Be Quick or Be Dead achievement in Mercenaries 2

Be Quick or Be Dead

Snipe 50 enemy vehicle drivers.

Be Quick or Be Dead0
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How to unlock the Be Quick or Be Dead achievement

  • TomoyoNTomoyoN1,032,216
    01 Jun 2011 01 Jun 2011 19 Jun 2011
    41 1 49
    THIS METHOD IS FOR THOSE WHO ARE CURRENTLY GLITCHED OR THINK THEY ARE GLITCHED [Theories on why/how this achievement gets screwed up haven't been proven to 100% but for those that are starting this game fresh try and get this achievement ASAP]

    After almost literally 2 years [Last achievement I got in this game I got on 6/19/09] I finally 1k'd this game on 6/1/11...

    From my experience in playing other games that save stats to your profile and from reading how others unlocked achievements that were glitched... [C&C 3 Tiberium Wars, Sniper: Ghost Warrior, Army of Two: 40th Day etc...] I thought I'd try it out on this game as it uses the premise of saving stats to your gamer profile [And 3 of those games are published/created by EA] Now I don't take credit for this method as it was created by someone else (so many people have stated they created it but I have no clue who exactly first came up with this method for those other games)

    Stuff I did that I doubt had any affect but I did just to speed the process along but I am writing it here just in case something I did helped...

    1. Deleted all OLD saves...
    2. Cleared System Cache
    3. Installed Game to Hard Drive [I do this because I hate hearing the disc spin]
    4. Started NEW GAME and played until I unlocked the PIRATES and did the first mission (the one you raced around the jetski)... This unlocks the Jug Delivery Mission... Which is where I prefer to get the headshots. SAVE HERE


    1. Put Gamertag on a USB Stick or Classic Xbox 360 Memory Card.
    2. From the DASHBOARD launch the game and let the EA intro play.
    3. When you get to the part that it says PRESS START, Unplug your memory card/usb stick.
    4. You will see a message to reinsert you memory card/usb stick. IGNORE THIS for now...
    5. Press Start and LOAD/CONTINUE. Wait till it loads or is almost done loading then REINSERT memory card/usb stick... [Press the guide button and left one menu and make sure your gamerscore is there if it says 0 or you get disconnected you waited TOO long. Restart from step 2.]
    6. Get 50 Kills

    So it seems from responses from a few people that what got it to work for them using this method was to not be connected to EA's servers ( I honestly don't remember if I was connected to EA's servers or not ). So if you don't care about timestamps on your achievements just do this exact method but without ur network cord unplugged... If you do care about timestamps do this method but make sure you are not connected EA's servers. I believe (don't quote me as this is just an assumption) if you are on the dashboard (Step 2) and unplug your network cable and and follow the steps until you reach the end of Step 5 and replug your network cable + log back into Xbox Live (press your guide button on your controller), you should get this to work...

    I did it on the jug delivery mission and the reason I chose this was because drivers come fairly quickly + they never seem to get out of their vehicles even if their cars are on their side. I started the mission and took a jet ski across the waterway and cleared out the area BEFORE I got in the jeep... After the area is cleared out I got in the jeep and drove it behind the shipping containers so it would not get damaged while I did my killing... Now just kill the UP drivers as they come 2-5 at a time.

    For those who will probably ask...
    All 50 kills were SCOPED.
    Most were STATIONARY vehicles.
    I did it all in ONE sitting.
    I did it all in ONE LIFE - no retries...


    6/3/2011 - Gotten a few responses over XBL from people who have said this method worked for them... So it does work but you have to get the timing right. Of the responses I did get 1 was a NEW game and the rest were loading previous saves [All were done in ONE sitting]... Please reply below or send me a message over XBL so I can update this thread with more information...

    6/5/2011 - User stated that not connecting to EA's servers ( while doing this was what got it to work for him.

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    Yui ShojeiAfter many attempts and failures..... 23/04/2019 unlocked !!!

    Followed the guide with changes.
    -Game installed and accepted updated
    -When inserting the USB, correct achievements but profile disconnected.
    -Order Chinese Sniper pack. You get 90 bullets.
    -Patience, a lot of patience
    -Dead the first time with 27 deaths, restart mission and achievement unlocked in death 67. Total: 94 deaths in one session.
    -It's a pain in the ass

    Good Luck.
    Posted by Yui Shojei on 23 Apr 19 at 14:19
    zX KiNGxKoNG XzIt works without doing all the usb stuff, just clear your cache and unplug your wifi, unlocked when i hit 35 so i must of had some already
    Posted by zX KiNGxKoNG Xz on 26 Jan at 18:21
    GloriousEuropaGod, EA are such ****ing garbage. Nothing is working for me outside of the USB trick and all that. Just thought I'd comment for now that I've tried unlocking this normally, must have killed 200 men and F*** ALL has unlocked. Cleared cache and loaded my save not connected to live... killed another 70 in one go, and F*** ALL again. Just go F***ing die EA!
    Posted by GloriousEuropa on 08 Apr at 18:45
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  • FafhrddFafhrdd247,407
    05 Nov 2008 28 Apr 2009 27 Aug 2011
    27 3 16
    To unlock this achievement you must, with a sniper riffle, shot and kill 50 enemy drivers.

    First you will need to obtain a sniper riffle. There are several methods. My personal favorite is though supply drops. The Chinese (personal favorite), P.L.A.V. (see note below), or pirates all have sniper riffles. I would recommend the anti-material rifle from the Chinese drops. You can also get sniper riffles from the guards in the guard towers. I recommend supply drops only because you get much more ammo and you can get the riffle/more ammo pretty much in any situation.

    NOTE: I have been told that the P.L.A.V. sniper riffle does not count kills towards the achievement yet more and more people say you SHOULD be able to get it. I cannot verify this.

    Next you have two options how you want to do it. You can either boost it or play through the game and possibly unlock it. If you want to boost it I would recommend going around the Chinese HQ area. They have tons of vehicles that keep on respawning. If your playing through the game then you just need to carry around a sniper riffle everywhere you go and take shots as you see them.

    Shoot the drive FIRST. If you shoot the gunner then the driver will get out right away and start shooting at you. It must be a HOSTILE... They will be shooting at you (thanks Tm5k!).

    If your boosting for it and your only have a limited supply of ammo just save the game, go out and shot as many enemy drivers as you can, then reload the game and do it all over again.

    If you don't like the Chinese HQ area there is one mission for the pirates called "Black Market, Warm Heart" which has some nice driver-head-shot-opportunities during some of the pirate missions if your playing on co-op. Just as your co-op friend is driving the cargo to the location... go ahead of him and take them out. Plenty of drivers on the way to the target. Fail the mission and retry it.

    If you don't like either of those locations VCS 2600 Atari helped out with this comment: "I found the best place to get this is when you are chasing Carmona. As he leaves the PMC in a jeep just kill the 5 or so gaurds in you way. run to the left steps of the gate. angle your view to be able to aim to the left the the vase. the jeeps just seem to keep coming. you do have to kill both people in the jeep. when you run out of ammo just kill your self and start again. I got it in 3 deaths. hope that helps." Thanks VCS 2600 Atari!!!!
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    VCS 2600 AtariI liked the guide. I found the best place to get this is when you are chasing Carmona. As he leaves the PMC in a jeep just kill the 5 or so gaurds in you way. run to the left steps of the gate. angle your view to be able to aim to the left the the vase. the jeeps just seem to keep coming. you do have to kill both people in the jeep. when you run out of ammo just kill your self and start again. I got it in 3 deaths. hope that helps.
    Posted by VCS 2600 Atari on 26 Aug 11 at 15:32
    FafhrddNice tip here! thanks!
    Posted by Fafhrdd on 27 Aug 11 at 00:35
    Unmet PlayerThe part where you chase Carmona worked perfect! Thank you for the information!

    I haven't played this game in years, loaded it up and I was 3 missions away from the first "Get Solano" mission. I did not even restart the checkpoint, I just kept calling for the Russian Sniper Supply. Achievement popped on the 50th kill.

    After "Be Quick or Be Dead" unlocked, I pulled out a rocket launcher and blew up the 50+ jeeps that have spawned and unlocked "Little Savage"
    Posted by Unmet Player on 02 Oct 17 at 03:32
  • Danny St1vvyDanny St1vvyThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    13 Jun 2009 13 Jun 2009
    22 4 2
    *note* Although this achievement was once reported as glitched for a lot of people, it has been reportedly patched.

    This is a very nice guide i found when i obtained this achievement. Using this i managed to get it in 20 minutes.

    What you'll need:
    -A good sniper rifle (I used the Anti-Material rifle from AN. I bolded it because people were asking if they HAD to use a sniper rifle and yes, you do), and STOCK UP on supply drops. Plan to use a lot of ammo, even if you don't think you will. That way you won't find yourself running back to get more ammo.
    -A fast helicopter (I like UP's Rogues, any of them will do).
    -The UP airport outpost unlocked (this is the one all the way left of Maracaibo, up on a hill).
    -Hostile with UP. The achievement requires ENEMY drivers to be killed.

    What to do:

    -Fly over to the UP airport outpost, then go just a little south of it, however where you want to go is still inside the base. You'll see two parking garages, right next to each other. Land on one. If you land on the northern one, your targets will be north. If you land on the southern one, your targets will be south. However, targets CAN be all around you so always check around.
    -You'll see UP guys driving Ravens around on the ground, and they won't notice you (until you shoot or aim at them for awhile). As required, start shooting drivers. 95% of the time, they'll drive and pull over and stop, giving you a nice shot. For each time you land (you'll see what I mean later), you can probably find around 4-6 Ravens driving around, which means 4-6 drivers every minute or two. If you run out of ammo, call in a supply drop. If Ewan misses (he tends to) and the box goes off the top of the garage, just get in your helicopter and use the winch to pick it up and take it to the top. This way you aren't at risk.
    -When you think no more Ravens are spawning (you'll see a bunch of guys on the guns of driverless Ravens), get in your helicopter and fly over to the other garage, you might need to fly around a bit. This should "reset" them, and a new batch of trucks will appear. Simply repeat this process and you'll have this achievement in no time.

    I never had anyone come up the garages or helicopters fly over to get me, so you should be fine. If the trucks get close enough the guys on the turrets can and will shoot you though, so just be careful. If you fall off the garage, you should only lose like 10 health so just run to the entrance and get back up to the top. NOTE: Killing the turret gunners doesn't count so just leave them be.
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    HiddenPrecisionThis is defiantly the best method!!!!
    Posted by HiddenPrecision on 05 May 12 at 23:05
    KnucklesNorwoodGreat solution.Worked like a charm !!

    The two garages at the Maracaibo Airport base worked out to be the best vantage points for me to snipe the 50 hostile enemy drivers. Thanks and thumbs up for this excellent guide !!
    Posted by KnucklesNorwood on 15 Mar 13 at 07:20
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