Kraken Good Job achievement in Sea of Thieves

Kraken Good Job

From under the waves a great creature arrived but you drove it away. Better still, you survived!

Kraken Good Job0
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How to unlock the Kraken Good Job achievement

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    'You were victorious in a Kraken encounter and lived to tell the tale!'

    *Note* - Some people have stated that they haven't unlock this achievement despite killing the kraken a few times, so there is a chance you won't get this first try!

    This is fairly easy to get once you find the kraken if you have a crew and you communicate well and try and shoot the tentacles quickly before the kraken ends up killing you and destroying your ship. So i'd recommend having a full crew as it will make it easier (especially with the Galleon) but it can be done solo.

    The main issue with this achievement is that the Kraken is a rare encounter, and throughout my whole play time of the game, I only ever encountered it twice. You could get lucky and get it to spawn straight away, or it'll take you forever. From what I believe, there is no set spawn for it (will update if not the case) so you can sail anywhere for it to spawn. You'll know your about to fight the kraken when the water below you turns blackish (ink).

    Tip for when your in the battle:

    - Always try and keep a lot of cannon balls on your ship (Outposts have a lot in crates you can take), as well as banana's and wooden planks.
    - With the cannon balls, aim for the belly part of the tentacles (where it is thickest).
    - If you use a gun, aim for the head of the tentacle (specifically the mouth as that does most damage)
    - Don't do nothing for ages as they will attack you, and bring you down into the sea with them killing you as well as making your ship sink
    -If you do get grabbed by a tentacle, keep on hitting it with your sword until it drops you
    -If you end up in the water, try to stay away from the surface of the ocean as much as possible because you will take damage due to the layer of ink on the ocean (tentacles won't attack you while you are in the ocean so just quickly find the ship)

    The achievement should pop once the tentacles go back into the ocean after shooting them (You don't need to kill them all, once you have killed or damaged enough tentacles, the rest will fall back into the sea) .

    Happy Sailing ;)

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    My Name is BaRtHmmm just got the achievement by watching another sloop killing it lol
    Posted by My Name is BaRt on 13 Jan 19 at 01:43
    crewdyLooks like the Kraken is levelling with the people you have on the ship. I’ve tried this twice with high level crewmates and the Kraken has taken a pummeling before getting us each time. Just played with a first time player and he went down in about 10 hits. Got the achievement after he retreated and the water went back to clear.
    Posted by crewdy#4923 on 03 Feb 19 at 21:43
    ManicMetalheadJust to add to this, I was playing on a Sloop, on my own. Managed to get off a handful of cannon shots to the tentacles (maybe 10-15) along with a 2-3 pistol shots, before the Kraken sunk my ship. I then used the mermaid to teleport back to a new ship that was ages away, but a couple of minutes later this achievement still popped.
    Posted by ManicMetalhead on 02 Mar 20 at 12:27
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  • xxDAMRONxxxxDAMRONxx651,702
    06 Dec 2018 28 Dec 2018 28 Dec 2018
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    Hey Gamers! Welcome to Sea of Thieves!!

    I have added a video below to discuss this achievement, mainly to just add a few tid bits after the Shrouded Spoils update.

    ST3ALTH EMPER0R has provided a great overall guide for this achievement so please refer to hits text for a written explanation (and drop him a like!), and I hope this video just gives you a little more info with the new update!

    I hope you find the guide helpful!

    -Damron Out

  • xFiverxFiver355,760
    24 Dec 2018 26 Dec 2018
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    Dec 2018:

    For what it's worth, with The Shrouded Spoils update in Nov, they've re-introduced Kraken (and Megladon) battles that will scale in difficulty with the ship and crew size you're currently sailing.

    I was able to get this fairly easily in a 2-man sloop crew just a few days ago. So, if you're having troubles in a Galleon, trying getting a buddy and hop in a sloop. Bring lots of planks, though.
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