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How to unlock the COLLECTOR achievement

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    So in this guide I'm going to show screenshots for the location of every item in the game and give a brief description of how to get the item. I'll be putting the items in order of how you can unlock them in the game and stating any items required to unlock the item. The item numbers will be the number in the items menu if you count from left to right.

    Item 1: Sword - No Requirements
    First item you get in the game, can't make it far without the sword.

    Item 2: Coffee - No Requirements
    You have to kill five crabs and then go into the cafe / tavern. There's two crabs one screen south of your main house and three crabs one screen north of the cafe.

    Item 5: Lighthouse Key - Coffee
    One screen east of where you killed the three crabs, there's some boxes to push.

    Item 3: Flashlight - Lighthouse Key
    Go to the Lighthouse southwest of the cafe, enter it, and climb to the top.

    Item 6: Watering Can - No Requirements
    Go one screen east of the two crabs and there will be a bush in the top right. Cut it and go one screen north.

    Item 7: Sword Thrower - No Requirements
    Wander around in the desert until you cross enough screens to find the Oasis. Start cutting down the cacti until the ghost attacks and starts shooting out swords. Kill the ghost and collect your reward.

    Item 8: Fast Shoes - 7 Coins
    Once you get 7 coins you can go to the Sneaker Hut near the Desert Campsite and buy the shoes.

    If you need help finding coins, please check out my other guide:
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    Item 9: Gardening Glove - Watering Can
    Start at the camper in the Desert Campsite and grab the watering can. Walk south until you find a man who needs water and water him. Now go to the sign maker camp one screen west and one screen south of the Desert Campsite. The man you saved will be there and clear a path for you to the west. Go west and enter the cave, the glove is inside.

    Item 10: Boatwood - Gardening Gloves
    Go to the screen with the snake cave and chop down the tree, the Boatwood is on top.

    Item 14: Press Pass - Coffee, Sword Thrower
    On the same screen as the snake cave and the Boatwood, push the box in the top left corner. Follow the path, then throw your sword across the river to kill the two archers. The frog will fix the bridge and allow you to continue north. The Press Pass is on the next screen north.

    Item 4: Flippers - Coffee, Sword Thrower, Gardening Glove
    Go to the Hotel and find all the Hotel Guests, then climb onto the Hotel roof.

    If you need help finding all the guests, please check out my other guide:
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    Item 11: Basement Key - Gardening Glove, Boatwood
    Give the Boatwood to the man you saved earlier, he's now near the lighthouse. Once you give him the Boatwood, you'll have to die and respawn and travel to him again. He'll take you south to the Island House. On this island is a very tall tree, chop it all the way down, and at the very top will be the Basement Key.

    Item 12: Mega Sword - Watering Can, Sword Thrower, Gardening Glove, Press Pass
    Go to the basement of the factory, in the room of the main sword machine there's an electric machine to break. Once you break it travel south and you'll meet a guy near a large gear. Attack the gear with your sword. Once the sword is stuck in the gear die and respawn. Now take the watering can back to the gear either by entering through the mineshaft and going around the long way in the factory or entering via the boring tunnel near the Desert Campsite.

    Item 13: Broken Sword - Defeat the Boss
    Once you defeat the boss of the game, you'll get the Broken Sword.

    Item 15: Turbo Ink - 8 Tentacles
    This is a gift from the Octopus for finding all 8 of his Tentacles.

    If you need help finding all the tentacles, please check out my other guide:
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    Item 16: Grinder - Coffee, Flippers
    In the machine room west of the sword machine, there are four boxes. The three boxes you would normally push into the machine to jam it, you need to push into the water to make a bridge. Then the box that's across the water needs to be pushed into the machine. You can do this before or after you jam the machine.
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