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Master Engineer achievement in Earthlock

Master Engineer

Crafted one of every weapon

Master Engineer-0.1
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How to unlock the Master Engineer achievement

  • MrIcyDeathMrIcyDeath
    25 Apr 2018 25 Apr 2018 04 May 2018
    *Edit* if your leaving a negative vote can you comment why. Not sure how i could make this guild more clear.

    All weapons need a unique item to craft. These will come from salvage piles and chests. The 2 that are hard to find are: Hollow Shaft (use dog to dig on bottom floor of owl library)
    Amir Tree Branch (in chest behind the tree in the Swamp)

    You will have to buy some recipes from various merchants, most are at the shop in Suvia.

    Here is a list of all weapons to craft:
    Angel Bow
    Talon Glove
    Sapphire Glove
    Blizzard Bangle
    Blaze Bangle
    Oar of war
    Elemental Lance
    Suvium Armor
    Nadirium Armor
    Fire Volt
    Ice Wave
    Poison Dagger
    Serrated Dagger
    Sacred Song Bowl
    Mage's Song Bowl
    Earth scepter

    After i opened every chest and salvage pile i still needed to buy a fair bit of items. For me i needed 15 Konkylium ore, 6 Konkylium Fasteners, 10 Strong Leather Straps, 3 Suvium Pins, and 1 Find Grinding Stone.
    These can be bought at the 3 merchants: Northwest Trading Post, The Oasis, and Forest Glade.
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    Senseless OgreWheres the compact stock for the Angel Bow?

    Edit: You get it by doing that sidequest at the goblin camp
    Posted by Senseless Ogre On 13 May 18 at 02:00
    SilentStuchoWhere can I find the Fire Volt recipe?
    Posted by SilentStucho On 15 May 18 at 19:59
    XellizI was told by Øystein of Snowcastle that the Earth Scepter is not part of the weapons achievement. I can provide a screenshot of the message if need be.
    Posted by Xelliz On 29 May 18 at 14:17
    Drome17The achievement applies to the 15 usable weapons so the earth scepter is not necessary and is removed from your inventory to summon the Hollow Knight. It was also buggy for me not counting 2 of the weapons until I reloaded an earlier save and unlocked after crafting a single one.
    Posted by Drome17 On 01 Jun 18 at 02:40
    Mr VitosWhere do i find the blaze bangle? It is the last one i need
    Posted by Mr Vitos On 06 Sep 18 at 20:41
    l BlackBrian7 l^ I'm sure you found it already but the blueprint for Blaze Bangle is in a treasure chest in Franir's Lair. In the giant room where you fight the boss, its in the bottom left corner from where you enter.
    Posted by l BlackBrian7 l On 23 Oct 19 at 19:20
    Hooch LeeI'm missing the blueprint for the Blizzard Bangle

    Edit: Neverming, I just found it.. T. Herb sells it at the Forest Glade
    Posted by Hooch Lee On 16 Mar 20 at 12:14
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