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Death From Above

Drop a bomb from a plane and destroy or disable 4 vehicles at once (Campaign only).

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  • Maka91Maka91996,740
    25 Mar 2018 27 Mar 2018 17 Apr 2018
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    This is most easily boosted by yourself using a hangar and garage. Any location will work, but I would recommend the Landsdowne Airstrip in the Whitetail Mountains, as the hangar and garage are directly next to each, and you automatically unlock a plane upon discovering it.

    First, at the hangar spawn a plane with Bombs like the Pack Hunter, Carmina or The Wild Goose. Carpets bombing planes do not count.

    Now, take this plane and park it close to a garage. At the garage, spawn ATVs and park them as close of possible to the plane but avoid the propellers. Once the plane has 4 vehicles next to it, get inside, Press LR + RT to drop a bomb and destroy the ATVs, and the plane, unlocking the achievement.

    NOTE: If you're having issues with things despawning, try assigning a different Gun for Hire to your roster.
  • Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV138,696
    24 Mar 2018 24 Mar 2018 24 Mar 2018
    42 6 2
    This is currently the only strategy for this achievement. There are simple too few cars in the game and those cars you can spawn yourself disappear when you go away to get a plane.

    Go to any location where you can spawn a plane with bombs and do this. Fly with this plane to a garage shop or use the location (Jacob's region) in this video. At this location are the plane and garage shop at one location. (On this location you must solve the prepper stash to unlock the plane and hangar but it is easy, the hash is on the roof)

    Land or drive the plane very close to the shop and put around the plane 4 vehicles (do this really close to the garage shop or the vehicles will disappears)

    When all four vehicles are around the plane then enter the plane switch to the bomber view and drop the bomb.
  • BradLeafsFan9BradLeafsFan9361,265 361,265 GamerScore
    25 Apr 2019 26 Apr 2019 25 Nov 2019
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    - Go to "Landsdowne Airstrip" located in the Northern part of the map and spawn an airplane to pull it just out of the hanger.

    - Next go to the Garage bulletin board right beside the Hangar, spawn a quad and drive it up to the side of the plane.

    - Rinse & repeat 4 times, then jump in the plane Hold LT, then Press RT to drop a bomb blowing up you and the 4 quads

    *I had an issue with vehicles de-loading on me, so I kept my guy looking at the vehicles keeping them in my eyesight the whole time backing up to the garage indicator and that seemed to work*

    All of my Far Cry 5 Achievement Guides can be found here! :) (Mobile Friendly)
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