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Owl Tide Bestiary achievement in Earthlock

Owl Tide Bestiary

Defeated one of every enemy

Owl Tide Bestiary-0.2
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How to unlock the Owl Tide Bestiary achievement

  • SighrisSighris
    15 Apr 2018 15 Apr 2018 15 Apr 2018
    So the enemies in this version of the game are the same as

    Solution for Owl Tide Bestiary In Earthlock: Festival of Magic

    With one minor change:

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Row 1
    Bandit Trapper - Tremel Tree in Ramoo Swamp
    Bandit Thug - Tremel Tree in Ramoo Swamp
    Nanuch Devotee - Karba
    Nanuch Cult Member - Karba
    Guardess of Shells - Suvia Tournament
    Guard of Shells - Suvia Tournament

    Row 2
    Zaberian Warden - Zaber Tournament
    Zaberian Defender - Zaber Tournament
    Red Barghest - desert between Nomad's Hoist and Burning Desert * Thanks SweetArkhane
    Blue Barghest - Nadir
    Simoorg - story fight, Burning Desert, Nadir
    Cherby Fire - Zabirum Temple, Zaber Desert

    Row 3
    Biting Rooter - Plains
    Spitting Rooter - Ramoo Swamp
    Chompino - Ramoo Swamp
    Blue Quadragon - Karba
    Green Quadragon
    Quadragon - Zaber Tournament

    Row 4
    Kuda - Ice Grotto
    Blue Amri Lantern - Zabirum Temple
    Red Amri Lantern - Zabirum Temple
    Yellow Amri Lantern - Zabirum Temple
    Dark Mirror - Karba
    Earth Water Mirror - Zaber Desert

    Row 5
    Electro Air Mirror - Plains
    Fire Ice Mirror - Burning Desert
    Fire Djinn - Zaber Desert
    Bone Stag - Burning Desert
    Sand Beetle - Zabirum Temple
    Sparktank - Plains

    Row 6
    Shimmerbug - Burning Desert
    Glacierbug - Nadir
    Desert Crabler - Zaber Desert
    Onyx Crabler - Nadir
    Cocotoo - Suvia Tournament, Sewer under Suvia
    Scamp - Plains

    Row 7
    Conductor Bot - Underwater Mile
    Miner Bot - Underwater Mile
    Droogo Blaster - Frogmire Mansion in Ramoo Swamp
    Droogo Brawler - Frogmire Mansion in Ramoo Swamp
    Droogo Shaman - Frogmire Mansion in Ramoo Swamp
    Droogo Warrior - Ice Grotto

    Row 8
    Infested Cultist - Scrollroads
    Infested Drifter - Scrollroads
    Goblinator - Goblin Camp
    Goblineer - Goblin Camp
    Gobringer - Goblin Camp
    Ympkin - Zabirum Temple

    Row 9
    Plaspapa - Sewer under Suvia
    Plasmama - Sewer under Suvia
    Little Marvel Blue - Nadir
    Little Marvel Red - Ramoo Swamp, Zaber Desert
    Little Marvel Yellow - Ramoo Swamp, Zaber Desert
    Thunder Djinn - Plains

    Row 10
    Cherby Poison - Plains
    Ice Chompino - Nadir
    ??? another Nafnlaus ???
    Nafnlaus - Nadir (need From Beyond perk active)
    Coast Beetle - Zaber Desert
    Giga Stag - Plains

    Row 11
    Shadow Clone - Memory Chamber
    Shadow Clone - Memory Chamber
    Shadow Clone - Memory Chamber
    Shadow Clone - Memory Chamber
    Shadow Clone - Memory Chamber

    Row 12
    Shadow Clone - Memory Chamber
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    XellizEven looking at the guide on the original game, I can't locate ??? another Nafnlaus ???. Is this ghost not in Karba anymore?

    *edit* Nevermind, found them outside in Nadir...BUT only after moving From Beyond to Gnart.
    Posted by Xelliz On 01 Jun 18 at 00:48
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