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Save more Gald. More. No, seriously. A lot more.

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How to unlock the Piggybank achievement

  • Harlequin GodHarlequin God101,346
    01 Aug 2011 28 Jul 2011 01 Aug 2011
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    This is just building off of what KabukiArcade said.

    At the casino for about 15,000 or so chips you can buy treats, specifics, miracle gels, special gels, limit bottles, barriers, and one other item. On your first play through you are limited to 15 each, but if you sell 15 of all 6 of these items at Yamanju, it nets you about 187,000 gald.

    So in short this is incredibly easy to get even on your first play-through, as this whole process takes maybe 5-10 minutes a trip.

    Actually there is a slightly faster way, though this one is more luck based. If in addition to the items listed above you buy also buy 15 holy avengers, it costs about 500,000 chips, but it also sells for about 500,000 gald. So basically you can continue to play poker and hope to get long double up streaks. It takes a little luck but its not that hard to get over 500,000 chips on one hand; and I have at least 3 times gotten over 1 million at which point you can no longer double up.

    Some additional tips for winning chips or things I have noticed:
    - Jack and 10 are tricky cards, common sense would dictate you would go low on these cards, but honestly I have actually lost because I should have gone high almost as many times as I won by going low
    - 2 and Joker are the only guaranteed wins due to the fact that if you draw the same card whether you say high or low you win; I have quite often got burned because I went low on Ace and a Joker appeared, and on 3s and 4s I have gotten burned with 2s
    - occasionally you should be content with smaller wins in the 3000k -10000k, dont always go for the big streak, banking some of these smaller streaks will allow you to slowly build your count and also allow you to afford more loses, because 500 chip loses can add up
    - for the long streaks, 100K or more you will probably have to make tough calls once or twice, ie cards in the 7-J range will appear; on some of my longer streaks I called high on Jack, or low on 7 or 6; this is honestly luck
    - be wary of something like getting K, K , Q --> common sense dictates low, but these streaks almost seems like traps and if you go past 3 or 4 face cards they throw an ace in there; same thing with streaks of 2, 3, 4, 4 I have been burned quite a few times for calling high
    - this is just an observation but its seems the higher your starting bet the trickier high low is; almost every time I got a four of kind (never got anything higher) a queen would be thrown out followed by a high card or the reverse
    - this is not quite like real poker, if you have two 2s and an ace, discard the ace, and go for three of a kind of two pair, versus trying to get two aces or more
    - if I tend to have one or two face cards, I hold those, and usually I at least broke even; ie if i draw an ace and jack and numbers, I hold the ace and jack
    - I do not know what the theoretical limit is for most chips in one hand, my best hand was 1.5 million at which point I hit the limit of turns; so theoretically if you hit 4 of a kind of higher on your first hand and manage to win out on high low you could top 1.5 million but I don't think by too much

    The last key tip, check the value of your inventory, I did this 80 hours into the game so my inventory was worth over 2 million; so you dont actually have to get 10 million, build your gald to 8 million, save sell your stuff and then after the achievement pops restart

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    KSI Tano 7Can't remember the name of the item atm, but the last item on the first page, which is a Gel which you can sell for 5,000 if I remember right. If you bought the x99 items in a previous playthrough, this alone gets you 495,000 gald. This method doesn't take all that long in order to obtain 10,000,000 gald. So if you have a TON of chips like I did, this makes it easier making money for this achievement. Your chips from a previous playthrough also carry over, much to my delight, so I had 4mil chips to purchase 99 of these gels...
    Posted by KSI Tano 7 on 12 Jun 13 at 22:39
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  • MikokunMikokun165,266
    08 Feb 2009 27 May 2009 27 May 2009
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    You must have 10,000,000 gald at once. This one is not cumulative and you will probably get this on your 2nd or 3rd play through. Double gald perk will help as well as having the happiness 3 skill for all characters, and having blue sephiras(or regular ones) will also help. There are many ways you can just grind, but once you have about 5 mil, save and then sell everything you have, and if you don't have 10 mil reload and keep playing for awhile and repeat later. After you get it you can just reload and you will still be on your way to the Vesperia Master achievement.
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    MikokunUsing the Nam Cobanada isle method it could be possible, it would just take forever on the first play through due to no 99 items perk.
    Posted by Mikokun on 02 Oct 09 at 19:39
    mooglessat nam cobanda isle, the toy dispenser that thats 500 chips to play can give 150000 gald. just get lots of chips in poker then use the machine and youll get lots of money.
    Posted by moogless on 03 Aug 10 at 02:01
    MikokunPossibly, but I've always heard the method was to buy all the useable items at the shop for cheap, then sell them at any store for a pretty significant profit.
    Posted by Mikokun on 03 Aug 10 at 03:17
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