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A Friend Indeed

Feed a Pet to Level 20

A Friend Indeed-1.2
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  • MarekVitMarekVit441,770
    15 May 2018 02 May 2018 15 May 2018
    65 1 30
    Pets can be won in PET RESCUE events or bought for gems in PET RESCUE shops (when a pet rescue event is active)

    See the GAMES tab to see when the next pet rescue starts. There are two types of PET RESCUE events:

    - a scheduled event - once per week, lasts 24 hours
    - a pet gnome event - unlocks for the entire guild for 1 hour only. One of the players in the guild needs to fnd a PET GNOME in PVP (or PVP casual or in ARENA). The gnome drop rate seems to be very low though.

    (Only one event can be active at a time, so if you get a pet gnome while another event is active, you only get pet food).


    You need 31 copies of the same pet to 'ascend' them to the highest stage where the level cap is 20.

    When you spend gems in the PET RESCUE shop, you get a guaranteed number of pets plus a chance to get more. You get about 1 guaranteed pet per 100 gems spent. Tier VII shop reward can be purchased MULTIPLE TIMES. It costs 100 gems and guarantees 1 pet.

    This is the list of rewards in the shop:

    Tier 1 (costs 25 gems): 1 basket
    Tier 2 (costs 50 gems): 2 baskets
    Tier 3 (costs 100 gems): 3 baskets, 1 pet guaranteed
    Tier 4 (costs 200 gems): 4 baskets, 2 pets guaranteed
    Tier 5 (costs 300 gems): 5 baskets, 3 pets guaranteed
    Tier 6 (costs 400 gems): 6 baskets, 4 pets guaranteed
    Tier 7 (costs 100 gems): 2 baskets, 1 pet guarnteed - can be purchased repeatedly

    Baskets contain pet food, jewels or the pet. The pet drop rate in baskets is low, though. Maybe one in five, one in ten.

    The safest (not fastest) way to do this would be saving up about +/-3000 gems and then going all out in the pet rescue shop.

    The PET RESCUE shop is only accessible during the event! There's no going back one the event is finished.


    To level up a pet, you will need pet food, which can be obtained in the following ways:

    - crafted at the soul forge (one piece of food costs 1000 souls + 125 precious stones of the specific color)
    - bought in pet rescue shops (baskets)
    - won in pet rescue
    - gained by 'disenchanting' extra pets you don't need - isn't this bizzare - turning pets you don't need to pet food? :-)
    - received on some days by logging into the game (see the in game calendar)

    Feeding the pet the right color food will give them 100 level points, the universal white food will give them 50 level points and the wrong color food will only give them 10 level points.

    Upgrading to level 2 costs 100 level points. Every new level costs 50 lvl points more than the previous one.

    lvl 2 - 100 level points
    lvl 3 - +150 level points (250 in total)
    lvl4 - +200 level points (450 in total)
    lvl5 - +250 level points (700 in total)
    lvl20 - 10450 LEVEL POINTS in total! (if my calculations are correct)
  • KugareKugare1,862,942
    26 May 2018 02 Jul 2018 15 Jul 2018
    14 0 6
    MarekVit already posted a very good solution and there is not much i have to add, but i figured something out that should speed up the whole progress. As you probably know, you can't trigger a gnome if you leave the pvp match with the retreat option in your menu. You have to win or lose the pvp match to "roll the dice" for a new chance. You can use this knowledge to your advantage. How?

    Well, if you leave a gnome pvp fight with your menu, your not "rerolling the dice" and the next pvp fight is another gnome fight. If you met a treasure or pet gnome is randomly chosen at the start of the fight, but the chance to meet a treasure gnome is much higher. With the possibilty to respawn the gnome, you can leave and reenter a pvp fight until you find a pet gnome. With other words you can change/transform your treasure gnome to a pet gnome.

    This method probably get patched in the future. Keep in mind giving this method a shot could end up with losing your treasure gnome reward in worst case.

    ScuzzyBunny posted another method in the comment section, it's nearly the same thing, but he suggest to leave the match via dashboard.
    Casual pvp, when a treasure gnome spawns press guide button and close game (DO NOT PAUSE AND "RETREAT")...launch game again, choose casual pvp, and the treasure gnome will be there again (or it will have switched to a pet gnome). If its a pet gnome play it out (ensuring you win and dont let him escape), if the treasure gnome is there again, guide, close game, relaunch, and repeat until you get the pet gnome. I did it today and I got the pet gnome on the 3rd launch...but getting the gnome to show up at all took about 50 pvp games.
  • CheshireMulishaCheshireMulisha795,905
    18 May 2019 18 Sep 2018
    11 0 0
    With the addition of the Title Update 10 - Patch 4.0 update factions have been added which provide an alternative way of getting enough copies of a pet.

    Currently all 3 factions in the game (Hall of Guardians, Crypt Keepers and All Seeing Eye) will reward you with 31 copies of the same pet for getting full renown in each faction.
    Getting maximum renown won't be a quick process however but if you are planning on completing the new achievements then you can use your gems to complete faction events rather than in Pet Rescues (I'd still recommend that you do the pet rescues so you have the food to level your pet)

    See the Exalted achievement for further help with leveling up the factions.

    Gems of WarExaltedThe Exalted achievement in Gems of War worth 1035 pointsReach the Highest Renown Possible in a Single Faction
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