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Shara Boss

Kill named bosses on the Shara continent

Shara Boss0
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  • oONeonDemonOooONeonDemonOo595,855
    13 Apr 2018 13 Apr 2018 15 Jul 2018
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    EDIT: Due to the amount of people saying its not working anymore, i assume this methode got PATCHED. The achievement itself isnt that bad anyway, the hard part is to wait for the bosses to spawn.
    You can use this video from the PC version to find out the bosses locations. Good luck.

    You dont need to kill every different bosses for the achievement; might be a glitch but if you just keep killing the same boss 15 times you will get the achievement.
    Simply go to Val Elenium province then Sienna canyon and keep killing Gluttonous Fang regular BAM. He respawn quickly and there is plenty of them. You wont get the in-game achievement but you will have your 200G ;)

    Exact locations: http://teradatabase.net/us/npc/0003812/
    (Dont give attention to the HP)
  • Exiled DittoExiled Ditto167,884
    05 Apr 2018 06 Apr 2018 06 Apr 2018
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    This achievement is tied exclusively to the in-game FEAT "Rule Southern Shara" http://teradatabase.net/us/achievement/285/ and you can use this website to find the location of each monster required. You can access the in-game feats by pressing start, going to character, then selecting feats. This specific feat is under Exploration>Southern Shara.

    To complete this, there are 8 World Boss BAMs and 7 regular BAMs, and you only need to kill 1 of each.

    The World Bosses have long respawn timers, so if you don't find it in the listed locations you can switch instances/channels. Press start > press Y > select any other channel > press B and wait for it to zone you automatically.

    The regular BAMs are plentiful and have short respawn timers.

    Thanks to Miss LunaFreya and GD Great Healer for pointing out the in-game feat and prompting this whole post.
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