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Starter, main dish and coffee

Use exactly one consumable of each type during a quest

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How to unlock the Starter, main dish and coffee achievement

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    I did this on Quest 3, you can just load the chapter up.

    EDIT: This achievement won't unlock until you complete the quest, thank you Killersquirelz.

    Start up the quest and complete getting the secret message in your room, where a cutscene says dinner is ready. Instead of going downstairs, go counter-clockwise in the hall just outside your room until you get to Elizabeth Adams room. Your character will mention that fact out loud when you are at her door, it's in east hall.

    Inside her room, there is a black dresser on the left wall, that has a container with Crystals in it. You have the option to eat one, do so and you receive an ailment that you can cure with a Golden Elixir. There is also a Royal Jelly next to it you can grab. There is also a Carmelite Water in her room. If you left them alone on Quest 2, there should be a Carmelite Water on the bookshelf in your room, and a Golden Elixir on a table in the North West staircase alcove.

    If you need to use some Effort Points so that you can consume a Royal Jelly, OR you need any of the consumables because you are out of stock, go downstairs now. There will be a servant next to you after the staircase cutscene. Ask him if he can get some things for you. He has 1 of each consumable. Acquiring any of these have options that consume your Effort Points.

    Special Note: For the purpose of this achievement only buy what consumables you have zero of. Be careful to not use Royal Jelly to get more Effort Points to buy all the consumables, as using more than one of each type (i.e. 2+ Royal Jelly) voids the achievement. It must be only one of each consumable used to unlock.
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    Killersquirelz This is a solid strategy if you miss it with the walkthrough in Quest 2. There's also a Devil's Thorn on the furniture directly to the left of the black dresser in Elizabeth's Room. If you have subterfuge, you can also pick the two little chests in your room during the part where you're discovering the secret lemon code which will give you golden elixir and also expend some effort points.
    Posted by Killersquirelz on 07 Dec 18 at 13:41
    Killersquirelz You should add though, to complete the solution, that this is supposed to unlock after the end of the quest, not instantly, and you still have to go through the motions of completing the quest.
    Posted by Killersquirelz on 07 Dec 18 at 13:42
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