#Ego99 Challenge achievement in Super Mega Baseball 2

#Ego99 Challenge

Win a 9+ inning game against the CPU at Ego 99 where both teams are Standard teams.

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How to unlock the #Ego99 Challenge achievement

  • Moldy Tacos5000Moldy Tacos5000238,101
    01 May 2018 01 May 2018 10 Jul 2020
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    This has been patched on 05/15/18, unfortunately now you need to play the entire game on ego 99. This will not be easy, but can still be done with a few tricks.

    1) Attempt this in standard elimination mode as to face the same team in back to back games. While a standard season during the playoffs could also technically work, chances are that you'll face a very good team such as the Moonstars, Nemesis, or Moose and therefore is not recommended.

    2) I recommend you play as a power hitting team such as the Sirloins that also have decent starting pitchers and play against a team with very weak hitters/relievers such as the Platypi or very weak hitters such as the Herbisaurs(in this game defense does not win championships). If you don't get the team you like just start a new series.

    3) Tweak your lineup before the game. Swap Bashe in for 3rd, Longballo 4th, and Jones 5th for the batting order. Your best batter should always be 4th and you want your highest combined Power + Contact players in the top of the order. For the first game's pitcher swap out Kays(best) with Snugs(worst). You'll use Kays in the second game. If you don't want to play as the Sirloins the same logic applies.

    4) In the first game you'll play on a very low ego setting and your main goal is to absolutely trash the other team's pitching staff. You can get away with a max of 2 beanballs against their most dangerous batters and especially pitchers at the beginning of the game to possibly injure them, but be careful as after that the mojo of your own players will suffer. You have to be cognizant of the length of the game, as too long of a game(measured by ABs[at bats]) and the fitness of your own players will drop for the second game. The key to dropping an opposing pitcher's stamina is the pitch count. It's not about hitting homer after homer on the first pitch but rather DO NOT SWING until there are at least 2 strikes. This way you'll earn some free walks and decimate their pitchers' stamina faster. Finish the game once you've drained the stamina and mojo of their entire pitching staff.

    5) The timing on ego 99 is insanely fast and takes getting used to. Take a break after your first game and play an exhibition match to practice your pitching and batting on 99. Play a few innings and once you're able to make some contact without giving up runs you're ready to finish your series.

    6) Power pitches are a big risk. If you absolutely excel at them go for it, otherwise stick to normal pitches. The advantage of getting pitches in the 70-99 range is greatly overshadowed by the increased risk of absolutely missing a pitch that the CPU sends over the fence. All it takes is one run and that could end your attempt and waste your setup time.

    7) Do not pitch anything directly over the plate. Your goal is to have every pitch dance on the outside of the strike zone. Keep the pitches low as the CPU can still hit a perfect 'FOOLED' pitch into a homer, but the odds of this are decreased if the pitches are low. If you let someone get on second base but have one out, I would walk a batter onto first to increase the odds of a double play to get you get out of that inning. With Manny Kays your rotation will look like CB, CH, 2F, then repeat. Do not use the 4F unless it's your only option(relievers). The Curveball is key here as a decent 60+ curveball nowhere near the strike zone still can draw a swing and a miss out of batters. Expect to average 10-12 pitches per inning so you should get 6-7 innings out of Kays, then turn to RP Shay Dee to finish the game.

    8) Remember to work that pitch count, try to make the computer throw 15+ pitches per inning. On ego 99 even a decimated pitcher is still not easy but with practice you'll be able to make contact. Don't feel bad if you can't score any runs in the first several innings, as long as you're not losing things are still going okay. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Eventually they will get to the bottom of the barrel in their bullpen and this is where you will capitalize on the opportunity. There's a good chance you'll win this game with only a handful of runs maybe even one, and that's all you need.

    9) Use power swings with everyone except Addonomus and Rush. With these two guys their contact is so low that unless you get great/epic contact the ball isn't going anywhere, so use contact swings with these guys(or your other <20 contact players for a different team).

    10) Don't even bother swinging with your pitcher. Honestly your chances of getting a base hit let alone anything meaningful are so low that they're actually more useful just standing there to make the CPU throw 3-6 pitches to either get them out or if you're lucky walk them. Usual baseball logic applies that if your pitcher is tired and will just be replaced next inning then pinch hit for them with Betty Sparks.

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    Moldy Tacos5000Hmm, that's a shame about the beanballs. I hit a few guys right in the head and their fitness dropped to 1 bar. But glad it worked for you!
    Posted by Moldy Tacos5000 on 01 Jun 18 at 14:20
    Flydog92how is this even possible even when demoralizing the players game one? cant hit shit on this game. thing goes so fast you cant even process what its gonna be. then pitching outside of the box never fools them. shits impossible
    Posted by Flydog92 on 05 Jun 18 at 07:11
    FF7 BryanI was one of the few to get this legit in SB1 (no dashboarding then!)

    I see my strategy can still hold out here - you want to play the platipy. Their pitcher throws slow, but accurate - Donk Oh (d'oh). He will be the easiest for you to get hits on.
    Posted by FF7 Bryan on 17 Aug 18 at 00:39
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  • Flydog92Flydog92288,951
    08 Jun 2018 08 Jun 2018
    9 3 13
    Since they patched this, you have to do this legit now as mentioned above. Here's how to save yourself a lot of headache. On another achieve for this game "SMB2 Master", user erod550 in the comments mentions how "You can abuse the auto-saving after every pitch to dashboard whenever the CPU is about to score to keep them at 0 runs. On offense the last out of the inning goes into a little cutscene so you can dashboard then if you need to. Mainly you just try to squeak out 1-0 wins with a lot of dashboarding if you have a lot of trouble at 67+ ego" in order to get that achievement. So I decided to follow the solution above while adding in abusing the dashboard. Basically, if your opponent hits one off of you and if the team is about to score, press the Xbox button, scroll to Super Mega Baseball 2, and quit out of it and reload. You'll be sent right back where you were BEFORE the hit occurred. The game auto saves after every pitch you throw and after every pitch thrown to you, so as long as you dashboard BEFORE it goes back to the screen where you throw another pitch or have another pitch thrown to you, you'll be fine.

    Personally, I had to dashboard a lot to get this because 99 ego is ridiculous. I would literally let the pitcher keep throwing to me and if the count got to 3 balls and the pitcher threw me one to strike me out, I would dashboard, reload, and hope the pitcher threw something outside to walk me. That's how I even scored to get ahead was on the pitcher walking me/dashboarding for the pitcher to eventually walk me on loaded bases. I probably dashboarded 30+ times, but as long as you're patient with reloading the game that much and if you can get a hang of knowing what to swing at and not to swing at, you'll eventually get ahead score wise on being walked and eventually you'll get this achievement!
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    Flydog92ok so I just got it on my alt account. had to reload like 20 times in the first inning alone to get 4 walks to score a run. the rest of the time on offense I let them strike me out. pitching wise you still gotta do that legit, but you can dashboard it if they are going to score. so this method still works. if you dashboard it too much I'm guessing it can crash (as other people have said), but in total I dashboarded 52 times and nothing crashed.
    Posted by Flydog92 on 11 Sep 19 at 04:14
    CortanaramaThanks for checking! In my 14-inning run, I don't think I got up to 52 reloads, maybe it's just something with my OG Xbox or something weird. I'll keep giving it a shot.
    Posted by Cortanarama on 11 Sep 19 at 15:02
    Flydog92Try not to let it go 14 innings. what I did was do the dashboarding and getting the pitcher to eventually walk me enough until I score then any time after that on offense I let them pitch away until I was out. and on defense, obviously pitching is the most difficult part. I pitched on the edges of the square and got them to pop up a good amount . I used the Sirlions in elimination mode, but it doesn't really matter which team you use. my advice would be not dashboarding too much in one sitting. I've also heard people having issues where the dashboard and load the game back up and instead of it saying continue game it'll say next game as if you already played one fully and it essentially starts you over. This game can be a bit wonky, but this achievements is very doable. just requires patience and some luck (when it comes to it resetting or crashing). and I have a first day edition One btw, so you having an OG xbox isn't the issue. If you have anymore questions let me know man!
    Posted by Flydog92 on 11 Sep 19 at 23:48
  • SageFiddlerSageFiddler77,387
    14 Jul 2019 14 Jul 2019
    3 1 1
    I just achieved it slightly differently than Moldy Tacos.

    I used a good contact / pitching team (Crocodons) against a bad pitching team. As mentioned here, when pitching, you can dashboard out when something bad happens. Pitches low and to the outside and dashboard when something goes wrong. Pretty simple there. Obviously go in elimination or a season mode so the game saves and can be restored.

    Offence was by far the biggest challenge, IMO, and I couldn't get much done there with the Sirloins or power hitting in general. You can try and dashboard out on offence and keep resetting until you get walked 4 times in a row (probably wait until an inning where you get walked once or twice to begin) but I gave up on this after a few half-hearted attempts. On an OG Xbox, dashboarding out on offence after so many times just stopped working... trying to go back in to a game after maybe 20~ tries and it just wouldn't load, forcing me to abandon the game and start again. Not sure if it was my Xbox or what, and it almost always seemed to happen when I dashboarded on offence. So I kept the dashboarding to pitching only and tried something new.

    On offence, maybe a half-second after the pitcher releases the ball, the white round reticle pops up, indicating where the ball is going to go. You can press start (or dashboard, but start's a hair quicker) and give yourself time to see where the ball is going. If you press start early enough, you can give yourself time to hit the ball (or lay off for a ball). Might take a little bit of time to get the hang of it, and some pitches can definitely throw you off (slower curveballs, for example). Try and only swing at stuff only in the middle as stuff near the edges (even if they are strikes) seem to be just too difficult to hit. Of course I used contact swings as this method doesn't really let you take time to charge up a swing.

    Again, the timing can take some getting used to (obviously pressing start as soon as the reticle pops up is key and gives you the most amount of time to see where the ball's going and potentially aim and swing if it's a good one) and it's not perfect but I went from basically never getting hits to getting 3 in my first full game trying this. One was a double in to the gap scoring a run. It was the first game in a series and I didn't do any of the tiring out tricks posted here for this one as it wasn't necessary.
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    TheRedRodCodThis technique helped a lot. I played Nemesis against Grapplers and managed to get a few walks and 3 hits this way. I kept a 2-0 lead from the first inning. The extra run helped keep my starting pitcher less tense.

    The save-scumming technique is a good idea, but the danger of a glitched save file is real. My first attempt to do this resulted in having a save in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs, and the save would not load. I remembered from other games there is a way to save-scum by playing in chunks offline. If you're satisfied with your progress, you can quit out, go online, and play something else to let your save upload. If you're not satisfied with your progress, stay offline, delete your local save, then go back online and re-download your save. (Just like a few solutions out there Solution for Unhinged in Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition.)

    I played a game like this, checkpointing every inning, and went online prior to the last out of the game.
    Posted by TheRedRodCod on 25 May 20 at 18:10
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