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Shara Boss

Kill named bosses on the Shara continent

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How to unlock the Shara Boss achievement

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    Achievement is rewarded after killing 8 named World Bosses and 7 certain BAMs in Southern Shara (western continent).

    There is a way to see the progress of the achievement:
    cn_start > Character > Feats > Encounters and Exploration > Southern Shara > with cn_right, search Rule Southern Shara [60] > Press cn_A to see the Bosses List.

    World Bosses are marked with red skull icon before their names and generally have 1-4 hour re-spawn time.

    These unique enemies have multiple spawn locations, so ALWAYS check each spot to find them. If you can't find them, you can also switch channels (Open the menu cn_start > press cn_Y > choose the channel > then press cn_B) and check if the boss you are searching for is spawned in that channel as well. If not, then come back after to check again.

    Some bosses are farmed for their drops, so it can be hard to find them. You will also need a skilled group to beat the level 68 bosses because they are powerful and has more health. If there are multiple teams fighting the boss, the kill is counted ONLY for the team that deals the most damage. If you can't, try asking for help in the game chat (press cn_back + cn_A).

    Pressing 🎥 (next to the name), it will open a eva ongames' video showing exactly the boss' location. Shara Bosses Location Playlist.

    ANDRAS, Golem 🎥 • LVL 42 • Essenia • Tralion • Blessing Basin
    External image

    TERKASIA, Medusa 🎥 • LVL 42 • Essenia • Tria • Blightwood
    External image

    KESTOL, Naga 🎥 • LVL 46 • Westonia • Acarum • Tempest Reach
    External image

    TERIAK, Giant 🎥 • LVL 46 • Westonia • Bleakrock • Frost Reach
    External image

    DULAGORAS, Orisk 🎥 • LVL 47 • Val Palrada • Frontera • Arachnaea
    External image

    HUZRAT THE TYRANT. Bloodtalon 🎥 • LVL 57 • Val Elenium • Elenea • Wyrmgorge
    External image

    KELTHUZAD, Vulcan 🎥 • LVL 60 • Val Elenium • Elenea • Tor Exsul
    External image

    NYXARRAS, Dracoloth 🎥 • LVL 68 • Val Elenium • Elenea • Sierra Canyon
    External image

    GLUTTONOUS FANGSPAWN 🎥 • LVL 54 • Val Elenium • Elenea • Sienna Canyon
    External image

    TRIHORN DRACOLOTH 🎥 • LVL 54 • Val Elenium • Elenea • Sienna Canyon
    External image

    VULCAN WASTEWALKER 🎥 • LVL 55 • Val Elenium • Elenea • Wyrmgorge
    External image

    BLOODTALON DRACOLOTH 🎥 • LVL 55 • Val Elenium • Elenea • Wyrmgorge
    External image

    VALE HUNTER ARACHNEN 🎥 • LVL 55 • Val Elenium • Elenea • Tor Exsul
    External image

    MAGMAR TERALITH 🎥 • LVL 55 • Val Elenium • Elenea • Tor Exsul
    External image

    SANDLURKER LIZARD 🎥 • LVL 56 • Val Elenium • Elenea • Tor Exsul
    External image

    If you want see the guide for other continent, here there is the link.
    TERAArun BossThe Arun Boss achievement in TERA worth 1396 pointsKill named bosses on the Arun continent

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    HealttiExcellent guide!
    I felt like it needed to be stated. smile
    Posted by Healtti on 02 Oct 20 at 18:40
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    This achievement is tied exclusively to the in-game FEAT "Rule Southern Shara" and you can use this website to find the location of each monster required. You can access the in-game feats by pressing start, going to character, then selecting feats. This specific feat is under Exploration>Southern Shara.

    To complete this, there are 8 World Boss BAMs and 7 regular BAMs, and you only need to kill 1 of each.

    The World Bosses have long respawn timers, so if you don't find it in the listed locations you can switch instances/channels. Press start > press Y > select any other channel > press B and wait for it to zone you automatically.

    The regular BAMs are plentiful and have short respawn timers.

    Thanks to Miss LunaFreya and GD Great Healer for pointing out the in-game feat and prompting this whole post.
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    LV 1 Blue SlimeThis one sucks. A lot of the areas where the bosses are only have one channel, so you can't channel hop to find them...just gotta wait. Much harder than than the Arun one, seemed every area had 3 channels at the least.
    Posted by LV 1 Blue Slime on 15 Jul 18 at 23:53
    AmniosTwo short, damn it! As people said this one is much harder than the other one, still something to come back to now and then.
    Posted by Amnios on 17 Aug 18 at 13:36
    Bootybandit1Andras boss not appearing for me, I’ve waited for hours
    Posted by Bootybandit1#751 on 26 Sep 18 at 15:36
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    EDIT: Due to the amount of people saying its not working anymore, i assume this methode got PATCHED. The achievement itself isnt that bad anyway, the hard part is to wait for the bosses to spawn.
    You can use this video from the PC version to find out the bosses locations. Good luck.

    You dont need to kill every different bosses for the achievement; might be a glitch but if you just keep killing the same boss 15 times you will get the achievement.
    Simply go to Val Elenium province then Sienna canyon and keep killing Gluttonous Fang regular BAM. He respawn quickly and there is plenty of them. You wont get the in-game achievement but you will have your 200G ;)

    Exact locations:
    (Dont give attention to the HP)
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    paulohbhbnot work here cry
    Posted by paulohbhb on 12 Jul 18 at 23:20
    In Gyi Yoonnot working either
    Posted by In Gyi Yoon on 14 Jul 18 at 15:04
    oONeonDemonOoWell... they patched it for sure then.. sorry for everyone who have not got the opportunity to do it this way. The bosses should be easier to find now, i think the game isnt as much popular as it was at the release. Good luck.
    Posted by oONeonDemonOo on 15 Jul 18 at 07:58
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