SMB2 Master achievement in Super Mega Baseball 2

SMB2 Master

Win the championship of a Standard Season with a season average Ego of 80 or higher.

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How to unlock the SMB2 Master achievement

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    If you're having trouble beating Ego 80 consistently, you can always play at a lower ego like 70 or 75 and then forfeit some games at 99 to bring the average up (as long as you don't miss the playoffs doing so).

    Edit: Dantares says you can win 9 games at 67 ego and forfeit 7 games at 99 ego in the regular season while winning 2 games and forfeiting 1 at those same egos in the playoffs and that's good enough to get the achievement. Try to win games against people in the same conference though so you don't risk missing the playoffs.

    It's going to take time getting used to timing and aiming your swing at higher difficulties, but here's some miscellaneous tips that should help you win games:

    - I'd recommend using a power hitting team (like the Sirloins or Nemesis) over more pitching or defense specialized teams. In this game, it seems good hitting > good pitching.
    - I'd also recommend using the power swing almost every time. The difference between the games I used contact swings only and power swings only was very noticeable.
    - Try to "paint the corners" with your pitches, especially breaking balls (non-fastballs). That means aim your reticle outside the strike zone but make it so that the arrows point over a corner of the strike zone. You can strike out a lot of batters doing this.
    - When there's a runner on 1st base, try to throw low pitches. Batters often "get on top of the ball" and hit a lot of ground balls which you can then turn into a double play. [This tip and the previous one are just common baseball knowledge when pitching in real life but I'm pretty sure these strategies affect CPU batters as well because CPU pitchers have done both of these things to me frequently]
    - The Wild Pigs have a catcher with a pretty weak arm. Playing against them, be sure to steal when you've got a fast player on 1st base.
    - Try to bat with your pitchers as little as possible. Sub in a pinch hitter when your SP is tired or when you've got a RP at the plate.
    - When you do have a pitcher at bat, try to draw a walk. The CPU doesn't seem to treat pitchers as easy outs and often pitches outside the strike zone like they do with other hitters. You could try to intentionally foul off pitches if you've got good timing and then wait for more balls outside the zone.
    - When increasing your ego to a difficulty you aren't that comfortable with, try to first do so against a pitcher with a low velocity. They seem to be the easiest to hit off of.
    - When fielding a ball, make sure to hold the button of the base you want to throw to before you even get the ball. This saves a lot of time when trying to throw out runners and a lot of pennant race players for some reason don't do this.
    - When facing a pitcher with high velocity (on 80 ego), I like to start the power swing right around when the pitcher releases the ball. The lower the velocity rating, the later you start the power swing.
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    iTz Canada EhhI used the Sirloins and ended up going 8-8 in the season. Doing it this way you end up with 13 wins at 67 and 11 losses at 99 for a total of 1960 before your last game. This means if you're lucky, you can play your last game at minimum 30 ego which would put you at 1990 total ego, or 79.6 average which should round up to 80.
    Posted by iTz Canada Ehh on 26 May 18 at 03:46
    Flydog92idk what you guys mean by dashboarding. i remember the old dashboarding on the xbox360, but I dashboard on the One and go back to the game and it just leaves off where I was.
    Posted by Flydog92 on 06 Jun 18 at 23:58
    Chad WilburnFlydog92.. Hit the middle guide button. Move over to the game and press start button then go down and highlight Quit. This will send you to the old school dashboard :)
    Posted by Chad Wilburn on 07 Jun 18 at 13:37
    Chad WilburnRead the post above
    Posted by Chad Wilburn on 08 Jun 18 at 00:25
    trevzuk0Following on from what 'iTz Canada Ehh' said, I made the playoffs with a record of 8-8. Winning at Ego 67 and losing at Ego 99 allows you to finish the remaining games at an even lower Ego.

    You can play each best of three playoff games at Ego 61, Ego 99, and Ego 61 respectively.

    I found it easier to play the QF, SF and Final at lower Ego, since I was matched against the Blowfish (Contact Specialists), Freebooters (Bullpen Beasts) and Crocodons (Rotation Aces) respectively. I say it was easier at a lower Ego because the teams in the playoffs seem to have power contact and hitting even if they don't appear to have it.
    Posted by trevzuk0 on 08 Jun 18 at 02:10
    Flydog92sorry Chad that posted twice for some reason!
    Posted by Flydog92 on 08 Jun 18 at 20:51
    Flydog92erod550 - I abused the hell out of the dashboard thing you mentioned the whole season and none of my file got corrupted! If I knew they were going to score, I would dashboard immediately and just do it over.
    Posted by Flydog92 on 12 Jun 18 at 22:06
    trevzuk0@ Flydog92 - if you use the dashboard technique sparingly (perhaps less than 30 times), then you can probably get away with it. My file did get corrupted, as others have said, using the dashboard technique too many times.
    Posted by trevzuk0 on 14 Jun 18 at 00:03
    Sgt Malarkey USMy file got corrupted on the "world series" final game 3 on the 10th inning. I can't fricking believe it.
    Posted by Sgt Malarkey US on 19 Jun 18 at 21:57
    RayhovenSo annoyed. Finished a season with an average of 80 last night and only got the achievement for finishing a standard season. Clicked back to see what the average says and it even has an 80. Guess I'll have to play another season
    Posted by Rayhoven on 28 Nov 19 at 14:57
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