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Achievement Guide for Veteran

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    The DEFINITIVE Guide to the 'Veteran' Achievement.

    This is considered a Rare Achievement with about 9% completion as of this post. You have to be careful with this, because if you screw up the Confrontations too much, you won't gather enough XP at the end of your quests. So here we go.

    Just finished my FOURTH play-through and now I know what's up. It is such a cool game, that another run at it is well worth it and fun, discovering new directions in the story line other than what you did in your 1st play-through. The replayability factor of this game is amazing.

    Since you're looking on this page I'm assuming you've already finished it (once). This is a game definitely worth playing again through till the end.

    Here's how to get the Veteran achievement.
    With this 2-Step formula, you'll most likely be able to pop it near the end of Episode 4:

    1 - Start a fresh new game in a new Save Slot, making sure to look at all the art, gather the very important coins (they equal valuable XP), interact with everyone completely, exploit a character's vulnerabilities whenever possible, and just relax and be thorough in each quest.

    2 - You'll have only 2 goals to focus on throughout the game in your "TALENTS" tab:
    First, knock out the 'Jack-Of-All-Trades' talent. This is the quickest way to get an immediate 10% increase in your XP.

    *** Then after that's done, focus completely on the 'Archaeologist' talent (which will take the most time.) Put ALL of your awarded points towards this TALENT at the end of each quest.

    - - - -

    Along with the 'Apprentice' talent which happens as you progress normally, these 3 talents will end up adding a whopping 25% of bonus XP.

    Side note: I noticed on my many play-throughs that it became important to 'console' Jacques PERU - the big guy who yells a lot - whenever you get a chance. He's not really a part of the main story, but he ends up being part of XP at the end of quests. Focus on successful Confrontations with him and his side-story, and exploit his weaknesses like the others.

    - - - -

    Footnote: I've played all 3 characters. On this final run-through I went with 'Diplomat' because it makes for more successful interactions at the beginning of the game, and has overall better attributes as you progress.

    But then I also made sure to unlock the 'Subterfuges' and 'Manipulation' in the Occultism Skill Tree to Level 1, and 'Psychology' in the Detective Skill Tree to Level 1 as soon as you can. There's no need to put them higher once they are at Level 1. Just continue with the 'Jack-Of-All-Trades' Talent until that's complete.

    Do well on your confrontations (I even missed 1-2 in this run-through) and you should be fine.

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