on the 360 version.
    Burnout ParadiseBoosting Around the WorldThe Boosting Around the World achievement in Burnout Paradise worth 81 pointsGet a x20 Boost Chain

    So, head over to the junkyard and get a speed car. If you select Legendary Cars and scroll over to the 3rd car which is a Carbon Carson GT Nighthawk, select it.

    Now, head to the South East corner of the map towards the baseball stadium and find a stunt run event (green circle). Once you start up the event, there will significantly less traffic for you to hit. Head over the highway highlighted in yellow on the map and drive into oncoming traffic. You'll constantly build up your boost and just hold cn_A all the way. You'll only need to avoid the odd car here and there and toll-booths. Once you hit a 20x boost chain, simply stop the car and the achievement will unlock. Good luck.

    Update: Recorded and added a clip of me using said car and event to get to 20x burnout boost bonus

    Update 2: As JACKKAV points out in the comments below, if you're using a lower end Speed boost car, you'll need to get a couple near misses after every burnout. If there are no cars around, simply tap the brakes and get into a drift. DO NOT let go of the accelerator cn_RT and/or boost cn_A buttons as you'll lose you're burnout streak.

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    zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzWelp, that was about the most nerve racking thing I’ve ever done, my eyes burn from not being able to blink 😂 seriously though, worked first try! toast
    Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz On 17 Apr 20 at 09:40
    MasterSaygonThanks buddy ;)
    Posted by MasterSaygon On 10 Jun 21 at 22:17
    Happy Dog CPHThis gave me anxiety!
    Posted by Happy Dog CPH On 10 Aug 22 at 08:17
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  • beMoDbeMoD513,574
    14 Jun 2018 14 Jun 2018 15 Jun 2018
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    I think i found an easier way to do this, at least it was much easier for me:

    Choose the Hawker Mech car (you will find it under Boost Specials) and put it to Speed Boost mode by pressing cn_LS. Now head over to the I88 Freeway and go into oncoming traffic. Now start boosting and press cn_LT AND cn_RT too and your speed will come down to a crawl and you are in something like a constant drift. Just keep wiggling your car left to right for short drifts and you will get enough boost to keep the boost chain going.

    I did this at night and avoiding the cars and toll booths was not a problem anymore at this low speed. See the attached video.

    If you prefer baby mode then there is a glitch which can get you a no traffic game. But you need a partner for this:
    Your partner needs to start an online freeburn session, preferably set it to invite only and you will join his session. Then the host will take a cop car and start a cops and robbers game. When the game has started he will kick you from the session. As soon as you are back into single player start your own freeburn lobby as fast as possible and then start a showtime by pressing cn_LB and cn_RB. Now do nothing and let your boost run out. When the showtime has finished you should have a game without any traffic or parked cars.
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    JamPound32You can also just start an online race and turn the traffic off and do this.
    Posted by JamPound32 On 22 Dec 19 at 15:28
    Assassin R9This. This method saved my life! Thanks!
    Posted by Assassin R9 On 20 Oct 21 at 02:27
    JimmieWorldThank you, this is the way to do!
    Posted by JimmieWorld On 07 Apr 22 at 04:01
  • NE0182NE0182269,913
    13 Mar 2018 13 Mar 2018
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    One of the easiest ways to get a 20x Boost Chain is to drive the I-88. It is a giant loop with mostly straight sections. Select a stunt run or drive at night to avoid most of the traffic.

    For the car, select the boost type speed and choose one with high boost stats and low speed stats. Now hit the I-88, drive into oncoming traffic and avoid crashing while you constantly hold the boost button.
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    JodmeisterI88 runs are the easiest, you don't have to keep the accelerator pressed, and can use the brake if needed (to negotiate the toll booths). Main thing is to keep going in oncoming traffic and to near miss any cars coming at you.
    Posted by Jodmeister On 21 May 18 at 17:18
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