Aces High achievement in Mercenaries 2

Aces High

You captured all high value targets.

Aces High0
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How to unlock the Aces High achievement

  • jonnyb0bjonnyb0b141,272
    22 Oct 2008 23 Oct 2008 29 Apr 2009
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    To achieve this one you might want to turn off autosave (not actually necessary just the method I used). That way if incidentally one of the HVTs dies by your hand, his hand or one of his comrades hands, you can simply quit and restart. Some say to save BEFORE and AFTER each HVT, I just saved after capturing each HVT.

    Be patient and make your way around the map capturing and calling in each HVT.

    Before finishing the final mission, whether you chose AN or Chinese, you should have 54/55 HVT captured

    Some things to remember:

    -Factions won't come and extract their HVT if they are hostile towards you
    -Make sure all SAM and AA's are taken out (the red diamonds) before calling in the extraction
    -Try to pop smoke on flat ground without trees and other things obstructing the landing, I've had choppers land on the edge of cliffs and be unreachable
    -The HVT can not die while you are carrying him, you on the other hand still can
    -When playing in co-op it does not matter which person captures the HVT, but unfortunately only the host will receive the achievement

    Thanks to Seraphim Needed and Fafhrdd for their additions.

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    guycarbLike chronic said, focus on one faction at a time then clear the cahce and beat the last few missions offline! My system kept freezing until I didn exactly that! Thanks chronic!
    Posted by guycarb on 03 Oct 12 at 19:19
    monkeyboy3009Is this hard?
    Posted by monkeyboy3009 on 06 Mar 13 at 21:12
    Mobius EvalonHell yes it is.

    I'd just like to add that it does not matter if the extraction chopper gets blown up. Nearly all of the choppers that I sent off the AN and China HVTs in got blown up, and some didn't even leave the ground. As long as it says "HVT captured", you're golden.
    Posted by Mobius Evalon on 21 Apr 13 at 17:21
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  • The HeapeThe Heape500,124
    10 Apr 2009 11 Apr 2009 11 Apr 2009
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    I played the entire game solely relying on autosave so turning it off doesn't matter. If you ever see the message that the HVT has been killed just quit, reload and try again.

    My suggestion is to work for one faction at a time. Each faction has HVT from the other factions, working for several factions and trying to keep them happy is harder than having multiple girlfriends. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE - PLAV must be happy in order to extract Blanco and UP has to be happy in order to extract Carmona. (if your stuck on one of those just let me know I have devised a strategy to fix this but it has to be done in MP)

    Notes to make things easier:

    -If your helicopter lands where you cant reach it wait awhile and he'll fly away so you can try again.
    -Make sure all retards with rocket launchers are dead before going near the HVT's or calling in a chopper they are awesome at team killing.
    -Throw the smoke grenades somewhere where you would want them to drop a car. No trees, cliffs, water or on top of buildings.
    -Be very careful and quick on the oil rig extractions everything near the HVT can be destroyed and kill him. (he doesn't like dust), rockets and grenades greatly speed up this process.
    -If you leave the HVT subdued for to long or move to far away he will die of discomfort or emotional problems (serious).
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    Breadly WeaponAlso worthy of note, if you try and fail by the HVT dying, you can leave the area and he will respawn, as long as you don't photograph him. The game only marks them as dealt with after being airlifted out or dead and verified. It's usually a better idea to reload an earlier save, but if you've been on a streak and forgot to save this will make life easier for you.
    Posted by Breadly Weapon on 26 Apr 10 at 10:33
    GoGrothe photograph method still works, that verifys the target for you.
    Posted by GoGro on 09 Apr 11 at 10:36
    s1nTh23I wonder if you join a game where someone already has all but one left then you capture him, will you as well get the achievement??
    Posted by s1nTh23 on 11 Aug 11 at 04:22
  • Mobius EvalonMobius Evalon512,174
    21 Apr 2013 21 Apr 2013 02 Nov 2014
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    For a game that recommends wanton destruction to solve every problem, it has a lot of ways to punish you for doing so. This achievement is one of those instances.

    There are a total of 55 people of interest to each faction, called High Value Targets -- usually 10 HVTs for each of the 5 factions, but 3 are story related and mandatory -- that must be verified over the course of the game. Verifying an HVT can be done one of two ways: kill the target and photograph their corpse, or melee them with cn_B, hit cn_Y to restrain them while they are down, then call for a chopper to whisk them away. The former option is a lot easier and a lot more fun because you can call in your biggest goddamn bomb and sift through the bodies later. The latter option is what you are required to do for this achievement. Any time you are tasked with "Capture or subdue the HVT" on the right side of your screen, you must take the target alive.

    You can be as surgical as a SEAL, but there is often way too much going on to handle that will ultimately screw up your captures. Most often, the HVT will kill themself if they start high up (and simply fall to their death) or possess an explosive weapon . Sometimes their buddies will get really eager to kill you and toss grenades, fire RPGs, tank shells, helicopter rockets, or anything else at you that will collateral your HVT. In other instances, the HVT is too close to a faction boundary and will be killed by a rival faction before you can sort out the situation. To make a long story short: everything is working against you.

    The most glaring problem with this achievement is that there is no stat informing you of how many HVTs you have killed and how many you have captured, so this makes relying on the autosave a very bad idea. While it does not save over your manual savefiles, the process by which you select the unbotched game is convoluted a great deal by navigating the Options and Save Games menus, which can be avoided entirely by just hitting Continue on the main menu with autosave disabled. Consider in addition that in the midst of the clusterfuck this game often becomes when completing objectives that it becomes nigh impossible to keep track of when the game is autosaving, and because of the missing stat to track HVT captures you are literally tossing caution to the wind for no good reason. While playing with the autosave disabled, make a manual save after every successful capture. Do not get overconfident and think you can get 4-5 HVTs in a row, since your hubris will be the cause of two hours' worth of repeated play.

    When capturing HVTs, all that matters is that the "HVT Captured" message appears on the screen (or in the log on the PDA if you happened to miss it). It does not matter if the helicopter that "carries" the HVT gets shot down, because the HVT disappears as soon as you load them anyway. Nearly all of my Chinese and AN HVTs were loaded into helicopters that were blown up shortly thereafter (some didn't even leave the ground), so keep this in mind for some of those particularly problematic HVTs.

    You want to endeavor to completely finish one faction before moving onto another, including items not pertinent to this achievement like outposts. The only exception is the endgame with the AN and China factions; you must not participate in the Caracas battle until you complete both factions. Choose one of the factions to do first, complete everything they offer, then advance the story missions until it offers you a mission to battle in Caracas and receive the nuclear bomb. At this point, bribe the faction you did not choose and complete all of their missions. It would be easiest at this point to simply finish the game with the faction you just bribed to avoid having to pay a second bribe to the other, but if you really have some moral objection to allying with one over the other then there's nothing preventing you from joining the other guys again. Keep in mind at any rate that they are identical factions with equivalent equipment and both reward you with what you need at the end of the Caracas battle, so it's all on you if an imaginary alliance in a video game is somehow bothersome because of the flag they have.

    You will not unlock this achievement until after you verify Solano at the end of the game. The helpful part is that he cannot die and you automatically capture him after a lame quick-time battle if you captured all of the HVTs before that point. If your mercenary pops Solano with their pistol, then something has gone horribly wrong and you will not receive this achievement.
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    exxonicyou can select a specific file to load by going into the options-menu from the main menu. there is a point called "savegames".
    Posted by exxonic on 28 May 13 at 10:10
    Uggadunkthanks for a thorough solution
    Posted by Uggadunk on 17 Nov 13 at 18:36
    Sir LagselotThank you for clarifying whether the HVT has to make it back in the helicopter or not. I've been pulling my hair out, just to make sure nothing blows the helicopters up after verification.

    Also, thank you for such a thorough guide. Thumbs up!!
    Posted by Sir Lagselot on 01 Apr 19 at 03:28
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