Guardian Trials

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Guardian Trials

Guardian of Guardians achievement in Super Lucky's Tale

Guardian of Guardians

Defeat all of the Levels in Foxington

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How to unlock the Guardian of Guardians achievement

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    This achievement requires you to finish all of the logic puzzles, agility courses, and fights in Foxington.

    The Logic Puzzles
    The logic puzzles are of the labyrinth variety. You should know the drill by now - get the coins, get to the exit after it spawns. There are a couple of tricky ones (especially involving slopes), but for the most part it's just a matter of timing and patience. If you're having trouble, go as slow as you can. The puzzles let you have as much time as you want to plan out your course before going, and (excluding the slope levels), you can stop almost anywhere to re-evaluate. The slope levels are a bit more troublesome, but with a bit of patience and planning, you'll get through them.

    The Fight Section
    There are two rehashed boss fights.
    1. The rematch against Tess's giant insectoid robot follows the same basic rules as the main game. The floor is now made up of relatively slow-moving treadmills moving towards the center, making it a little harder to get the switches on the outside edges, but I had a lot of success jumping to the edge and attacking on my way down. There appear to be more lasers than last time, too, but nothing too terrible. Just keep half an eye on the laser movement pattern, and you'll be fine.

    2. The rematch against General Buttons and Fluffinstuff, again, follows the same basic rules as before. Beware, though: when they fire the bombs, you don't have much time to figure out which one to send back. The ones you don't WILL DESTROY THE PLATFORMS THEY'RE ON. Be strategic! I recommend keeping a consolidated area available of at least 2x2 platforms if possible, for ease of movement when dodging the fireballs. Beyond that, just smack a bomb at their ship again 3 times, and you're done.

    The final fight isn't a rehashed boss at all. "WriggleMania" is a relatively simple set of 4 waves of enemies. Each wave gets a little harder (adding fireballs and such), but still not that hard overall. I recommend staying off the floor when you can. As soon as the enemies appear, jump up and bounce on one enemy's head, then double-jump off of them. Each time you land on an enemy, you get your second jump back. So when you can, do that to eliminate as many of the enemies as you can right off the bat. Target the long-range ones first - bees can be really annoying.

    The Agility Section
    There are quite a few of these. The thing to remember is that, with a few exceptions, you DON'T HAVE TO KILL/COLLECT EVERYTHING. Your exceptions are as follows (they're not needed for the achievement, but while you're there, you might as well):
    * Kill all the enemies in Top That for
    Super Lucky's TaleI've Sunken, and I Can't Get UpThe I've Sunken, and I Can't Get Up achievement in Super Lucky's Tale worth 73 pointsDefeat all of the enemies in Top That!

    * Collect everything during the cross ladder section of Step by Step for
    Super Lucky's TaleToo Close for ComfortThe Too Close for Comfort achievement in Super Lucky's Tale worth 51 pointsCollect all of the collectibles during the cross ladder section of Step by Step

    * Find all 4 diamonds in A Road to Nowhere for
    Super Lucky's TaleDiamond DogThe Diamond Dog achievement in Super Lucky's Tale worth 48 pointsFind all 4 diamonds in A Road to Nowhere

    * Don't get spotted in Under Pressure for
    Super Lucky's TalePixel RiderThe Pixel Rider achievement in Super Lucky's Tale worth 56 pointsNever get caught in a single run through of Under Pressure
    (harder than it looks, you'll probably need multiple attempts for this one)

    Most of the time, you just need to do what Lucky does best - jump and double-jump your way through the level using bouncy pads, ladders when applicable, and basic platforming. By all means, kill enemies if they're getting in the way, but don't waste your time trying to bounce on a flying enemy's head to get four coins underneath them. It's not worth it.

    Once you've done all of these, the achievement is yours.
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