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Title Update 8 - Patch 3.4

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A Friend in Need

Finish a Pet Rescue Event

A Friend in Need+1.6
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  • thrizzthrizz137,778
    16 May 2018 16 May 2018 16 May 2018
    19 3 5
    Here's the team I used to get this achievement at just Level 146 with the team all at or just under Level 18.

    Dragonian Monk

    1. Go for reds to fill up Alchemist. He will make yellows.
    2. Use the yellows to fill up both Cockatrice and Bulette.
    3. Now use Cockatrice to make more browns.
    4. When there are more than 13 brown gems, use Bulette's magic. He has a 50% chance to devour enemies and steal their stats. By the time Cockatrice is dead, Bulette could have an attack of 100+ from skull matches.

    Didn't really use Dragonian Monk much but if you get a surplus of yellow and fill him up and have nothing else to play, use him to barrier your team.

    I basically just ignored the other team completely and went hard for reds/yellows. It's a race to get Bulette powered up enough before your team gets totally wiped.

    I played some levels over and over until I got a lucky start (e.g. lots of yellows or reds).
    Once you're used to the team, it should only take an hour or two to get lucky enough with all 8 battles. Good luck.
  • XI AlphaMale IXXI AlphaMale IX814,821
    03 May 2018 02 May 2018 07 May 2018
    20 7 9
    Pet Rescue

    Go to "Games" to see if you have Pet Rescue in progress or upcoming. Here are the details:

    * New Gnomes (Pet Gnomes) will only appear in Ranked PVP, Casual PVP, or Arena

    * Defeat Pet Gnomes to unlock a limited time (1 hour) Pet Rescue Event for you and your guildmates

    * Only 1 Pet Rescue can be active at a time, so defeating a Pet Gnome while an Event is running will drop Pet food instead

    * Pet Rescues require players to defeat 8 battles that get increasingly harder to save the Pet from their captor

    * Each Battle will give a reward, which may contain a pet or some pet food

    * Winning all 8 battles will guarantee the Pet from the Event for that player

    * Each player in the guild must earn the pet from the Pet Event by themselves (so while it unlocks for everyone in a guild, it plays like a solo event)

    * Once per week a scheduled Pet Rescue Event will happen for 24hrs allowing players to attempt to rescue that Pet

    * New Pets will first appear in a scheduled event then have a chance to appear from Pet Gnome events

    Once you complete the 8th battle, make sure to collect your reward. You can try as many times as you want within each scheduled event.

    I had a lot of trouble with the last battle, but I'm only Level 190 at the time of writing this. My team score was just under 4,800. If you don't want to play the 8th battle 100+ times like I did, you'll probably need better stats and troops than I have.

    Bone Dragon
    Green Slime

    Basic strategy is to boost the heck out of Carnex using Sparkgrinder until he hits really hard. Sort of a variation on Black Beast/troop spawning. Bone Dragon and Green Slime for extra turns with skulls and mana.

    If you have better troops, you should have an easier time.

    Per Gunstar Red, if you are in a Pet Rescue event while it ends, you will not be able to start another battle.
  • MarekVitMarekVit447,259
    02 May 2018 03 May 2018 03 May 2018
    8 0 0
    PET RESCUE is a new minigame. There are two types of PET RESCUE EVENT:

    - scheduled, happens once per week, lasts 24 hours (check the games tab to see when the next one is going to take place)
    - random, unlocks for the entire guild if you find a pet gnome in PVP, PVP casual or ARENA, lasts for 1 hour only

    You can access the PET RESCUE event on the GAMES TAB (together with dungeons, treasure hunts, vaults, forge etc.)

    To win the achievement, you need to win 8 games against the pet's captor. Each battle is more difficult than the previous one. For each battle won you get rewards, for the last one you get one copy of the pet. (Collect these rewards on the rewards tab of the minigame)

    The achievement unlocks once you've beaten all 8 battles.

    The higher battles can be really difficult but you can do each battle as many times as you need. Unlike RAID BOSS or SIEGE (where only some troops are allowed) you can build your team with any troops that you own.
  • TheUnknown285TheUnknown28585,543
    07 Nov 2018 08 Nov 2018
    5 1 0
    I got the achievement at a mere level 94 with the following team:

    Dwarven Gate
    Dwarven Gate


    The Dwarven Gates were level 10. Valkyrie was at level 8. Tesla was at level 9.

    The Dwarven Gates should be fully traited up. Dwarf Shield will allow them give each other extra armor. Repair will allow them to gain armor for 4 or 5 gem matches. Stoneskin reduces damage from skulls.

    For the Valkyrie, I had the first two traits unlocked (Divine Bond and Water Heart). Divine Bond isn't that useful here, but Water Heart allows the Valkyrie to gain life for each blue ally (in this case, three of them). The third trait, Water Link, would be helpful too, allowing you to gain mana bonuses for matching blue gems, but like I said, I didn't have this one unlocked and still got the achievement.

    For Tesla, I had none of the traits unlocked, although the second (Invention) would be useful as it allows you to gain armor for 4 or 5 gem matches. The first and third traits (Mech Bond and Overlock) aren't helpful here.

    I didn't have any special banner, but The Banner of Scales (Mist of Scales) would be helpful here as it gives bonuses to red and blue, which will cover all four members of your team.

    The Dwarven Gates' special ability (Password) allows it to gain additional armor while feeding allies mana and giving them barrier. Having two Dwarven Gates is important in that allows them to give each other barriers.

    The Valkyre's special ability (Valhalla) allows it to change a selected gem color to blue. This not only feeds both the Dwarven Gates and Tesla, which all use blue, but also is a way to set up higher-number gem matches as well as deny the colors the opposition needs.

    Tesla's ability (Overload) deals true damage (meaning it ignores armor) split between all enemies. The damage is boosted by all allied and enemy armor. Later pet rescue rounds have enemies with insane amounts of armor (and some with the ability to gain more), so Overload not only gives you a way to get around that but lets you use it to your advantage.

    Start by using Password from the second Dwarven Gate ASAP as the first is susceptible to skull damage first and then use Password from the first. Wait to use Valkyrie's Valhalla until you can create four or more gem matches so you can increase the Dwarven Gate's armor and maintain your turn. The important thing here is to play defense and bide your time until you can unleash Tesla. Replenish barriers, refill allied mana, and rebuild/gain armor whenever possible/needed using Password. Deny the enemy the chance for skull damage by matching skulls, even if you won't be able to damage them.

    Once everyone has a barrier, all skulls are gone, and all four or more gem matches have been done, hit the enemy with Overload. Rinse and repeat as needed. It may take a couple of rounds of Overload to do the trick on higher levels (I think I've done as many as four). If you end up losing any of your team, especially early, you can back out without penalty. Later in the battle, you might can get by with just one Dwarven Gate.
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