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Explosive Surprise achievement in Far Cry 5

Explosive Surprise

Kill 5 enemies with sabotaged vehicles (Campaign only).

Explosive Surprise0
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How to unlock the Explosive Surprise achievement

  • No ParasiteNo Parasite900,900
    30 Mar 2018 30 Mar 2018
    67 24 16
    I found a reliable endgame spot for this for anyone who has trouble finding enemy vehicles after having liberated everything.

    All you have to do is go to Rye & Sons Aviation, it's in the far south of the map. There you should encounter a quad bike with one or two enemys heading for you from the road on the south side right next to the hangers. When you die they instantly come back for you so you can try this over and over again to get the five kills. If for any reason they don't show up for you try fast traveling there a couple of times. It was night time for me when I encountered this so maybe it will affect their spawns.

    What you have to do is first of all have the perk "Saboteur" unlocked. It costs 7 points. After that go up to the front of the quad and hold cn_X. Then quickly run away from the bike in the opposite direction. That way the enemys usually take cover behind it. It may take you a couple of tries and the achievement sometimes wont make any progress eventhough it worked but keep trying and the achievement will be yours.

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    XxG3LLoxXI finally got the achievement by fast travelling to Rye & Sons Aviation over and over to keep respawning the enemies. Also, if you die, the kills don't count. It tracks the saboteur kills in the challenges menu.
    Posted by XxG3LLoxX on 04 Aug 20 at 07:05
    Ztr7Worked great for my endgame save, thank you!
    Posted by Ztr7 on 04 Sep 20 at 19:26
    The DjensHorrible achievement. Unlocked after the 20th kill.
    Posted by The Djens on 07 Feb at 12:26
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  • unequalized joeunequalized joe505,363
    30 Mar 2018 30 Mar 2018 30 Mar 2018
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    There's an achievement/trophy for getting five kills by sabotaging a vehicle, and having it blow up and kill an enemy. The game is a bit finicky when it comes to counting these kills — it didn't work with an ATV in another spot, for instance — but I found a foolproof place to grind these out.

    First, make sure you have the sabotage perk and make sure you have the difficulty set to easy. I'd also recommend crafting the homeopathic for incurring less damage, but that's up to you.

    In Faith's region, go to the trailer park to get Sharky, the flamethrower-wielding Gun for Hire. Talking to him starts a mission called "Burn, Baby, Burn", where he lures cultist Angels in by playing the song "Disco Inferno". You're then tasked with clearing out the Angels.

    You can try the trick during the first wave, when it's just a few angels here and there, but I found it worked best when Sharky gets overwhelmed and you're required to shut off the speakers in four different parts of the trailer park. At this point, swarms of the Angels come out and keep spawning until you switch off the last speaker.

    Directly across from Sharky's perch is a vehicle spawning station. Once the Angels start to swarm, make a beeline for the vehicle spawn and request a vehicle. I just happened to choose a tractor, which worked out great because it's larger and will help shield you from the Angels. Go to the front/hood of the vehicle, hit cn_X to sabotage, and then run in a circle around the vehicle while the Angels are swarming. You might be able to get multiple with one explosion, but the Angels have weird hitboxes — the amount of damage to kill one may not be the same amount to kill another. Luckily, you can just repeat this method to get your five kills, shut off the speakers, and complete the mission.

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    TagstI was having alot of trouble unlocking this so id just like to add something, this achievement is counted in the Challenges, so you can't just sabotage someone and then reload checkpoint to sabotage the same guy over and over again because the challenge will reset.
    Posted by Tagst on 14 May 18 at 22:26
    Signal24Code20@Tagst, YES! I dunno how many vehicle's I have sabotaged that killed enemies, but just can not get the achievement to unlock. Seems like the game is very picky on what it counts as in days of trying, only got 2 recognized.
    Posted by Signal24Code20 on 24 May 18 at 01:33
    V3ntilatorYou can do this anywhere on the map anytime.

    - Unlock Sabotage perk
    - Set difficulty to easy.

    Just stop any enemy car on the road. Sabotage their car and you will blow up 2-3 enemies each time. Do not run far away from the car after sabotaging, because the enemies might then run too far away from the car.
    I got this 10's of times, because i do this for fun now and then. ;)

    I unlocked this on PS4 version.
    Posted by V3ntilator on 10 Jun 18 at 10:32
  • zaingunsmanzaingunsman500,738
    31 Mar 2018 31 Mar 2018
    28 4 8
    I tried for this after the end game and I found that if I traveled to Joseph's Island A boat would spawn always by the Docks, So i threw an explosive to lure enemies towards me and then sabotage the boat. It was also pretty useful as you can push the boat towards enemies,
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    TabbeCouldn't get the boat working but used cars instead and drove to the second gate, using the fire range as hide out.
    Thnx for the guide.
    Posted by Tabbe on 01 May 18 at 09:10
    DandyTimeDavethanks for this. I was looking for an area after end of game. forgot all about Josephs area
    Posted by DandyTimeDave on 08 Jul 18 at 21:05
    SnipedByAGir1Thanks for this. By far the easiest way to knock this achievement out. Was super glitchy for me. Had to do it a couple of times but finally registered for me.
    Posted by SnipedByAGir1 on 27 Jul 18 at 20:15
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