Arun Boss achievement in TERA

Arun Boss

Kill named bosses on the Arun continent

Arun Boss+0.6
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How to unlock the Arun Boss achievement

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    For this achievement you must kill all the Named Bosses in the Arun continent.

    As a suggestion, you can change the channel within the server you are in to increase the probability of finding the bosses without waiting for them to respawn.

    Here is the list of each one and the possible locations.

    South Arun (11 bosses)

    Arakia, Ovolith, (Around 1 hour spawn)
    External image

    Lanok, Giant, (Around 1 hour spawn)
    External image

    Barraq, Kumas, (Around 2 hours spawn)
    External image

    Atrocitas, Firmbrilisk, (Around 4 hours spawn)
    External image

    Deathglare, Basilisk, (Around 1 hour spawn)
    External image

    Abraxis, Crab, (Around 1 hour spawn)
    External image

    Tabruk, Vulcan, (Around 2 hours spawn)
    External image

    Trunus, Lizard, (Around 1 hour spawn)
    External image

    Solrachnus, Arachnen, (Around 1 hour spawn)
    External image

    Divine Reaver, Vulcan, (Around 4 hours spawn)
    External image

    Kanash, Crab, (Around 5 hours spawn)
    External image
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    Gathering IntelI can find Kanash but he's like Level 68 now not 52 like all the videos and guides - I cant solo him - keep asking in chat for help - no interest yet.
    Posted by Gathering Intel on 09 May 19 at 07:20
    HarbringernightGreat guide! Divine Reaver and Kanash are level 68 and took two lvl 65's 1 hour to kill each. They drop endgame enchanting mats so people are hunting them.
    Posted by Harbringernight on 20 Jul 19 at 07:58
    Little MyuriJust soloed the lv68 Divine Reaver as a lv65 Brawler took a very long time but it’s doable as a tank :3
    Posted by Little Myuri on 24 Jun 20 at 06:25
    LordRex172Had to wait a long time for Divine Reaver to show up. Just as an FYI there are people who farm him on all the channels for his drops. They can kill him in about 5 minutes. Just tell them you want the achievement and not the drops and they'll let you join.
    Posted by LordRex172 on 19 Jul 20 at 02:04
    ShawnthebroIf anyone wants to help with Divine Reaver and Kanash, I’d appreciate it. I’m level 65. As always, I just want the kills for the Achievement, not the loot. Feel free to message me. Thanks!
    Posted by Shawnthebro on 06 Aug 20 at 14:39
    Revid CargianI can't even begin to describe how frustrating this achievement is, just because of how many people are hunting Kanash and the Divine Reaver. I'm a fresh 65 ninja with basic Frostmetal gear, so these things take a while to take out. Having done close to half of the damage to Kanash just moments ago, while solo, another player showed up, attacked Kanash while staying solo themselves, and somehow got all the credit and drops, leaving me with nothing and all of my time wasted, with almost 5 hours to wait for the next one.

    I don't even know if these things can spawn across multiple channels, or if it's one single spawn across all available channels.
    Posted by Revid Cargian on 19 Jan at 00:00
    HarbringernightOnly ever found one across all the Channels. Rough to here but witnessed much of the same when I went for it.
    Posted by Harbringernight on 19 Jan at 18:38
    Addicted2RPGsSo the credit goes to the person who gets the killshot? I was wondering due to the fact that I'll be solo too.
    Posted by Addicted2RPGs on 23 Mar at 20:54
    HarbringernightNo. Credit goes to the team. Did everything in a group and only did it once.
    Posted by Harbringernight on 23 Mar at 21:41
    bartlannoeyeGave up on this a while ago as well, logged out in the Divine Reaver zone. Killed most bosses solo, teamed up for Nyxarras (other achievement), tried to team up for Divine Reaver and Kanash and every single time I asked in chat, the same *** showed up to kill it before my nose. PMed him, telling I only needed the kill not the loot, didn't want to team up. After a week of going this path, I tried to go solo, 40min in, this *** shows up again and does about 60% of the damage in a few minutes as he's crazily geared, stealing the kill.
    So unless anyone wants to go for a run (not that you can really plan except for keeping respawn timers), I'll never complete the last 2 kills.
    Posted by bartlannoeye on 19 Apr at 17:17
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