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Mercenary of the Ancient Order

Receive the Commendation for earning 150,000 gold from Order of Souls Voyages.

Mercenary of the Ancient Order-1.0
23 January 2020 - 2 guides

How to unlock the Mercenary of the Ancient Order achievement

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    Ahoy Matees! Welcome to Sea of Thieves!

    The below video discusses the best place and fastest way to get this achievement after the shrouded spoils update!

    KungFuStu72 has supplied an excellent text guide discussing this achievement so I will not replicate that here (drop him a like!), but the below video is a guide that I think is the Fastest way to obtain 150,000 gold in Order of Souls (we almost did it in one night) as well as getting Villainous skulls (Master Hunter of Villainous Skulls achievement) and getting the achievement for killing 1000 captains (Hunter of the cursed captains achievement, which says 700 but needs 1000 as of writing this).

    I hope you find the video helpful!

    -Damron Out

  • KungFuStu72KungFuStu72946,713
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    Earning Gold for the Order of Souls is all about the skulls. Every skull you sell is added to your tally that can be found by pressing menu, picking the Order (middle icon) and looking at the second item on the top line. When this value reaches 150,000 you will earn the commendation and you can now buy the title "Mercenary of the Ancient Order" from the clothes shop.

    You can find skulls laying about on beaches (quite rare), in shipwrecks (quite common) or you can get a very valuable one from completing skull forts. But the most reliable method of gaining skulls is to complete Order of Souls voyages which all involve sailing to an island, defeating a few waves of skeletons and then killing the skeleton captain and returning his skull to an outpost.

    When you sell the skulls you also gain experience and increase you Order of Souls level. Every 5 levels you can buy a promotion which gives you access to a wider variety of mission, anything from a single captain on a single island to multiple captains on numerous islands in a number of chapters. As the mission "difficulty" increases you will face different skeletons; your basic variety, the plant skeletons (they gain a health buff in water/rain and take less damage from firearms), the shadow skeletons (cannot be harmed in the dark unless you shine your lantern on them) and the metal skeletons (lead them to water to make them more vulnerable and shoot them rather than using your cutlass).

    To speed up you skull collecting voyages sail with an experienced crew. I completed most of my OoS voyages single handed but working with an efficient crew (i.e. a crew that actually sails the ship rather than standing around drinking and playing shanties) you can rack up the kills quite quickly.

    Note. I unlocked the achievement a little early. I had only sold 145,311g of skulls. By this time I had completed 72 voyages, defeated 242 captains and sold 340 skulls according to my commendation statistics.
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