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Laden With Treasure

You've overcome a score of tests and now you're hoarding twenty chests!

Laden With Treasure-0.4
16 January 2020 - 2 guides

How to unlock the Laden With Treasure achievement

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    Having obtained this achievement, I can safely say luck plays a massive part.

    This might not be the most complete or effective guide out there however I will run over some basics and share tips I found helpful.

    Your main source of chests will be from Gold Hoarder Voyages. These voyages require you to visit a set island and dig for chests. You can get these voyages from any outpost and hold up to 3 at any given time. Voyages can comprise of being just 1 island and 1 chest to multiple islands and multiple chests.

    Other chest locations include shipwrecks, caves and strongholds. Not all shipwrecks and caves have chests so I wouldn't go out of your way specifically looking for them, but they can be a welcome bonus if you do come across any. Strongholds are random raid events that can be recognised by a skull shaped cloud above an island fort. Though rewarded greatly, I strongly recommend avoiding these events due to the time needed to complete them and higher risk of player encounters.

    Chests that work towards this achievement:

    Shipwrecked Seafarer's Chest
    Shipwrecked Marauder's Chest
    Shipwrecked Castaway's Chest
    Shipwrecked Captain's Chest
    Stronghold Chest
    Chest of Sorrow
    Chest of a Thousand Grogs
    Captain's Chest
    Marauder's Chest
    Seafarer's Chest
    Castaway's Chest

    Chest Possession means on your crews ship or person. Once you have found a chest, placing it anywhere on your ship will register the chest towards the achievement. Chests placed on your ship do not despawn.

    Though completely possible using a Sloop ship(1 to 2 players), I recommend using a Galleon(3-4 players). Galleon ships are larger ships and may deter smaller ships engaging you.

    Always, Always and ALWAYS turn off your ship lanterns. These light your ship up like a beacon at night and may draw players to you. Often players leave there lights on so you can use this to your advantage.

    Having someone remain on the boat using the spyglass is helpful. This not only helps see any ships on the horizon but also means your ship can get out of harms way if another boat gets to close for comfort.

    Needless to say, avoid all combat where possible. Sometimes this is unavoidable but making sure all cannons are already loaded with cannonballs saves a bit of time.

    Storms aren't your friends. Don't enter them unless necessary and if so, make sure to keep an eye out for flooding on the lower decks. Rain CAN sink your boat if left to build up.

    For whatever reason if your ship sinks, your loot and chests will initially float on the water. Immediately return to the location your ship sank and recover chests where possible. These will eventually sink to the bottom however can be retrieved by pressing cn_X on them. They will start to float and rise to the surface again (Don't just assume they despawned, my boat sank and we managed to recover 14 chests which sank to the bottom of the sea).

    Hope this helps a little and good luck! Anything I missed or is worth mentioning, please comment so I can update the solution.
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    mrbellek This seems buggy. After being stuck at 60%, then 65% for me for weeks, last night it jumped to 90% (18 chests) when I joined a friend in an ongoing quest. After we collected 4 more chests, the tracker didn't move at all, and the achievement did not unlock.

    Will try the workaround ArchTirannus posted above next time I have the chance.
    Posted by mrbellek on 05 Mar 19 at 07:49
    mrbellek The Reaper's Mark voyage that was just released yesterday are excellent for this, since just doing one voyage yields you a guaranteed 20 chests (and 95% chance they're all captain's chests). If you want to be sure you can chain two or more together, and if you're lucky there will be other crews speedrunning the same voyage for the legendary title - which means they'll leave the chests behind after tapping them, and you can take them.
    I got this last night right as someone in my crew was digging up a chest.
    Posted by mrbellek on 08 Mar 19 at 10:20
    Blue265 Does anyone know if the collector chest count towards this (they were added into the game with the anniversary updates [April 30th])?
    Posted by Blue265 on 30 Dec 19 at 09:27
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