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Family Ties achievement in Earthlock

Family Ties

Cured Benjo and rescued Bran

Family Ties0
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How to unlock the Family Ties achievement

  • SighrisSighris
    14 Apr 2018 15 Apr 2018 18 Apr 2018
    So I believe this isn’t story related in this version of the game.

    Let’s start with nice part. Cure/free each move tracker so you could free Bryn, reload save and free Bryn again for achievement.

    Now you are going to want to cure Benjo anyway because it counts as a memento towards the mementos achievement.

    Freeing Bran is optional quest in Nadir:

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    The cure for Benjo follows a sequence of quests, some are same as Festival of Magic and some are new to this version.

    First part of the quest is given to you as part of main story line and is going to TremelTree, Franir’s Lair, Tower of Dhur, and Anvirum Cavern. You will fight boss and collect item from chest behind boss.

    Take these back to Professor on first floor of Owl Tide Library. He will request Purified Air and Spirit Sapling.

    To get the Purified Air, you need to go to the traveling merchant outside of Suvia and talk to the hogbunny, but he won’t give it to you until you have done all the flower quests in first 3 zones.

    For the Spirit Sapling, you need to go to TremelTree. From save statue, go east until you can go south after crossing barrel bridge. Follow south path at end and you will see friendly npc Shaman interact with.

    You need to solve 3 riddles for him, after each riddle you need to go back to him to trigger next, and you need to “dig” items up as Taika.

    1st riddle: as you leave shaman area, you will see a camp north of you, east of camp is a stump with mushroom on top. Interact in front of stump.

    2nd riddle: start of zone has circular path around a pond, interact with ground on west side of pond( left side of road here).

    3rd riddle: from circular pond path, you will notice a path going NE and one going SE. Go all the way to end of NE path and you will find a stump with mushroom on it. Interact with back side of stump.

    Get Spirit Sapling from Shaman.

    Take air and Sapling to professor in owl library and he tells you to grow it.

    Go to boss area in TremelTree and you can interact there. Tree will grow immediately. Take item back to professor and he will make cure. Go upstairs and give cure to Benjo.

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    IllegallySamI can't seem to get the Benjo quest to progress correctly. The professor on the first floor of the library simply handed me a tablet, which Amon said that PAT can decode. This is all he says. Am I doing something wrong here?
    Posted by IllegallySam On 19 Apr 18 at 06:49
    IllegallySamNevermind, I had to talk to PAT as Amon on Plumpet Island. You may want to mention that at the beginning of the quest.
    Posted by IllegallySam On 19 Apr 18 at 07:21
    Timww572Helpful guide, but it might be worth mentioning that the last item you need, the potent shock root, is gotten from the Spark Bloom Magnum plant on Plumpet Island and once you have all of the ingredients you need take them to the bone tree and plant them where you fought the boss.
    Posted by Timww572 On 08 Dec 19 at 05:30
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  • GunflameGunflame
    20 Apr 2018 24 Apr 2018
    There is a pretty good side quest for saving Benjo, check the video for all the details. Biggest thing you need to do is have beaten both Tremmelbone and Fafnir, then do the spirit sapling part of the quest. The debris for rebuilding the airship is all around Nadir, but isn't to bad overall.

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