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Revenge of Shantae!

Obtain all win screens in Ninja Mode.

Revenge of Shantae!+10.4
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How to unlock the Revenge of Shantae! achievement

    11 Apr 2018 14 Apr 2018 14 Apr 2018
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    As per usual with Shantae games there are four unique win screens. You'll get one just for beating the game. You don't have to get all four in one playthrough. They carry over between save files as well. The four win screens are:

    1. Game Complete (Just Beat the Game).

    2. 100 % (Collect all Dream Squids [3 per level])

    3. 100 % FASTEST TIME (aka Speed Run) The cut off for this is 1 Hour. I did it in 52:35 without a guide on my first run. I recommend learning where the Dream Squids are in each level, not saving, then reload and replaying it and doing it flawlessly. Then save. Any time you fail make sure to go to main menu to load and not continue. Continue will add your fail time onto your total. On my second run I was able to do it in 42:20 so it is possible to get all four win screens in one run.

    4. FASTEST TIME (aka Speed Run, no Dream Squids needed) The cut off for this is 45 minutes. I did 100% in 52:35 without a guide on my first run. On my second run I was able to do 100% in 42:20 so it is possible to get all four win screens in one run, but there is little room for error.


    -For the Mermaid Boss fight, jump up onto the platform. Usually you would jump towards Mermaid and get one melee strike in. Instead spam Ninja Stars with cn_B. Doing so you should be able to defeat mermaid in 1 to 2 (tops) cycles of the boss fight.

    -Teleport past enemies using cn_Y. There's little need to fight regular enemies. Only stop if you see big jars so that you can destroy them quickly and level up your Ninja (which will deal more damage for boss fights).

    -Also when going for speed runs skip all dialogue as fast as possible by mashing the cn_A. According to good Super man some scenes allow you to skip a series of dialogue with cn_start, so try that first and then if it doesn't skip mash that cn_A!!

    -If you still struggle for 45 minutes time, I recommend you do a 100% playthrough Speed Run followed by a Speed Run where you skip the Dream Squids. Make sure to start a new save file as continuing a previous save file from the base game or first DLC will add to your total time.
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    FNSUITE GHOST Unfortunately I accidentally saved over the text file I was using to track them! doh! I do plan on playing through Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition sometime in the future so I'll be sure to track them on that run through!
    Posted by FNSUITE GHOST on 03 Sep 18 at 00:14
    SnickySnacks My times from PS4 version (100%/speedrun):

    1-1 00:01
    1-2 00:02
    1-B 00:03

    2-1 00:05
    2-2 00:07
    2-3 00:08
    2-B 00:11

    3-1 00:12
    3-2 00:14
    3-3 00:16
    3-B 00:19

    4-1 00:22
    4-2 00:24
    4-3 00:26
    4-B 00:28

    5-1 00:30
    5-2 00:32
    5-B 00:34

    6-1 00:35
    6-2 00:37
    6-B 00:40:26
    Posted by SnickySnacks on 21 Nov 18 at 10:09
    segagamer Once you get to grips with the warping (and being able to warp diagonally) getting 100% fastest on your first playthrough is entirely possible, although there's little room for error. I did it in roughly 39 mins, with many quits to title and much frustration.

    Glad to have this one out the way. I found this harder to 100% fastest than Beach Mode!
    Posted by segagamer on 21 Dec 19 at 12:54
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