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Great Wave Alumni achievement in Earthlock

Great Wave Alumni

Crafted one of every Perk Talent

Great Wave Alumni0
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How to unlock the Great Wave Alumni achievement

  • IllegallySamIllegallySam
    19 Apr 2018 15 Apr 2018 19 Apr 2018
    Note: This list is similar to, but not the same as, the list from the original game.

    The list of perk talents needed for this achievement:
    Air Master - Release Galeacle on Plumpet Island
    Ammo Master - Loot: Varluk
    And Back Again - Loot: Sentient Train
    Bonds of Battle - Loot: Sharan
    Beast and Human Buster - Loot: Franir
    Double Turn - Reward: Zaber Tournament
    Earth Master - Part of Plumpet Island Tutorial
    Electrical Master - Release Shockle on Plumpet Island
    Fire Master - Release Burnacle on Plumpet Island
    Ice Master - Release Icicle on Plumpet Island
    Immunity Chance - Loot: Nahraan
    Plant and Elemental Buster - Loot: Tremelbone
    Quick Rest - Reward: Suvia Tournament
    On the Brink - Loot: Hollow Knight
    Water Master - Release the Nauticle on Plumpet Island (Fisherman Quest)
    Energised - Loot: GobKing
    Strong Resolve - Loot: Mushriga
    Quickstep - Chest: Nomad's Hoist
    Battle Medic - Loot: Twisted Guardian

    Most of these are from story related bosses and events, however you must complete the barnacle quest, get gold on both tournaments, and beat the optional bosses to get all of the blueprints.

    You must create all of these in the Hall of Custodians on Plumpet Island in order to get progress. Simply obtaining them will not get you the achievement.
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    SighrisPat 2.0 was removed from game

    And I want to say the aderyn encounter for quickstep was removed too, u get the perk from chest in zone instead.

    Lastly, for the elemental barnacle, you don’t get master perk for killing them now, it is given to you when you release on island.
    Posted by Sighris on 15 Apr 18 at 06:00
    IllegallySamThanks for the info! I'll update the solution. Also, the first Aederyn battle at Nomad's Hoist, which is where the Quickstep perk is from was removed. I had forgotten about that fight, so I did not realize it had been removed.
    Posted by IllegallySam on 15 Apr 18 at 06:19
    SighrisNp, instead of from fight, when u get to bottom of elevator is chest now with it.

    Also, for Water Master I think they added barnacle for him, I’m notb100% but you may want to test it when you get there. Traveling merchant outside of Suvia has quest to give item to fisherman I think when u give item to fisherman he gives u the water barnacle and it’s called Nautilus. Releasing that gives water master. I would test that when you get there since I’m vague on that one.
    Posted by Sighris on 15 Apr 18 at 06:27
    IllegallySamWill do, thanks! I'm currently on the Zaber tournament, so I'll check it out within the next day or two.
    Posted by IllegallySam on 15 Apr 18 at 06:36
    Goggs25Water master is from a new banicle you get it from a quest from hammerhead traders in the plains outside suvia same guy that you collect high for.

    You have to deliver a pure to fisherman in suvia but it is timed use pat or gnart with speed flowers to get there in time.

    Only question i have is how do you get hollow knight to spawn
    Posted by Goggs25 on 15 Apr 18 at 21:40
    SighrisFor hollow knight u need to place 4 scepter at location on hill above Tower of Dhur, 3 staff are story related. earth staff u craft, branch for staff is found in villa where u fought pirate and freed frog boy. Behind tree is hidden chest
    Posted by Sighris on 15 Apr 18 at 21:49
    Goggs25Thanks was missing earth secpter
    Posted by Goggs25 on 15 Apr 18 at 21:55
    LifeOfDaPartay3Just a quick comment, Cutpurse and Pickpocket talents are rewarded only once and cannot be crafted. Thought i missed a chest or something for the recipes. Good list!
    Posted by LifeOfDaPartay3 on 16 Apr 18 at 03:55
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