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Achievement Guide for EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH

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    So in this guide I'm going to show screenshots for the location of every hotel guest in the game and give a brief description of how to get them to the hotel.

    Hotel Guest 1: Scuba Diver
    You'll come across this guest on your way to the Hotel. You just have to wait until the timer is at 10 seconds and the guest will surface. Walk close enough to him for him to talk to you and he'll go to the Hotel.

    Hotel Guest 2: Save From the Gang
    One screen north of the Hotel there's a group of enemies that will attack you. Kill all of the enemies that have weapons (swords or bows). There will be one guy without a weapon that does not attack you. If he's the last one and you talk to him, he'll go to the hotel.

    Hotel Guest 3: Credit Card
    One screen west of the gang is this little guy on a crate asking for help in finding his credit card. Push the crate into this hole in the rocks, he'll find the card, and then go to the hotel.

    Hotel Guest 4: In the Trees
    One screen east of the Graveyard with the bone are a set of trees. Chop down all the trees and when you approach the last one, the guy will say he's going to the hotel.

    Hotel Guest 5: Under the Boxes
    There are a couple of boxes near the damn. Just push them out of the way and you find a little guy that now will be at the hotel.

    Hotel Guest 6: Guy Stuck Across Bridge
    You'll find a frog across the bridge complaining about the Sword Factory ruining the environment. Flip the top switch by the damn and the bridge will close so you can walk across it. Get close enough to the frog so he'll talk to you and he'll end up in the Hotel.
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