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A skeleton cronches through thick yellow peel. Attack it and kill it before it can heal!

03 July 2019 - 2 guides

Achievement Guide for Bone-Cronch

  • xTGExTGE305,573
    19 Mar 2018 19 Mar 2018
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    Bone-Conch Achievement

    'Conching' in this game is another world for eating. During the game, you'll come across skeletons that will attack you on site. Sometimes after damaging a skeleton, they will decide to eat a Banana to heal up their health. While they are doing this you will want to kill them quickly! If you kill them while they are eating then the achievement will unlock.
  • Maka91Maka911,001,377
    19 Mar 2018 27 Mar 2018
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    The Bone-Cronch achievement is unlocked by killing an enemy skeleton while they are eating a banana. As you attack a skeleton, they will sometimes stop fighting to regain health. You must kill them as the banana is in their hand and near their mouth for this to unlock.
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