Merchant Voyager achievement in Sea of Thieves

Merchant Voyager

Receive the Commendation for completing 250 Merchant Alliance Voyages.

Merchant Voyager-2.5
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How to unlock the Merchant Voyager achievement

  • Super TweakSuper Tweak464,558
    10 May 2018 07 Dec 2018
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    Take merchant alliance voyages by speaking with the merchant alliance rep on the dock of any outpost. These voyages are by far the hardest and most time consuming.

    Wait until you are at an outpost before going on one of these voyages as they generally require you to find specific animals and deliver them (in the cages you are given at the outpost) to another outpost.

    Use this map if you need to know where to look for different kinds of animals:

    Animal Care:

    All animals need to be kept above water. You don't want them to drown. I usually keep them on the top deck, but you can keep them anywhere. Do pay attention if they are below deck though, because if you have a leak in your boat all your animals could perish pretty quickly.

    Simply keep them out of the water. A submerged animal can't live long.

    Pigs need to be fed. Every few minutes you have a pig in your possession, be sure to feed it a banana.

    Snakes can't be caught unless they are soothed by music from your hurdy-gurdy or your concertina. Once they seem 'sleepy' you can capture them, but be careful about where you store them. Snakes that wake up can kill your other animals. If they get too bitey on your trip you can play an instrument again to soothe them.

    Finish 250 voyages for this one. Good Luck. This can be tracked in your merchant alliance commendations

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    Fooga^ Just check your commendation for doing merchant quests and see if it goes up when you complete one. I don’t see why it wouldn’t but they burned us with cargo runs so you never know.
    Posted by Fooga on 04 Feb at 04:55
    NotSoQuietWyattAnyone with a noob account want to grind these achievements out with me?
    Posted by NotSoQuietWyatt on 05 Mar at 20:38
    Jager XCVManifest voyages do count towards progress, way easier to do
    Posted by Jager XCV on 15 Apr at 08:40
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  • mrbellekmrbellek431,480
    05 Nov 2020 06 Nov 2020 06 Nov 2020
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    Just unlocked this last night after multiple months of (casual) grinding. The other guides are good enough, but there are some tips that can really help you speed up getting 250 MA voyages complete.

    - Sea of Thieves is Play Anywhere, so if you have a pc/laptop that can run it, you can install it when logged into your account in the Xbox app, and then switch to a dummy account and start the game. The dummy can buy low-level MA voyages (for free!) and drop them on the table for your main account. This means that instead of having every delivery be multiples of chickens, pigs, snakes and kegs, every voyage is just 2 chickens. This will save you an immense amount of time. Just load both your accounts into a sloop, have the dummy drop an animal voyage, have both accounts vote on it to make it active, then have the dummy quit. Once you have both animals and are sailing to the outpost for delivery, invite the dummy back in and (depending on his fast your pc/laptop is) have it ready to drop the next voyage when you finish deliverying the chickens. The below tips all assume you use this method of doing only chicken deliveries.

    - The animal delivery voyages are always from outpost to outpost. They start out going from outpost A in a single region to outpost B, and then back again if you put down another one. After that, it'll switch to the outposts in other regions and go back and forth there. I've never done more than 6-7 MA voyages in one session, so I'm not sure if it repeats the entire cycle from scratch if you have hit up all the outposts.

    - Since the delivery destinations are a fixed pattern (see above), you can go to fixed islands to pick up your chickens. You'll always want to go to big islands that are guaranteed to have chickens. For Shores of Plenty, go to Cannon Cove (backup: Mermaid's Hideaway). For Ancient Isles, go to Crook's Hollow (backup: Thieves Haven). For the Wilds, go to Crooked Masts (backup: Shipwreck Bay). The backup islands are for when you can't get all your animals on the first island, though generally those are more difficult islands for finding animals. The RareThief smarthphone app also has markers for which islands have chickens.

    - Big islands will have 3-5 groups of chickens, so you should be able to always get your desired chickens. However, if you can't find the right one, you can fire yourself out of your cannon away from the ship as far as possible, and then swim 2 mermaids away (i.e. ignore the first mermaid, keep swimming until it pops up again) and go back. This will reset the island and usually spawn in different animals.

    - When sailing to the outpost with your animals for delivery, keep them safe. Island cannons and skeleton ships can shoot at you and the impact blast can kill the chickens in one shot. Safest place is the crow's nest, but on a barrel below deck is also a good spot. I usually put them on the voyage table, which was enough to keep them out of harm's way. Also be careful with skeletons around when you're carrying a chicken back to your ship, they can kill your animal if they slash or shoot you. There's a persistent rumour that world threats (skeleton ship, meg, kraken) are more likely to spawn on you if you have more loot on your ship, so the chance of it happening could be fairly low with just two chickens.

    - If there's a player ship at your target outpost, generally assume they are hostile. If you don't want to wait until they leave, you can either fight them and try to kill them (remember that a cannonball hit can kill your chickens instantly), or just crash into the outpost and deliver your chickens as fast as possible before they notice what's going on. If a player ship engages you at any point doing animal voyages, it's usually not worth staying on the server and continuing, as they'll keep bothering you. In that case you'll want to hop servers by leaving the game, starting a new one, and trying again. The chance you'll end up on the same server is very low.

    - If your dummy account runs out of voyages, you can wait until 6AM when the MA representative's inventory refreshes. If that takes too long (a day is 24 minutes in-game), start new games to hop servers and check the MA representative's inventory there. It can take a while before you find one that has animal voyages and not just cargo runs. There's also a glitch that allows you to buy the same voyage twice, if the MA representative has at least one: buy it, put it on the table & vote for it, then go back and you can buy it again. This only works if you put the same voyage down for voting that you just bought (take note of the name on the voyage).

    - Cargo runs do not count when completed normally, but if you don't pick up the cargo and wait until the voyage times out, it counts as a completion (just like an animal voyage timing out). Any MA voyage on the table will also count towards 1000 miles sailed.

    Regardless, 250 MA voyages will take you an enormous amount of time. Don't burn yourself out, take breaks and work towards other achievements.
  • xxDAMRONxxxxDAMRONxx653,122
    17 Jun 2019 05 Jan 2019 23 Mar 2021
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    **UPDATE 3/23/21**
    The new Manifest voyages are by far the fastest way to complete Merchant voyages. I have an updated merchant alliance guide to cover everything merchant related. See new guide below**

    Ahoy Mates! Welcome to Sea of Thieves!

    The below video will discuss everything you need to know to get this achievement and will also show you the locations that pigs, chickens, and snakes can be found. We show the fastest route to doing Merchant Alliance voyages and also what does and does not count for this achievement.

    Also, keep in mind that when a "contract expires," you will still get credit for the voyage being complete! Thus, we always place a merchant alliance voyage down while doing PvP and when it expires we get credit for a merchant alliance voyage completion and we place a new one down while also getting credit for the 1000 Nautical miles sailed during merchant alliance voyages.

    Please refer to Super Tweak's text guide if you prefer text and drop him a like!

    I hope you find the video helpful!

    -Damron Out

    **UPDATED Merchant Alliance Guide**

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