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Win 40 Arena Ranked Matches.

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  • akuteakute89,670
    17 May 2009 19 May 2009
    60 5 3
    The best odds of getting this achievement are by making a two person room. You do not have to play melee, and I advise against it unless you are really good.

    Instead pick archery mode. Always be sure to scoop up the arrows before the other player. You will be guarenteed a win almost every time if the person you play against has never played this game mode.

    If you cannot win this mode either, then try treasure hunt. Don't worry if the other person picks melee, because you still have a 50% chance at the game mode that you select.

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    Ben no SenseiAlso, if you create a room you're the host, so you will have the least lag (if you're playing against player with bad connections).

    Also, the Pros usually go for 4-player matches because of the statistics. Since you only have to win 40 matches one opponent will be enough. I played yesterday and out of 25 games 22 "challengers" had less than 5 wins, and two of them used exploits to get above 1700 wins, so I beat them easily.
    Posted by Ben no Sensei on 03 Aug 10 at 10:18
    rippercitoNeed Help with this and the other online cheevo.
    Text me on xbox if you wish to help GT: rippercito
    Posted by rippercito on 06 Feb 19 at 17:26
    CrimsonBohemianThis is patched now on the 360 (unsure if Xbox One version ever worked), but here's the video on how this works. I was curious so I looked it up:
    Posted by CrimsonBohemian on 02 Jun at 01:06
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    31 Mar 2011 01 Apr 2011 26 Sep 2012
    33 2 5
    EDIT: There is a new patch on the game that maybe will make the rammy method obsolete. As this new patch makes the animals stop attacking once your character dies. Will test soon and post update here. (August 28, 2011)

    TEST Results: Finally somebody helped me test the solution, and so far, it still works, In case it doesn't work for you (because of repatch or anything) let me know and I'll retest. Or give some kind of help or insight.

    The extra "win" Can also be obtained in the lava levels (you know the one with a rising column of fire). Same as above bring the oponent to a hair of health, then get the timing of the fire, finally stand in the spot where the fire rises, defeat the oponent with (Y) and get hit by the fire when it rises again. or jump hit the losing player with (Y) landing on the fire spot to get burned and the second victory. If the player who loses have rammy equiped almost 3 wins guaranteed. Found it easier than the cat method.

    And speaking of guaranteed (the credit goes to Worhammer who tought me the method) Bring the losing player to a hair of health, wait for rammy to lock you on and begin the attack motion, then jump over it's charge and hit the oponent with (Y) (is better if you do it before you land, rammy won't hit when returning) starting the celebratory motion. Rammy then will lock the winner again and hit him for a second victory celebration and win. So far everytime I tried the method never failed. Remember to kill the oponent with (Y) and check/practice timings and you should get it on a breeze.

    I, unknowingly did mix both methods (rising fire with jump over rammy and always got 3 wins. Realized it when I saw the jump over rammy method.

    Small tip: If you're boosting, when creating the game, both (or the total of players boosting) select "hidden characters no" If both/all set the option to NO the better the chances of getting together.

    Hope this will help. Good Luck
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    MaseJAll good mate. Got the cheev just thought I'd comment on my struggles :)
    Posted by MaseJ on 19 Dec 12 at 22:12
    FOKENWOLFENOhh ok perfect then, anyway I'll have to retest in case the patch is working now and make a new EDIT

    glado you got it thought. ^_^
    Posted by FOKENWOLFEN on 20 Dec 12 at 17:03
    eohjayJust boosted it and we ran into zero counter issues. I had a handful of wins chalked up from years ago that even counted and we managed to finish sub-2 hours.
    Posted by eohjay on 13 Dec 13 at 17:51
  • iFlyHiiFlyHi230,527
    14 May 2016 14 May 2016 09 May 2017
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    So this is a very late guide. But now with backwards compatibility this is very easy if you have 2 xbox live profiles. You can play with one person on the Xbox 360 and one person on the Xbox 1. Just set up a game with 2 people maximum and put both of the profiles in the game (which isn't hard because no one is on the servers anymore). Pick your best character with the profile you want to win and the worst character with the profile you don't want to win with. Pick melee and win. To do this 40 times it takes 20 minutes to half an hour. Cheerio smile

    EDIT: Thanks to PrinceRules64 you can also do this if you don't own 2 gold accounts just read below!
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    PrinceRules64To add detail to this one:

    You can do this with one gold profile and one TV so long as you can power both and keep them online at the same time (wireless or wired doesn't matter). You need only one controller per console. You'll need to set your xbox one as your "home xbox" on your Gold profile, which can be found in the Personalisation row of All Settings.

    On your xbox one:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Once you have a second profile you can use, and the game downloaded (the original BC version, not CC Remastered!) then go into the game's main menu.
    On 360 you should use your Gold profile as normal.

    Set your TV input to 360, then go into Xbox Live Game, Arena, Ranked Match. Here you need to create a game, so move down twice to Create Match. Ideally you want it limited to 2 players (press A once) so nobody can join you, but if you think there's nobody else online then you can continue with 4 and it will play out the same. Once ready move down twice again and press Create Match (again).

    On Xbox One just press Down, A, Left, A, A, A. This will search Quick Match and you should see your new profile pop up as the second player.

    Press Y on both controllers to ready up. After the loading, press A on your X1 controller to select the new lvl 1 character, and move up or down to select your strongest on your 360 Gold profile. Then press A on both controllers to select Melee. And that's it! After the match you will be returned to main menu, where the same button inputs will work - so you don't need to change TV inputs unless something goes wrong. music

    p.s. don't mind that the leaderboards don't show your wins, progress is still tracking and should unlock the moment you get your 40th. If you want to know your progress, you should see your lifetime win count both in the pre-match screen (where you select which type of battle) and the post-match results.
    Posted by PrinceRules64 on 01 Feb 17 at 19:16
    blurzieblurzAh, glad to hear that the leaderboards aren't working and it's not just me! I was playing with a friend earlier and we noticed that the leaderboard never updated, (unlike ranked All You Can Quaff). We were starting to think that this one was broken. Thanks! toast
    Posted by blurzieblurz on 08 May 17 at 21:13
    ZiMba 4 LiFE IIGreat guide +1 , it is so nice to see people publish new guides for old games thanks @iFlyHi
    Posted by ZiMba 4 LiFE II on 22 May 17 at 12:05
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